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Adapting and Overcoming in Literature
Other, Sports, 5 pages


Mar 15, 2019

The writer was awesome. He had a great use of word choice and his sentence fluency was perfect. The only problems with the essay were a few grammatical errors, which were very easy to fix. Thank you!

Book report on Acroos the barricades
Essay (Any Type), History, 3 pages


Mar 1, 2019

Timely and wonderful writing

book report on jake the ripper
Essay (Any Type), Criminology, 5 pages


Feb 15, 2019

Timely work and made corrections as requested.

International trade
Essay (Any Type), Trade, 2 pages


Feb 1, 2019


Adapting To A New Culture
Other, Law, 2 pages


Jan 29, 2019

The writer was open minded and good in pricing and you can get good deal with him.

Adaptation Of Historic Costuming
Coursework, Management, 1 page


Jan 15, 2019

The writer provided me with a very good paper, very detalied and I would stongly recomend this to anybody who wants a great job to be done for them

Book Review - The Two Towers
Business Plan, Management, 5 pages


Jan 1, 2019

Totally dependable always on time!

Book report on the book The Screwtape Letters
Essay (Any Type), Communication Strategies, 2 pages


Dec 29, 2018

Timley and excellent work!

Book Review - 1776 by David McCullough
Business Plan, Business, 2 pages


Dec 15, 2018

Top notch! On time, well written!

book report on the story of B
Essay (Any Type), Criminology, 4 pages


Dec 1, 2018

Too many good ones to count!

Book Report on For Whom the Bell Tolls
Research Paper, Other, 5 pages


Nov 29, 2018

Timely done paper

Book Report on April Morning
Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages


Nov 15, 2018

Timely but needed revisions on the formatting

Adam Smiths Economic and Political Thinkining
Coursework, History, 5 pages


Nov 1, 2018

good work

book report on the prince
Essay (Any Type), Engineering, 1 page


Oct 29, 2018

nice work

book review - Shes Come Undone
Book/Movie Review, Sociology, 2 pages


Oct 15, 2018

Top-notch work!

Book Review - Forever
Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages


Oct 1, 2018

Top quality paper.

Adam Smiths Theory of the State
Essay (Any Type), Environmental Issues, 3 pages


Sep 29, 2018

The writer is quick and willing to listen to customer needs. Will definitely recommend this writer.

Book Report on The Client
Research Paper, English, 7 pages


Sep 15, 2018


Book Report on The Good Marriage
Business Plan, Business, 2 pages


Sep 1, 2018

Tnx a lot

Teacher Identity Positioning Paper
Assignment, Education, 4 pages


Aug 29, 2018

Very thorough and developed writer

Compensation and motivation
Critical Thinking, Management, 3 pages


Aug 15, 2018

Great work as usual!!

Book Review - Maniac Magee
Essay (Any Type), Other, 4 pages


Aug 1, 2018

Top quality!!

Book Report on The Killer Angels and Avalon
Essay (Any Type), Other, 2 pages


Jul 29, 2018


Adams and Jackson Timeline
Assignment, English, 3 pages


Jul 15, 2018

The writer is very polite, good communication skills, excellent grammar. Will definitely use him again to edit my books.

Jesus Resurrection
Research Paper, Religion and Theology, 8 pages


Jul 1, 2018


Book Review - Gilda Radner
Other, History, 3 pages


Jun 29, 2018

Top quality work as always!

Book report on Xenocide
Essay (Any Type), Philosophy, 5 pages


Jun 15, 2018

Took awhile but produced well maybe if i gave more time would have been better but very good

Book report on Homecoming Harmony
Essay (Any Type), Linguistics, 1 page


Jun 1, 2018

Timely submission.

Book Report on Viktor Frankls
Essay (Any Type), Sociology, 6 pages


May 29, 2018

Took a little longer and much explanations to have a good paper done. my first time and not so trill about it.

Book Report on Michael Crichton
Research Paper, Architecture, 3 pages


May 15, 2018

Timely, and great detail

Book report the eyes of a killer robot
Critical Thinking, Movies, 3 pages


May 1, 2018

Took little bit longer than I expected, but was knowledgeable.

Book Review - The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages


Apr 29, 2018

Totally amazing work! The best writer I have hired so far! Definitely recommended!

Book Report on The Road to Mekkah
Research Paper, History, 4 pages


Apr 15, 2018

Too many errors.

