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How to complete a narrative essay

A narrative essay is quite a common task, as it gives a chance to combine your subject, a chosen topic and your personal experience. Some students mistakenly take it for an expository essay but it is not the same.

Writing such a task will help you to deepen your knowledge on a subject and will help you to reveal your inner world to the audience. You will tell your story to the world, linking your experience with the assigned topic.

Some scholars may consider it quite boring to talk about their own lives but there is nothing more interesting than sharing your personal opinion with the audience, adding jokes, touching stories and spicing everything with a moral.

It may not only be a great way to obtain high grades but also to look at yourself with someone else’s eyes and to find solutions for various situations and issues.

If you still don’t know what to write about, you can download several samples of a narrative essay online and look how other students use their personal experience to write on a certain topic.

Features of a narrative essay

The structure and key elements of this task are quite common and, if you know how to complete a regular essay, you will find it quite simple to write your narrative essay. But don’t mistakenly take it for a narrative report, as it lacks personality and research, as it is a simple description.

Things to remember:

  1. Narrative essay is quite similar to a short story, as it has the same stylistic approach;
  2. Don’t be scared of providing your personal opinion. Actually, it is the main idea of the whole assignment;
  3. Write your story in a certain sequence;
  4. Your essay should motivate the readers to make some conclusions and help them to learn a lesson from the story;
  5. Complete a narrative story from the first person if your tutor doesn’t have any specific requirements.

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Structure of an essay

  1. Introduction. This section should contain a thesis statement, which should give an overall idea of the topic you are going to write about. You can tell the reader why you have chosen the topic. It shouldn’t be not longer than a sentence or two;
  2. Body paragraphs. Every paragraph you include to this section should contain a topic sentence and its description. Talking about a certain situation, you need to describe the participants, places and circumstances. At the end, you need to write on the results and the outcome of the situation;
  3. Conclusions. In this section you need to describe your motives and what results and lessons you have obtained. Try to write your conclusions in a smart and interesting way, so that every reader can find himself in the situation and find it useful.

Main errors to avoid

  1. Choosing a situation that is not related to the topic;
  2. Writing on a situation or story that doesn’t have any catchy or interesting details;
  3. Avoid being too detailed, as it may look boring and the readers will easily loose interest to your story.

Topics you can choose

  1. How I managed to change my life for the better;
  2. There is no better way than home;
  3. What was a movie that influenced you the most;
  4. What were the most valuable lessons you have learned.
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