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Nothing simpler than writing a cause/effect essay

It doesn’t matter what your major is: at least once throughout the course you will be asked to write a cause and effect essay. Some may confuse it with a reaction and response essay but they are slightly different and have different requirements. That is why it is crucial to know what this assignment stands on and what key elements it has.

A cause/effect essay is a paper, where you should analyze a certain event, topic or action and predict consequences. For such assignments objective reasons, credible data and verified information are crucial. That is why you need to possess all the necessary tools and master a cause/effect essay structure.

Knowing how to link all the paragraphs of your paper properly is already half of the success.

Preparing for the task

First thing you need to concentrate on is choosing an interesting and engaging topic. Sometimes your tutor may assign you with a topic but in most of the cases you will be free to select it on your own.

If you lack ideas, search for topic examples online, as you need to write on a thought-provoking and engaging issue. Think of issues that stir interest of the society nowadays: climate change, gun control, obesity and many others. In addition, you can always download samples of a cause/effect essay to see how it should look like.

On the next stage, you need to decide whether you want to write about a cause or an effect of something. Of course, you can choose both but it may sound too complicated and the reader might lose interest. In addition, such a complex structure may cause you a lot of troubles and significantly influence college marks.

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Once your topic and type of essay are chosen, you need to write an outline. Without its help, you may easily lose main ideas and get lost in your thoughts. Completing a cause/effect essay outline will help you to choose how many paragraphs to include to your paper and stress on the main elements you want to discuss.

Lining all the elements in a certain sequence will greatly simplify your life and you will complete your essay much quicker.

Tips on a cause and effect essay structure

  1. Write a thesis statement. Here you should indicate the main idea of your whole work and give the reader a chance to understand what your essay is about;
  2. Always structure your statements. It is very easy to get lost in thoughts and distract the reader if you don’t know how to arrange your statements. If you are describing a certain event, try to sort it in a chronological order. It is also useful to range the relevance of your statements. Start with the weakest ones and finish with the strongest. In such a way, your reader will remain intrigued and you will have a great ending;
  3. Don’t underestimate the importance of conclusions, as they are often the most important elements of any essays. Here you need to restate your introduction and thesis statement, as well as give predictions or make up your own attitude to the subject.

You should also remember that strong writing and language skills are an essential part of any essay. That is why your cause and effect essay should be strong and contain all of the writing elements to make it smooth and readable.

Try to use repetitions, synonyms, linking phrases and other transition devices. However, don’t use comparisons too much, as it may easily bore the reader. You should also remember that a regular cause and effect essay has three to five paragraphs, so try to stick to such a pattern.

Finally, read your essay over and over again to make sure it contains no mistakes, is clear and understandable. If you have any doubts, ask your friends to read it through and give a side-glance on the subject.

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