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Should successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of...
Assignment, Business Studies , 10 pages


Mar 15, 2019

The best communication and really nice to work with Excellent communications and went out the way to help me. would recommend

Tort Law
Essay (any type), Law, 6 pages


Mar 6, 2019


Instructions will be given
Essay (any type), Law, 2 pages


Mar 3, 2019

Fast & precise. Does great work!

Importance of Planning Public Relations
Other, Public Relations (PR), 3 pages


Mar 1, 2019

good job, thank you

Tort Law
Essay (any type), Law, 2 pages


Feb 17, 2019

The Best!

International Trade Law
Essay (Any Type), Law, 2 pages


Feb 15, 2019

Writer is great.

Link will be added
Case study, Law, 2 pages


Feb 2, 2019

Always on time and excellent writing skills.

Behavioral sciences and criminal justice
Essay (Any Type), Criminal Justice , 4 pages


Feb 1, 2019

Very detailed, minimal errors. Provided a plethora of resources and really good information. Now this is definitely graduate level honors work. I am proud to turn this paper in. She delivered.

Criminal Law Murder
Assignment, Law, 3 pages


Jan 29, 2019

Very short deadline, great work!

The Importance of Social Equity in Public Administ...
Essay (Any Type), Public Administration, 2 pages


Jan 15, 2019

Highly recommend to everyone.

Tort Law, to be discussed
Essay (any type), Law, 2 pages


Jan 13, 2019

The best...

Writer's feedback

Instructions provided
Essay (any type), Law, 11 pages


Jan 6, 2019

Outstanding. On time, knowledgeable, and great writing skills.

Excel Program
Book/Movie Review, Accounting , 4 pages


Jan 1, 2019

Writer seems very friendly.

Describe Reasoning In Krell V Henry
Research Paper, Law, 8 pages


Dec 15, 2018

Great writer ! Finish 4 hours before deadline.

An Analysis of Public Administration in Perspectiv...
Research Paper, Public Administration , 2 pages


Dec 1, 2018

Writer made timely corrections

Employment Law Race Religion
Creative Writing, Law, 1 page


Nov 29, 2018

Very detailed writer, asked questions for reassurance, finished the assignment well before the time and continued to help if I had any further questions or adjustments.

How can we narrow the gap between the skills requi...
Assignment, Business Studies , 5 pages


Nov 15, 2018

Writer is definitely someone you want to work with!

Writer's choice
Essay (any type), Education, 3 pages


Oct 8, 2018


Bookkeeping Short Questions
Research Paper, Accounting, 5 pages


Sep 15, 2018

Writer is committed to deliver successfully, very patient, understanding, and communicate in timely manner. Highly recommended

Writer's choice
Analytical essay, Education, 6 pages


Sep 4, 2018

Work well done!!!

Conflict and cooperation between local, state, and...
Presentation or Speech, Criminal Justice, 2 pages


Sep 1, 2018

Writer is very good with time and instructions.

Cognitive disability and criminal justice
Other, Criminal Justice , 2 pages


Aug 15, 2018

Writer is amazing and on time. I appreciate the hard work and effort and is well deserving of 5 stars.

Consumer Behaviour Marketing
Essay (Any Type), Marketing, 3 pages


Jul 29, 2018

Very concerned writer, communicate well to me.I recommend her to my fellow students and I will keep comming with my fellow students here.She has pleased me with her excellent, and fast mode of work.I highly recommend her .

Should English remain the international language (...
Research Paper, Business Studies , 6 pages


Jul 1, 2018

Writer listened patiently and re-worked article to my request.

Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow
Essay (Any Type), Accounting, 4 pages


Jun 1, 2018

Writer is very prompt and knowledgeable.

Fear of Public Speaking
Essay (Any Type), Public Relations (PR) , 4 pages


May 29, 2018

Writer is great to work with. Very flexible and punctual.

An Analysis of the Different Definitions of Public...
Assignment, Public Relations (PR), 3 pages


May 15, 2018

Writer did what was needed and expected. I loved my paper. Very fast and high quality writing

The Emergence of National Socialism in Germany
Other, Political science , 2 pages


May 1, 2018

Writer meets my expectations.

An Examination of Public Companies
Argumentative Essay, Public Relations (PR) , 2 pages


Apr 29, 2018

Writer never disappoints

Strategy Pennine Hotel
Other, Marketing, 4 pages


Apr 15, 2018

Writer provided me exactly what i needed

Write about the diplomatic immunity.
Coursework, Law, 53 pages


Apr 1, 2018

Amazing writer

Accounting Personal Statement
Assignment, Accounting , 2 pages


Mar 29, 2018

Writer showed very good attitude to my work and made it very good! I recommend Raul to everyone who needs good thesis paper! 5 Stars!

