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What is an argumentative essay

Despite its wide usage, argumentative essays remain quite confusing and many students don’t know where to start or how to complete it. Let’s start with the definition. An argumentative essay is an assignment, where a student needs to persuade the audience and convince it to accept his outlook on a certain matter.

Choosing a topic

The most important thing you need to do, when completing an argumentative essay, is to choose a winning topic. There are hundreds of thousands of topics around, so it may be difficult to find the suitable one.

If you are not assigned with a topic and need to select it yourself, try to choose something you are passionate about. This will make your paper lively and interesting. In case you don’t know where to start, we are here to help!

First, your topic should be definite. Don’t try to cover the whole area, as the reader will easily lose the main idea of the essay. Try to concentrate on a specific subject and discuss it as briefly, as possible.

In addition, you should always remember that composition is the key to success, so apart from choosing a winning topic, you need to possess great writing skills.

Elements of an outstanding argumentative essay

You should always remember that the main goal of an argumentative essay is to persuade the reader to support your point of view. That is why you need to back your arguments with credible data and always stand on the same ground. Below is a list of steps, which will definitely be helpful.

Choose an interesting topic

When it comes to an argumentative essay, you should always try to choose a discussable topic. Try to select it depending on the audience. If it is students then write about alcohol, love or violence. If your reader is a bit older, concentrate on financial innovations, controversial laws and so on. The more arguments your topic will stir, the better.

Decide what side you are on

When completing an argumentative essay, you need to take a side and stick to it. The reader should understand what your position on the subject is at once. For example, if you write on a gun control, you need to indicate whether you support it or not. That’s the whole point of your essay.

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Write an interesting introduction

Every day thousands of argumentative essays are completed, so you need to do your best to stand out from the rest. First thing you need to do is to complete a catchy introduction and a thesis statement. It will grab the interest of the audience and encourage it to go on reading.

Discuss all the options

It is important to give the reader a chance to get familiar with both sides. Describe opponent’s argumentation and try to explain, why it is weak and doubtful. Then present your vision of the topic, backing it with strong details and data. Be confident and stick to your ideas. If you are not sure that you are right, it is not possible to persuade the reader to support your ideas.

At the end, try to write a conclusion that will definitely persuade the reader. You should be firm and confident.

Structure everything properly

Spend your time on working on a proper structure of your essay. It will help the reader to understand your arguments and return to certain aspects if necessary. You can write an outline to always know how many paragraphs you will have.

Be original

It is always important to complete the paper on your own. If you decide to use someone else’s papers or arguments without a proper citing, it may be considered a plagiarism and you will have to redo the paper anew.

Discussion section

The heart of every argumentative essay is the discussion section. Here you need to present all the arguments, facts and data of both sides. All these points need to be organized in a proper way, considering relevance and priority.

If you still don’t know how to complete your argumentative essay or lack time, you can always contact us and get a writing help.

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