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Ethical, Legal and Professional Duties of Nurses
Essay (Any Type), Nursing, 8 pages


Feb 15, 2019

She did a Part of a Power Point Social Research Proposal. She did a good job! She was ready before due date. I highly recommend her for for research proposals.

Causes and Solutions to the Obesity Epidemic
Essay (Any Type), Nutrition/Dietary, 5 pages


Feb 1, 2019

Nice job!

Immunotherapy of Cancer With Monoclonal Antibodies
Assignment, Biology (and other Life Sciences), 3 pages


Jan 29, 2019

Nice work and fast finish

Impact of Junk Food on Health
Other, Nutrition/Dietary, 2 pages


Jan 15, 2019

Nice prose, be clear and explicit with instructions and Sarabest will deliver.

B P Industries and Organizational Behavior
Case Study, Psychology, 2 pages


Jan 1, 2019

Nice job. Thank you

Navigation v Conventional Techniques for Orthopaed...
Other, Medicine, 1 page


Dec 29, 2018

Nice work and on time.

Basketball History and Rules
Essay (Any Type), Sports, 2 pages


Dec 15, 2018

Nice work

Data Collection and Analysis of Sports Games
Essay (Any Type), Sports, 2 pages


Dec 1, 2018

She delivered before time and exemplified nothing but great work that exceeding my expectations. Will recommend to use her again!

Anthropological Perspectives on Family
Coursework, Anthropology, 51 page


Nov 29, 2018

She did a fantastic job and you can really see the effort put into the paper. Will continue to hire this writer.

Determination of glucose concentration in a urine...
Lab report, Biology (and other Life Sciences), 4 pages


Nov 23, 2018

Amazing, the work was quick and professional. :D

Benefits of Resisted Sprint Training
Essay (Any Type), Sports, 3 pages


Nov 15, 2018

She did a good job and always on time.

Health Benefits of Alternative Therapies
Case Study, Health Care, 8 pages


Nov 1, 2018

Nice job! Will come back.

Focal Infection - The Source of The Pathology
Essay (Any Type), Biology (and other Life Sciences), 1 page


Oct 29, 2018

Good structure

Importance of Mental Toughness in Sport
Research Paper, Sports, 4 pages


Oct 15, 2018

She did a goo job. I like the essay

Food Safety for the Home Environment
Essay (Any Type), Nutrition/Dietary, 4 pages


Oct 1, 2018

She did a good job

National Football League & African American Coache...
Research Paper, Sports, 10 pages


Sep 29, 2018

Nice job. On time. Very helpful

Food Safety: Management Report
Essay (Any Type), Nutrition/Dietary, 4 pages


Sep 15, 2018

Nice to work with.

Nutrition Comparison of Genders and Ages
Other, Nutrition/Dietary, 10 pages


Sep 1, 2018

She delivered! Thank you very much!

Aztecs Day Of The Dead
Critical Thinking, Psychology, 3 pages


Aug 29, 2018

Nice job! very helpful!

Public Health Issue: Smoking
Research Paper, Health Care, 4 pages


Aug 15, 2018

Nice summary!!! It is an absolute pleasure working with you,nicely done

medical residency application
Personal statement, Medicine, 1 pages


Aug 6, 2018


Metformin (Glucophage) Reactions
Essay (Any Type), Medicine, 2 pages


Aug 1, 2018

She did Good

Pest Control Methods in Rice Production
Essay (Any Type), Biology (and other Life Sciences), 1 page


Jul 29, 2018

Nice job

Aristotle’s Views on Women
Essay (Any Type), Women's and gender studies, 2 pages


Jul 15, 2018

Nice guy

Impact ADHD and Autism on Education
Essay (Any Type), Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.), 3 pages


Jul 1, 2018

great great paper

Argument against Evolution by Natural Selection
Essay (Any Type), Anthropology, 5 pages


Jun 15, 2018

On point, very good.

Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Goods
Case Study, Anthropology, 5 pages


Jun 1, 2018

Nice work done and the writer is very helpful.

Analysis of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Su...
Essay (Any Type), Sports, 10 pages


May 29, 2018

Nice guy and really helpful!

Healthy Settlement of Migratory Workers
Other, Health Care, 2 pages


May 15, 2018

Nice work and well organized.. thumbs up :)

Bio-mechanical Differences Between Male and Female...
Essay (Any Type), Sports, 4 pages


May 1, 2018

Nice help will try again in the future!

Strategies to Increase Client Retention in Persona...
Essay (Any Type), Sports, 2 pages


Apr 29, 2018

Nice work and affordable writer. I would use again.

Exploring Sport Opportunities for Disabled
Coursework, Sports, 42 pages


Apr 15, 2018

She did a good job and gave me my job on time

Reflection on Nursing Presentation
Essay (Any Type), Nursing, 6 pages


Apr 1, 2018

Nice paper

Link Between Obesity and Social Class
Other, Nutrition/Dietary, 1 page


Mar 29, 2018

Nice person to work with, reviews if needed, patient, kind, good essays, just needs to review instructions

Skills and Responsibilities of a Nutritionist
Essay (Any Type), Nutrition/Dietary, 1 page


Mar 15, 2018

She delivered first draft and I did some minor fixing and submitted it straight away. I got 54/100 from my professor. Some issues which are required to be addressed were left out so marks deducted. Beside that her service is fine.