Marketing Plan App
Term Paper, Marketing, 6 pages


Mar 15, 2018

Very efficient writer. She is also super nice and ready to do revisions. I would definitely recommend.

Legal Research Assessment
Q&A, Law, 1 page


Feb 15, 2018

Writer is very patient and deliver work whenever I request for revision. Similarity report is also really awesome.

ethnography of eating
Research Paper, Public Relations (PR) , 5 pages


Feb 1, 2018

Great writing!!

What are the next steps in protecting water, energ...
Essay (Any Type), Business Studies , 11 pages


Jan 29, 2018

Writer is excellent and knowledgeable on subject !

Correctional control: Comparing communities
Presentation or Speech, Criminal Justice, 35 pages


Jan 15, 2018

Writer not very good at following instructions. Had to send back for a revision, but second time was much better. Got my paper in in just the nick of time! I was scared for a moment but it all worked out.

An Analysis of the Study of Public Administration...
Essay (Any Type), Public Administration , 3 pages


Jan 1, 2018

Writer shows high capability to work under tight schedules with exemplary results, I am impressed by the writing style, which to a certain extent (is a bit too good?). Very very trustworthy as well, writer also promised the minimum word count, all formulated with high quality wordings, highly recommended!

American Government
Argumentative Essay, Political Science, 5 pages


Dec 29, 2017

Excellent writer. Quick to respond.

Social Media Strategy Of John Lewis
Essay (Any Type), Marketing, 2 pages


Dec 7, 2017

Writer is committed, professional and understanding.

What’s the effect of NAFTA on employment in the Un...
Essay (Any Type), Business Studies , 4 pages


Dec 7, 2017

Writer is prompt and does not waste time going back and forth. Also, delivery was ahead of the deadline, which was a nice surprise.

An Analysis of the Importance of Public Opinion by...
Research Paper, Public Relations (PR) , 4 pages


Dec 7, 2017

Writer not fully understand guidelines.

The Emergence of National Socialism in Germany
Creative Writing, Political science , 2 pages


Dec 7, 2017

Writer was GREAT!!!! Very good with coursework...

Essay (Any Type), Marketing, 4 pages


Dec 7, 2017

good overall paper. did everything that was asked

Legal Rules Contract
Essay (Any Type), Law, 3 pages


Oct 29, 2017

Writer produced a very good report.

Political Asylum Claim In The United Kingdom
Essay (Any Type), Law, 2 pages


Oct 22, 2017

Writer understand my work and was on time with it.

Abuse and addiction: How women end up in prison
Critical Thinking, Criminal Justice , 1 page


Oct 21, 2017

Very detailed in her work

Can gun control laws ruin the firearm industry?
Assignment, Business Studies , 1 page


Oct 19, 2017

it was on time - the most improtant for me

The Changes in the Public Administration within th...
Critical Thinking, Public Administration , 1 page


Oct 11, 2017

Very dependable! I can always count on her work!

Can viral marketing replace all other forms of adv...
Other, Business Studies , 10 pages


Oct 9, 2017

Very detailed! asked a lot of questions just so she could have my paper as perfect as possible.

Student Diet Health Concerns
Essay (Any Type), Marketing, 2 pages


Sep 30, 2017

Writer stayed in contact with me and completed my assignment before due date.

Alton Towers Recovering From A Damaged Reputation
Essay (Any Type), Marketing, 3 pages


Sep 29, 2017

She is good

Should all brands use social media accounts?
Case Study, Business Studies , 7 pages


Sep 24, 2017

very good writer, I recommend

800%: The astonishing increase in rates of impriso...
Essay (Any Type), Criminal Justice , 3 pages


Sep 22, 2017

She good

National Security Leadership
Coursework, Political science , 42 pages


Sep 19, 2017

Very capable and responsible writer. I will use her again for my future assignment.

Accounting Standards
Case Study, Accounting, 2 pages


Sep 19, 2017

Very detailed oriented and extremely efficient. Highly recommend her, the best writer I know in this site. A+

Correctional control: Parole, probation, and recid...
Critical Thinking, Criminal Justice , 3 pages


Sep 6, 2017

Writer treated my situation fair!

Managerial Accounting Practices
Essay, Accounting, 2 pages


Sep 1, 2017

The essay was pretty good. There was some grammatical errors but other than that it met the requirements.