Book/movie review, Statistics, 5 pages


Apr 12, 2018


Black in America
Book/Movie Review, Sociology, 1 page


Apr 1, 2018

Thank you. However, the the paper was in regards of a YOUTUBE video documentary and it seems as if the paper was written off an actual documentary, this paper is due today so i hope this works.

book report on Thomas Jefferson
Presentation or Speech, Management, 1 page


Mar 29, 2018

Took a bit longer time, but the final paper was really good.

Book Report: Amusing ourself to death
Term Paper, Literature, 7 pages


Mar 15, 2018

Top class Writer

Book Report The Stones of Mourning Creek
Case Study, Psychology, 6 pages


Mar 1, 2018

Took longer than promised. The essay was an ok read.

Flint water crisis
Critical Thinking, Nursing, 14 pages


Feb 15, 2018

Excellent, and followed the needed instructions for my paper!

Book Report on All Quiet On the Western Front
Research Paper, Political Science, 3 pages


Jan 29, 2018

Timely beyond expectations and covered all aspects of the assignment rubric. Great Job!!

Book Rev of Salem possessed
Research Paper, Aeronautics, 3 pages


Jan 15, 2018

Top notch quality work!

Book Report on Uncle Toms Cabin
Critical Thinking, Nursing, 3 pages


Jan 1, 2018

Took a little communication but the writer wrote in a very professional manner, addressed every feedback I had and incorporated it into the essay that I needed it to be.

Book Report on Beauty
Critical Thinking, English, 2 pages


Dec 29, 2017

Timely delivered

Adam, Eve, the Serpent and Sin
Other, Philosophy, 4 pages


Dec 15, 2017

The writer is very patient and able to deliver high-quality paper! Definitely recocomendate this writer!

Adaptation - Portrait of a Lady and Maltese Falcon
Other, Other, 2 pages


Dec 7, 2017

I will use this writer again I recommend this writer.

Adaptations of A Midsummer Nights Dream
Assignment, Art, 1 page


Nov 3, 2017

The writer seemed like a good person and experienced but he wasn't able to articulate himself to write the the way i wanted him too. He makes some great points but he needs ot back them with facts.

Book Review - The Once and Future King
Essay (Any Type), Web design, 1 page


Oct 31, 2017

Totally awesome!

Analysing a particular type of recruitment streteg...
Case Study, Business, 2 pages


Oct 28, 2017

2nd time with this Writer. Perfect!

Book Report on Ecotopia
Essay (Any Type), Criminology, 2 pages


Oct 23, 2017

Timely delivery, I appreciate

Book Report on Iliad
Essay (Any Type), Communications and Media, 3 pages


Oct 10, 2017

Timely well written

Book Report: A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold
Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages


Oct 10, 2017


Book Review - After the War
Presentation or Speech, IT Management, 2 pages


Oct 10, 2017

Top notch, fair prices!

Emotion and Attention
Research Paper, Psychology, 2 pages


Sep 30, 2017

Was very Amazing.

Book Report on The Stranger
Assignment, Business, 7 pages


Sep 27, 2017

too fast to be true)

Midaq Alley
Book/Movie Review, History, 4 pages


Sep 21, 2017

very well written thank you so much

Adapted Capitalism
Research Paper, Nursing, 8 pages


Sep 20, 2017

The writer strictly followed instructions and delivered the paper before deadline.I Highly recommend him to anyone wishing for ONLY the best in their papers. I will be using him for all my papers. thank you.

Book Review - The Amistad Revolt
Other, Other, 7 pages


Sep 20, 2017

Total 5. Great work. Thanks for your help.

Adaptation Change and medical
Research Paper, Criminology, 10 pages


Sep 14, 2017

The writer provided a high-quality paper. I recommend him.

How social media has impacted Americans’ relations...
Argumentative Essay, English, 4 pages


Sep 14, 2017

Paper was very well written, did exactly what the instructions said. Will use writer again

Adaptations for Jane Austens Emma
Assignment, Law, 6 pages


Sep 6, 2017

The writer provides top level service and his ability and knowledge are of the highest caliber. I would definitely recommend.

How Galileo could it have change the economy of It...
Research Paper, Other, 9 pages


Sep 6, 2017

very good

book reportDANIEL
Book/Movie Review, Psychology, 10 pages


Sep 3, 2017

Top notch

Moral objectivism
Assignment, Philosophy, 2 pages


Sep 1, 2017

Great work! Quick turn around time. Thank you

Book Report On The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Pe...
Assignment, Marketing, 3 pages


Aug 29, 2017

Timely. Meet all requirements

Book Review - The Berenstain Bears
Assignment, Other, 3 pages


Aug 28, 2017

Totally In Love With My Paper! Delivered It Early And Did A Superb Job! Definitely Recommending To My Friends

Book Report on George Orwells Animal Farm
Research Paper, Other, 4 pages


Aug 26, 2017

Timely paper

HR Tasks/Roles
Critical Thinking, Management, 3 pages


Aug 26, 2017

I was happily surprised, excellent work on very short timeframe. Thanks again!

