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100 topic ideas for a perfect research paper in 2018

Completing a research paper is probably one of the most popular assignments not depending on your academic level and subjects. Most of the colleges require you to complete minimum one research paper on every subject during the academic year, so you should be able to write it without any difficulties.

Despite the fact that such tasks are common, they require much time and knowledge, so you need to master all the tools not to let these papers influence your grades.

The most important thing to take into account is the topic selection. While some professors will give you a certain topic, in most of the cases you will need to select it on your own and the whole paper should be concentrated around it.

Just go on reading and we will help you to find a topic, which will satisfy all of your needs and desires, concentrating on the things you like.

Topics to write your research paper about from Tutoriage

How to choose a proper topic

There are some tips and advices, which may help you to select a proper topic and make it remarkable. First, it should be interesting and fresh not to bore the audience. It should also contain new ideas, rise interest of the audience and make readers want to go on. Choose a topic that is interesting to you. Choosing an interesting topic will help you write the paper faster and make the process more engaging and fun.

Personal interest on the topic

This advice is clear and evident: you need to be personally interested in the topic and subject to make your paper as flawless, as possible.

If you are lucky to select the topic on your own, try to link it to the area of your interests, so you can be motivated to create a deep research of the topic, analyze the subject and even add additional information no one else knows.

Remember, it is very easy to be fluent and provide catchy information if you are personally interested in the topic.

Your topic should be clear

You won’t be able to convey your ideas if you are not able to master the subject on your own. That is why don’t be shy to ask questions if you find some aspects of the topic unclear.

It will be much easier for you to complete the assignment if you understand it from the first page to the last. However, if the assignment contains too many unclear moments, it is better to select another topic.

Readers want to see a paper, completed by an expert and not the one, who has no idea what he is writing about.

Remain accurate and innovative

Topics for a research paper by Tutoriage writers

On contrary to an essay or another descriptive assignment, a research paper should be straight to the point and consist of various facts, examples, charts and statistics.

Make sure you include all the details to support your ideas and try to avoid watery sentences, as they will definitely bore the reader and lower your grades.

In addition, you should try to stay innovative even if your topic is very conservative. Such approach will help you to add something new to the topic, which has been discussed a multiple times before.

Moreover, you may find additional details and facts, which have been missed by other students. Just use your imagination and a little research to generate fresh ideas!

Topics on environment

  1. Pollution of the world ocean.
  2. Why global warming is sometimes considered a fiction.
  3. How will the climate change in the next 20 years?
  4. Ways to stop global warming.
  5. How to provide everyone with drinking water.
  6. Air pollution reduction: main tools.
  7. What do we know about alternative energy?
  8. How to preserve wild nature.
  9. Simple ways to recycle on daily basis.
  10. Endangered species: what we know about them.

Topics on technology

  1. Can anyone be safe online?
  2. Who will be Internet’s heir?
  3. How technologies help us to feel safe.
  4. Virtual reality: pros and cons.
  5. Should we be afraid of AI?
  6. How can we influence the technical progress?
  7. Everything you wanted to know about Elon Musk.
  8. Steve Jobs: man, who changed the world.
  9. Cloud storing: convenience or danger to personal data.
  10. Best technological innovations of the year.

Topics on culture

  1. Influence of the Harry Potter’s universe on teenagers.
  2. Should we be afraid of reality shows?
  3. The best music performers of the previous year.
  4. Can celebrities change the modern world?
  5. YouTube: a place, where you can find anything.
  6. Why Japanese culture is gaining world’s interest?
  7. Comic books: role models of the modern society.
  8. Social patterns of Hollywood.
  9. Can talent shows create real performers?
  10. Everything we need to know about Instagram.

Topics on education

  1. Ways to get higher education without going into debts.
  2. Ways to increase literacy in the world.
  3. Flaws of the modern educational system.
  4. Ways to bring up a genius.
  5. Benefits of being a multilingual.
  6. How to promote reading?
  7. Is it possible to make education ‘cool’?
  8. Schools should be a safe place, without guns and violence.
  9. School dress code: pros and cons.
  10. Similarities of higher education in different countries.

Topics on business

  1. How to generate successful business ideas.
  2. The best ways to become a marketing genius.
  3. Examples of the most prospering enterprises for the last 10 years.
  4. Is multitasking effective?
  5. Taxation: suicide for small enterprises.
  6. Sexual abuse at work.
  7. Main tips on time management.
  8. Winning strategies of Google and Facebook.
  9. How to fight illegal activity of huge corporations.
  10. Wages across the world.

Topics on legal matters

  1. How to provide a fair punishment for sex crimes.
  2. Ways to protect copyright and intellectual property online.
  3. Influence of same sex marriages in the US.
  4. Attitude to abortion across the world.
  5. Should marijuana be allowed across the US?
  6. How does the new laws prevent Russian children from being adopted abroad?
  7. Examples of an effective legal performance in various countries.
  8. Prostitution legalization across the world.
  9. Can pornography be called an ‘artistic approach’?
  10. How to legally prevent bullying online.

Topics on politics

  1. The leading sponsor of world’s terrorism.
  2. Is Donald Trump ready for impeachment?
  3. Can South and North Korea be friends again?
  4. How to eliminate dictators by legal matters.
  5. How Angela Merkel changed the EU.
  6. Ukrainian conflict and its influence on global policy.
  7. Should we consider refugees the main threat of the 21st century?
  8. Will Brexit influence Europe’s economy?
  9. How to fight racism.
  10. Can Russia be a threat to the rest of the world?

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Topics on religion

  1. Justification of crimes through the prism of religion.
  2. Similarities and differences of world religions.
  3. Sexual abuse among church servants.
  4. Female oppression in different religions.
  5. What are the most popular religions at the moment?
  6. What we should know about agnosticism.
  7. Formation of new religions.
  8. Can atheism be called a form of religion?
  9. Links between religion and politics.
  10. How religion influences health.

Topics on health

  1. Mental health, as the basis of a happy society.
  2. Are fats capable to affect us in a positive way?
  3. Best ways to cope with obesity and anorexia.
  4. Is it possible to cure AIDS with a simple research?
  5. Euthanasia: a personal choice or an assisted suicide?
  6. What we should know about birth control.
  7. Compulsory vaccination.
  8. How to reduce alcohol consumption among teenagers.
  9. How tobacco affects our bodies and minds.
  10. Everything you need to know about Alzheimer’s prevention.

Topics on social matters

  1. Ethnicities of the Middle East.
  2. Influence of team sports on the society
  3. Tolerance: a modern trend or a necessity?
  4. Causes and consequences of anxiety.
  5. Importance of social media.
  6. Bullying: social disaster of the 21st century.
  7. Women discrimination in the modern world.
  8. Influence of the Internet on communication and relationships.
  9. Gender differences at work.
  10. Benefits of being a global citizen.

Remember that you need to spend as much time as necessary on a proper research and collect all the information to back your ideas. Make sure your topic is catchy and intriguing, and your statement is provoking!

This will surely help you to stand out from other students and earn high grades. Just follow our advices, choose a perfect paper and make the first step to a great research paper!

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