The Principles Of Marketing
Essay (Any Type), Marketing, 5 pages


Aug 25, 2017

Writer understood the assignment and did a good job on it.

What’s the true cost of outsourcing IT departments...
Other, Business Studies , 2 pages


Aug 24, 2017

Writer responded in a timely manner with a well written paper and follow up support

The Importance of Social Equity in Public Administ...
Essay (Any Type), Public Administration, 3 pages


Aug 24, 2017

Fast and well done analysis

The Pride of the Public in United States of Americ...
Presentation or Speech, Public Relations (PR) , 1 page


Aug 20, 2017

wow - it's perfect paper

Approaches To The Study Of Consumer Behaviour
Capstone Project, Marketing, 3 pages


Aug 17, 2017

Prolific writer was very open to all requirements and made everything to seem easy, with great outcome. Thx.

A history of police corruption: From the colonial...
Research Paper, Criminal Justice , 3 pages


Aug 16, 2017

Very convincing. The writer offered to complete the paper in 4 hours and that's exactly what she did. Her APA format was a bit off, but it's an easy fix. A sentence or two had to be added. This was a simple paper and she put some research into it. Exceeding the expectations of the assignment.

A history of county jails
Essay (Any Type), Criminal Justice , 3 pages


Aug 1, 2017

Very concerned writer, communicated well to me.I recommend her to my fellow students and I will keep coming with my fellow students here. She has pleased me with his excellent, and fast mode of work.I highly recommend her.

Correctional control: Parole, probation, and recid...
Case Study, Law, 2 pages


Jul 30, 2017

Writer turned in my assignment earlier then requested and it was well researched and written. I would highly recommend professor A and will be doing business again if the moment arises. My overall grade for the paper was a 95.

Common and natural law systems
Case Study, Criminal Justice , 6 pages


Jul 14, 2017

Writer is knowledgeable

The Definition of Public Relations and Its Importa...
Essay (Any Type), Public Relations (PR), 4 pages


Jul 10, 2017

Very dependable and accurate. Understands assignment very well. I will use her all the time.

Article Review, Political science , 7 pages


Jul 9, 2017

well written paper and finished way before the deadline.

Lifting Of The Veil Of Incorporation
Essay (Any Type), Law, 4 pages


Jul 5, 2017

Writer provided exactly what I asked for and completed well before the short deadline that was given.

Business Plan, Business, 6 pages


Jun 22, 2017

Thank you!

An Analysis of the Role of Public Administration a...
Essay (Any Type), Public Administration , 3 pages


Jun 15, 2017

Writer is great got an A! Awesome and had paper before deadline

Ethics and Trustworthiness in the Public Administr...
Essay (Any Type), Public Administration, 2 pages


Jun 13, 2017

great content and provided exactly what I needed.

An Analysis of the Spirit of Public Administration...
Essay (Any Type), Public Administration , 5 pages


Jun 11, 2017

Writer provides you with great paper and is awesome communicating!

Strategic Marketing Planning
Admission Essay, Marketing, 1 page


Jun 4, 2017

Writer is very professional and responsible

Accounting For Partnership
Essay (Any Type), Accounting, 9 pages


Jun 4, 2017

fast and precise 10/10 would recommend

Auditor’s Ethics
Research Paper, Accounting, 2 pages


Jun 3, 2017

Writer is good for descriptive essay, or research essays that just require explanation. However, I needed a critical analysis and my order had to be sent back to be revised a few times. In the end, the paper was done okay but I still had to go back and add to the paper to make it a critical analysis. The writer was quick in responding though and pleasant to work with.

Sir Robert Peel
Other, Political science , 1 page


May 31, 2017

Writer refused to revise the paper when asked.

Criminal Litigation Process
Coursework, Law, 63 pages


May 25, 2017

Followed the guidelines that I included for the paper and was returned in a timely fashion. I would work with this writer again. Thanks again so much, you're awesome !

The death penalty is effective or not?
Assignment, Criminal law, 5 pages


May 21, 2017

The paper was well written and met all assignment requirements

A Brief Summary of Public Administration Concepts...
Research Paper, Public Administration , 2 pages


May 20, 2017

Writer is more than willing to comply with corrections, great at following directions, and submits paper WAY before the deadline. 11/10 would recommend, dedicated writer for sure!

Financial Services Ombudsman
Coursework, Law, 54 pages


May 1, 2017

Very efficient writer and she is always on time with her work

The Relationship Between Accountability and Public...
Essay (Any Type), Public Relations (PR) , 3 pages


Apr 29, 2017

Writer made the necessary corrections and delivered on time.