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What you should know about an exploratory case study

Exploratory case study is quite a new type of assignment for college students, so some of them think that this case study is very challenging and impossible to complete in a proper way.

The main thing you should learn about this study is that it’s a thorough research on a certain subject, which strives to show your full and diverse comprehension of the topic. At the moment, there are various types of an exploratory case study, which include:

  1. Descriptive;
  2. Critical;
  3. Exploratory;
  4. Explanatory;
  5. Illustrative.

Some also divide such works into implementation of the program, program and cumulative effects. This article aims to give an insight to the exploratory studies, which concentrate on explaining why and how a certain event or fact has occurred or happened.

The main difficulty of such a task is to find credible sources and trustworthy literature to back your research with.

Main idea of such an assignment

If you look at its definition at the dictionary, you will find that an exploratory case study is a task, which aims to show how well you are able to analyze a certain topic. This means that all the energy should be spent on completing a thorough research, collecting information and eventually making sense of it.

It may sound quite a complicated task but you don’t have to worry: once you have gathered necessary data, it will be more than easy to process it. Just go on reading and we guarantee that you will master such a difficult task with ease.

Useful tips for a great exploratory case study

Apart from the fact that this task is difficult to complete, there is also not enough information on the case study itself. Many students simply don’t know where to start and how to complete the task. These are a few tips, which can be very helpful:

  1. Make everything step-by-step;
  2. Draw attention of the audience by using a catchy title;
  3. Make sure the reader understands the key problem or issue of the whole work: explain it at the introductory section;
  4. Combine three main elements in your work: case, theory and effect;
  5. Don’t forget to describe the used methodology;
  6. Add possible solutions to your body paragraphs or to your conclusions;
  7. Include all possible facts, numbers and charts, related to the topic;
  8. Use visual materials to make your case study simple and readable;
  9. Don’t forget to enumerate the benefits from the obtained results.

In addition, you can download several samples of a case study to get an overall idea of how it should look like. It will be great if you include various quotes and citations to your work, as they will greatly contribute to your success.

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