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How to work with Tutoriage

Tutoriage is a super simple writing platform. It won't take you long to place an order and get an expert writer to work on your paper. Here is the entire process described in details.


It doesn't take much time to get registered on the platform. As long as you provide your email and choose the type of paper you need to be completed, you are redirected to the order form, and your personal Tutoriage account is created.

Placing an order

Try to provide as many details as possible about your assignment in our order form. The more details you provide the clearer it is for the writers what kind of task they are to complete, and if they possess all the necessary qualifications to place their bids.

Finding the writer

After you submit the order details, writers take some time to look through them, and start making their bids. In the profiles of the writers you can find information on their experience, qualifications as well as the reviews of their previous customers. We suggest you check the profiles of all the writers, who make suitable bids. This will ease the process of choosing the proper writer greatly.

Details discussion

Make sure you discuss all the order requirements with the writer. You might want to clarify some details, negotiate the price and plan the writing process. Direct communication with the writer is a great opportunity, that most of the online writing platforms lack.

Adding funds

The next step is adding funds to your balance. We use the escrow principle, according to which the writer gets the money only for the job done well. You add the sum to your balance, and can release it bit by bit for the completed parts of writing.

Writing in process

Once the order cost is reserved in your account, the writer you hired gets down to work. You can easily get in touch with your writer to check up on the progress, and discuss the pieces of writing you have already received. Most of the time the writers are online.

Getting the paper

After the paper is ready, you should check if it meets all your requirements, and release the money to the writer. If you are not satisfied with the papers, just request a revision, and the writer will make changes to the paper so that it comes up to your expectations.

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