Nurse prescribing by community nurses
Assignment, Nursing, 5 pages


Mar 1, 2018

Nice paper. The student submitted ahead of time.

Legalized Prostitution
Essay (Any Type), Women's and gender studies, 4 pages


Feb 15, 2018


Extracting DNA From Fruit in Various Stages of Rip...
Annotated Bibliography, African-American Studies, 6 pages


Feb 1, 2018

Nice job done

Significance of Pharmacovigilance for Drug Safety
Essay (Any Type), Medicine, 3 pages


Jan 29, 2018

She did a 8 hour turn around. Great job. I would recommend her and use her again in the near future. Thank you!

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Essay (Any Type), Nutrition/Dietary, 2 pages


Jan 15, 2018

Nice work and thanks

Inappropriate Use of Social Media in Healthcare
Essay (Any Type), Health Care, 2 pages


Jan 1, 2018

She delivered on time.Professional work

Effects of Different Antibiotics on E.coli Growth
Research Paper, Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.), 7 pages


Dec 29, 2017

Nice job and quickly

A Film Analysis on Schindlers List
Essay (Any Type), Health Care, 3 pages


Dec 15, 2017

She did a awesome job on one of my assignment, definitely using again in future!

Medical Device Regulations in the European Union
Essay (Any Type), Medicine, 2 pages


Dec 7, 2017

Nice essay and good writer.

Blastocystis Hominis and Colorectal Cancer
Essay (Any Type), Biology (and other Life Sciences), 1 page


Dec 7, 2017

Nice job! I recommended. On time too. Thank you a lot

Importance of Nursing Informatics in Nurses Daily...
Research Paper, Nursing, 1 page


Dec 7, 2017

Nice work as always.

ABCDE Approach for Critically Ill Patients
Term Paper, Nursing, 6 pages


Dec 7, 2017

She did my homework immidietlly

Diet and Nutrition Case Study
Essay (Any Type), Nutrition/Dietary, 2 pages


Dec 7, 2017

She did a good job Few mistakes But she did no t have a problem correcting them

Pharmacists Role in Complementary & Alternative Me...
Essay (Any Type), Nursing , 2 pages


Nov 4, 2017

She deliver it before the deadline.

Causes of Epidemic Diseases
Research Paper, Medicine, 5 pages


Nov 3, 2017

Nice job and thanks again!

Relationship Between Staff Motivation and Performa...
Research Paper, Nursing, 3 pages


Oct 25, 2017

Nice job of the paper, and got a good grade on it. Thanks

Improving Concordance to Smoking Cessation Treatme...
Article Review, Nursing, 5 pages


Oct 23, 2017

Nice work , understanding writer

Importance of Community Sports Programmes
Research Paper, Sports, 2 pages


Oct 17, 2017

Nice quality.

Modern Behaviour Patterns: Middle Stone Age Record...
Essay (Any Type), Anthropology, 5 pages


Oct 1, 2017

Nice work and very fast too

The Other Women’s Movement
Essay (Any Type), Women's and gender studies, 2 pages


Sep 29, 2017

She did a good Job. I really like her Job

Platelet Rich Plasma-platelet Concentrate (PRP-PC)...
Coursework, Medicine, 45 pages


Sep 27, 2017

Nice work and delivered quickly!!!

Effect of Cooking Methods on Vitamin C
Presentation or Speech, Biology (and other Life Sciences), 2 pages


Sep 27, 2017

She did a fantastic job and you can really see the effort put into the paper. Very happy with all my orders

Hypokalemia After Acute Acetaminophen Overdose
Assignment, Health Care, 3 pages


Sep 26, 2017

Nice paper. Received after 24 hours. Thank you

Malaria and Typhoid Fever Infection Rates in Pregn...
Essay (Any Type), Medicine, 2 pages


Sep 21, 2017

Nice work and delivered early! Good writer!

Complex Correlation between Sexual Harassment and...
Essay (Any Type), Women's and gender studies, 3 pages


Sep 15, 2017

Nice paper, quick turn around.

Effect of Colief Infants Drops Lactose on Intolera...
Essay (Any Type), Biology (and other Life Sciences), 1 page


Sep 13, 2017

She did a excellenet jon on the assignment I would recommend her to anyone.

Benefits of Leading a Healthy Lifestyle for Childr...
Essay (Any Type), Nutrition/Dietary, 5 pages


Sep 10, 2017

Nice paper!

