Anthropology Essay: Writing an “A” Grade Essay

Many students see this type of essay as hard to tackle. The tips we provide will ensure that you construct a top class anthropology essay and improve your writing skills. There exist different peculiarities at different levels depending on the type of anthropology essay you are handling. All these are discussed below.

The first order in writing an anthropology essay is choosing a topic that you are conversant with. A wide range of research is prudent in enabling you to come up with an essay that will guarantee you high-quality grades.

Anthropology Essay: Writing an “A” Grade Essay

Introductory work And Overall Advice on Writing

It is important to read through your assignment several times in order to grasp the content and understand what is required of you. If you do not understand specific parts, it is advisable to consult your instructor. This will avoid chances of redoing your work since you embarked on research that is out of the theme required. Ensure that you read all sections of your assignment, to reduce chances of missing vital instructions and details. If you go off your topic be assured that your grades will be below average.

Pay attention to critical instructions that guide your essay. When you are required to comment on an issue, you should know that description is not enough. Where you are required to do an analysis, utilize the right tools for analysis where required. Do not deviate away from the format required. This should be done at the start of your work to prevent time wastage where you have to reformat your whole work.

Plagiarism is a huge issue that might end upgrading your work below the average requirement. Make sure your work is original. The uniqueness of your anthropology assignment relies greatly on providing citations for academic resources and providing a clear outline of the bibliography section. To ensure that all information that has been sourced has been well cited and are in line with the format guidelines. All sources you use should be credible. Common sources include books, journal articles, and statistical sources. Free encyclopedia articles, Wikipedia, forums, and blogs are some of the sources that cannot be utilized.

It is advisable to use quotes from your sources since they add value and credibility to an argument posed. However, remember that research is the utmost important aspect of writing your paper. The more the presence of unique ideas there is on your work, the greater the authenticity of your work. Do not forget to give your opinion concerning the topic to allow the reader to understand where you stand and the perspective that influences this. Also concerning quotes, make sure you consult the instructor about using them. If no instructions are offered, ensure the amount of both direct and indirect quotes used do not exceed 30% of the total text.

Revision is one of the most vital parts of your anthropology research essay. Revising a paper constitutes of two levels; the surface-level of revision, and the in-depth level of revision. The surface-level revision includes editing and proofreading your work, which corrects grammar and spelling errors, typos and styles used to create your document. The in-depth revision is associated with the arrangement of the text content to meet the requirements of the writing. It is quite unfortunate that most of the student do not take time to do the revision of their work. Ensure that you perform a thorough revision of your anthropology essay at both levels to guarantee success in your work.


Crafting a Successful Anthropology Essay Paper

  • Target audience:

Wouldn’t you find it easier if the work you were handling was the same as that you did in high school, only addressing members of your class and the teacher? When writing an anthropology essay paper, getting good grades might be your ultimate aim. But do not forget that chances are a huge number of people are bound to read your paper in the long run.

You are required to select both the style and vocabulary you will utilize to address your target audience. Addressing different views of people who might read your work, your fellow students will definitely understand your work without any difficulties.


As a method of ensuring your anthropology essay work is perfectly done, you should check on the availability and description of the following areas:

  • A well-written introduction of your paper, which includes the thesis statement and the hook.
  • Works cited
  • Well put evidence of each point, comprised of strong arguments to support your work
  • Explanation of the relevance of your topic
  • A credible explanation of each concept you use that concerns the topic
  • A well-written conclusion which gives firm credibility, relevance, and assurance to your readers

Remember not to overlook an issue that needs to be addressed. This lowers your potential grade.

  • Structuring the Thesis: – The first step involves writing down your outline. This is a very important part as it helps you structure your anthropology essay paper. The thesis statement is the main idea that you are to provide points and argue about in your paper. You might also define it as a focused topic for discussion presented from your perspective. Your thesis statement must be straight forward and brief, and use at most a single sentence to express it despite the length of your anthropology essay paper.
  • Body paragraphs: – the beginning of each body paragraph should start with the topic sentence. When creating your outline, you should write them down as they help create a direction for your argument.
  • The arrangement of your essay paper: – The organization structure of your anthropology essay should provide a logical flow of ideas. Your professor may provide you with a structure to use, or alternatively, you will structure your own. All in all, it is paramount that you have a crated structure to express information regarding your topic of research.
  • Evidence: – Make sure that your thesis and the topic sentences are arranged accordingly, and comply with the relative structure of a reliable outline. To develop the evidence, you need to come up with the right aspects that support your evidence; quotes, specifics, statistics, data, etc.
  • Reliability of your paper: – the paper you craft has to be lucid. There should be no unaddressed parts within your body paragraphs. The topic sentences you structure need to provide a clear point of view, with the arguments made relating to their respective topic sentences.
  • Transitional sentences: – just as topic sentences, they are crucial in the structuring of the anthropology paper you are handling. They are used at the end of paragraphs to connect them and enable a logical flow of ideas.
  • Maintain the logic and uniformity: -the tone and style of your paper need to remain the same from the start to the end of your paper. At times, a switch might be required, but you are encouraged to maintain consistency all through your anthropology essay paper
  • Making conclusions: – a conclusion might occupy the volume of a single paragraph or a whole section. No matter the length, it should begin with you restating your thesis, a summative text comprising of substantial results related to your research, and wrap up your discussion. However, if the discussion needs more explaining by the time you reach this stage; you are required to highlight the perspective of your further research.


Matters of Style

Several critical aspects have to be considered as you write your anthropology essay paper. This includes:

  • The voice: -this classification of the voice signifies if the action is done by a person, or an object expressed by a noun or pronoun in the function of the subject, or if it itself experiences another person’s action.
  • Use of an active voice: -This implies that the subject is the one doing the action. For instance, “Anthropology students increase their knowledge in matters related to the evolution of the society, and the communication styles people use under both social and biological influences.” Even with the use of a reputable grammar checker, you will notice that the use of a passive voice is considered a mistake worth correcting. It is worth mentioning that students are advised against the use of passive voice in this type of paper.
  • Avoid Wordiness: – a passive voice may influence a wordy anthropology essay paper. Clichés and unwarranted constructions also influence the wordiness of your essay. Always remember that the quality of your work matters more than the number of words used to construct it.
  • Other features: – to ensure you come up with a comprehensible piece of work, utilize parallelism and agreement. The agreement involves making the number and character of all the sentence parts harmonized. Parallelism also involves matching where all parts of a list or sentence employ the same grammatical form. Both of these aspects are fundamental in the writing of an anthropology essay which has a major influence of the final grade you are awarded.

Summing up all previously written instructions and tips you will come to conclusion that writing an anthropology essay isn’t an easy task for regular student. So, paper writing service Tutoriage provides any writing help for cheap prices and offers the best writers who will follow all your requirements during whole writing process.

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