No Distraction Homework: Tips on How to Make It Work
March 21, 2019

Like it or not, but homework still makes an inevitable part of school routine and students have to deal with it. Sometimes inspiration comes fast, and it is possible to accomplish tasks relatively easy and without procrastination. But on most days, homework just won’t let you handle it by evading your efforts through numerous distractions and temptations, not to mention fatigue. Is there any medicine against this disease that will end your fighting with parents over homework and will relieve …

No Distraction Homework: Tips on How to Make It Work
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School Cheating: A Cause of Students’ Troubles or Its Consequence?
March 20, 2019

People tend to blame wrongdoers by default, leaving circumstances and motivations aside. Usually, it is a plausible way to evaluate a situation, but sometimes, a second thought is needed, like in case with school cheating. But what is cheating, why does it exist, how does it affect students’ skills and can it be prevented (and should it)? We will try to find answers to these questions in the following article, so read on.     What Is Cheating and Why …

School Cheating: A Cause of Students’ Troubles or Its Consequence?
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Make It Look Harvard: Drafting an Outline in Harvard Format
March 19, 2019

When students depart on their educational journey through college or university, they are most likely to encounter unknown tasks and unfamiliar requirements that make their hands tremble and mind race. Formatting, referencing, analyzing, providing literature review, methodology and discussion, and so on – the list can be expanded as required. But most requirements were not invented to complicate students’ lives. To the contrary, referencing and formatting standards were created to facilitate scholarly work and to standardize it. Thus everyone reading …

Solid Harvard format outline: step by step guide
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Homework Ban: Failure in Class or a Recharge Before Next Day’s School?
March 18, 2019

Disputes about homework and its amount will probably exist as long as education itself. Students oppose it, teachers and some parents enforce it, and some parents begin to doubt the practice and ask questions about how exactly this additional workload is going to help their children to be curious thinkers if all kids want to do every day is to get a bit more sleep.   This gloomy picture made us come up with two issues up front: first, we …

Homework Ban Failure in Class or a Recharge Before Next Day’s School
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Helpful Tips on Writing a College Application Essay
March 15, 2019

One of the most important college assignments is the college application essay. And this type of essays is absolutely different from all those you used to write throughout high school. It is not like a persuasive or argumentative essay, a college application essay allows you to be more creative and show yourself through writing. In this case, you will have to create not just a good essay but a really excellent one. But don’t be scared at once, everything is …

College Application Essay
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How to Write the Best Thematic Essay
March 14, 2019

Sometimes, students are scared when being assigned a thematic essay. But don’t worry; we are sure you’ve written tons of thematic essays already, they just were called differently, for example, analytical or research essay. However, a thematic essay is not the same as those ones, but sometimes professors do not give exact writing instructions.     A thematic essay is an essay discussing a phenomenon, concept, or theme. Here you should use all the skills you mastered when writing previous …

Thematic Essay
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Learning to Paraphrase: A Step-By-Step Guide
March 13, 2019

Paraphrasing is often not taken seriously both by students and teachers, while students think it is the easiest task ever, and teachers, in turn, assume that every student knows well how to do it. There is a good reason for the professors to think so. In our daily speech, each of us paraphrases several times a day, for example, various morning or talk show conversations or phrases, friends, parents, blogs, etc. We all live and communicate. Every day we render …

Paraphrase Correctly
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Counter Argument Writing Tips
March 12, 2019

One of the best assignments in your students’ time is writing a counter-argument. Why you may ask? Such a task will make any student not only improve his writing skills but also his thinking. This skill will remain with you all during your life and will be very helpful for your future career. This type of assignment will help make your own arguments even stronger. You will be able to participate in any argument and prove your point of view. …

Counter Argument Guide
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Exemplification Essay Writing Tips: Full Guide
March 11, 2019

An exemplification essay is one of the favorite professors’ tasks and sometimes students are really terrified with that assignment. And the reason for that is that professors really enjoy testing your knowledge. In fact, that type of writing isn’t that complicated as it may seem, though one of the rarest and most specific. It’s fair to say that it is a more accurate argumentative essay.     More About an Exemplification Essay   The definition of an exemplification essay is …

What Is an Exemplification Essay
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How To Choose The Right Supervisor And To Work With Your Tutor Right?
March 8, 2019

When you start working with your supervisor on your dissertation, you may expect that this will be the same student-tutor type of relationship. This is the one that you got used to and you most likely feel comfortable with. But you need to understand that working on a dissertation required more than that. We will disclose in this article that you need to pay attention to the interpersonal skills as well. Your collaboration will require mutual understanding and clarity in …

How to make your work with a supervisor effective
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