Book Report on Guy de Maupassants
Critical Thinking, Education, 6 pages


Aug 19, 2017

Timely paper done with quality

Adam, Eve and the Promises of God
Research Proposal, Education, 2 pages


Aug 18, 2017

The writer is reliable and responsive. The writing met my expectation and delivered in time. I am so satisfied with this writer. Keep on doing the best. I absolutely come back to you again.

Book Report: 1984 by George Orwell
Case Study, Other, 9 pages


Aug 18, 2017

Took some time but I received quality work

Adaptive Failure: Easters End
Essay (Any Type), Sociology, 1 page


Aug 11, 2017

The writer worked very hard on the paper, but the instructor was very difficult. He worked quickly and was professional in his work. Unfortunately I had to rewrite a lot of it, but he gave me a great foundation. It was not his fault that the instructor wants blood from every student. I would use him again.

Adapted Responsibility Accounting
Other, Other, 1 page


Aug 5, 2017

The writer was absolutely amazing! i am so happy with my experience with him. I will definitely be coming back to him for any future essays i will need done. Definitely recommend him!

Book Report: 1984by George Orwell
Research Paper, Literature, 3 pages


Aug 2, 2017

Took way longer than the time we agreed upon and doesn't pay attention to detail.

Resolving Work Conflict
Critical Thinking, Management, 4 pages


Jul 29, 2017

Great work!

Adaptability of Huck Finn
Book/Movie Review, Religion and Theology, 2 pages


Jul 28, 2017

The writer is well experienced, the writer completed a 6 page paper within a 24 hour time frame and the work is just remarkable, I highly recommend this individual.

Book Report: Civil War 100
Research Paper, English Literature, 4 pages


Jul 25, 2017

Top class writer

Book Review A Farewell to Arms
Coursework, Finance, 1 page


Jul 20, 2017

Totally satisfied with the writers work. Very helpful and done much earlier than the deadline with a exceptional high quality work.

book report on Scoop by Evelyn Waugh
Essay (Any Type), Women's and gender studies, 18 pages


Jul 12, 2017

Timely, well written product.

Book Report on Sojourner Truth, Fearless Crusader
Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages


Jul 9, 2017


Book Report on Out of the Silent Planet
Essay (Any Type), Nursing, 2 pages


Jul 7, 2017

Timely, precise

Book Report: All Quiet On the Western Front
Coursework, IT Management, 2 pages


Jul 7, 2017

Top Notch

Book report on Primal Leadership
Essay (Any Type), Business, 5 pages


Jun 28, 2017

Timely, professional, open to suggestion. Overall very happy.

Book Review - On Every Front
Research Paper, Psychology, 1 page


Jun 28, 2017

Top quality!!!!

Book report on Kennedy: Profile of Power
Coursework, Business, 3 pages


Jun 24, 2017

Timely work done, thank you.

Adaptations of Coastal Plants in New Zealand
Research Paper, Literature, 6 pages


Jun 17, 2017

The writer showed great communication from start to finish. The final paper was outstanding. Courteous, polite, and overall a great writer. I'm very pleased with my paper. I will choose this writer in the future.

Book Report on the Novel Issac Campion
Essay (Any Type), Creative Writing, 1 page


Jun 14, 2017

Too good

Adapting to Life in a Changing World
Essay (Any Type), Other, 1 page


Jun 9, 2017

The writer was very thorough and detailed in this assignment, and I was very happy with the quality of work done.

book review - Prisioner of Cabin 13
Assignment, Art, 4 pages


Jun 6, 2017

Top quality, Excellent service time and time again. Thank you very much!

Book Revealing the Totalitarian Society
Critical Thinking, Healthcare, 5 pages


May 31, 2017

Top notch work. Your the best. 1% WOW

Book Report on Canada and NATO
Research Paper, English, 4 pages


May 27, 2017

Timely delivery

Adaptation - Portrait of a Lady, Maltese Falcon
Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages


May 23, 2017

The writer promised that he would have my paper ready so that when i would be from my vacation i would only assign him the project and he would send the solution and he kept his word. I had the best experience with this scholar. THANKS THANKS AGAIN

Book Report On Nisa, The Life And Words Of A Kung...
Critical Thinking, Finance, 1 page


May 14, 2017

Timely, great job