Culture of Silence: Talking About Death and Termin...
Critical Thinking, Nursing, 3 pages


Sep 10, 2017

Nice research paper in a short time. Thanks

Ruth McBride
Research Paper, Women's and gender studies, 2 pages


Aug 29, 2017

Nice job. Perfect 5

Negative Effects of Fast Food
Argumentative Essay, Nutrition/Dietary, 2 pages


Aug 28, 2017

Nice work , highly impressed , did more than what i expected and met all the criterias

Biological Portrayals of Women
Assignment, Women's and gender studies, 2 pages


Aug 27, 2017

She delivered exactly what I needed. She made corrections as directed and she really took the time to understand the assignment. I would definitely use this writer again. Very satisfied.

Effect of Healthy Food on the Mind and Body
Critical Thinking, Nutrition/Dietary , 1 page


Aug 24, 2017

She delivered a good job which was also on time. Thumps up

Nutrition During Pregnancy | Annotated Bibliograph...
Annotated Bibliography, Nutrition/Dietary, 2 pages


Aug 22, 2017

She delivered an outstanding paper , very outspoken making sure she meets your needs . Im sure with the paper she delivered i earned the 2 A's i want to acquire .. thank you so much taxy well recommended for my next paper towards the near future .

Sports Nutrition: Components of Balanced Diet
Case Study, Sports, 1 page


Aug 13, 2017

Nice work and great turn around time.

Benefits Of Bioindicators
Other, Biology (and other Life Sciences), 125 pages


Aug 12, 2017

Nice work but a little late

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
Presentation or Speech, Nutrition/Dietary , 2 pages


Aug 9, 2017

She delivers on time and follows all instructions

Why is Disability Viewed as a Social Problem?
Case Study, Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.), 2 pages


Aug 9, 2017

She deserves 4.3 out of 5. She is super fast for writing.

Does the EU Suffer From a Democratic Deficit?
Other, Anthropology, 3 pages


Aug 9, 2017

She did a fantastic job in such a short space of time. Definitely recommend!

Decision Support Methods in Healthcare
Other, Nursing, 2 pages


Jul 28, 2017

Nice essay and he had written it at time.

Aztec Empire and Cortes
Coursework, Biology (and other Life Sciences), 52 pages


Jul 27, 2017

Nice job :)

Aetiology of Parkinsons Disease
Assignment, Nursing, 10 page


Jul 26, 2017

Great work also completed way before due date which was fantastic thank you

Role of a Coach in Athlete Development
Q&A, Sports, 1 page


Jul 21, 2017

Nice research paper and received on time! Thank you!

Cultural Influences on Myths
Thesis, Anthropology, 3 pages


Jul 16, 2017

Nice work and turn in on time!!

Measurement of Lying and Standing Blood Pressure
Essay (Any Type), Health Care, 1 page


Jul 11, 2017

Nice work and finish on time XD

The Heart, Hands and the Mind in Midwifery
Research Paper, Nursing, 3 pages


Jul 6, 2017

Nice work and finish assignment quickly.

Broiler Cockerel Production In Semi Intensive Syst...
Term Paper, Biology (and other Life Sciences), 3 pages


Jul 2, 2017

She delivered on-time and her work was good. Thanks :)

Study of Impact Shocks in Fencing
Essay (Any Type), Sports, 2 pages


Jun 30, 2017

She delivered it on time. I do not know my grade yet.

Major League Baseball Team Budgeting
Critical Thinking, Sports, 2 pages


Jun 29, 2017

Nice work bro

Medulla Oblongata: Function and Location
Research Paper, Medicine, 5 pages


Jun 28, 2017

Nice job. Very efficient. Looking for the help in the future.

Anthropological Essay on Human Rights
Coursework, Anthropology, 51 page


Jun 23, 2017

Nice job, and very fast

Sordaria Fimicola Crossing Over Lab
Coursework, Biology (and other Life Sciences), 68 pages


Jun 20, 2017

Nice done. Deliver fast than I except.

Biofeedback techniques in treatment of epilepsy
Assignment, Nursing, 1 page


Jun 18, 2017

She delivered the paper within a day

Advances in Composite Laminate Theories
Essay (Any Type), Health Care, 6 pages


Jun 17, 2017

Nice job and on time!

Challenges of Health Promotion
Research Proposal, Health Care, 2 pages


Jun 5, 2017

Nice job.

Congestive Heart Failure: Causes, Types and Sympto...
Essay (Any Type), Medicine, 10 pages


Jun 4, 2017

Nice job, easy to work with. Delivered before due. Would use again.

Effect of Ph Level and Hydrogen Peroxide on Catala...
Other, Biology (and other Life Sciences), 1 page


May 31, 2017

she does her job way ahead of deadline

Gated DIBH for Left Sided Breast Cancer Patients
Essay (Any Type), Medicine, 3 pages


May 29, 2017

Nice to work with, straight forward, honest, and hardworking writer.

Importance of Statistical Research in Medicine
Article Review, Nursing, 6 pages


May 26, 2017

Nice gentleman and worked fast. However, no attention to detail.

Evaluating Nutrition Information on the Internet
Research Paper, Nutrition/Dietary , 10 pages


May 16, 2017

Nice experience. thanks.

A Vindication of the Rights of Women
Other, Women's and gender studies , 2 pages


May 16, 2017

She delivers the best work possible. You will ALWAYS be satisfied with this writers work!!