Extemporaneous Speech Topics: Persuade Your Audience

An extemporaneous speech is a special type of communication that is aimed at persuading or informing the audience. The speech must reveal a topic profoundly. Thus, it is usually based on research, numerous analyses, strong arguments, and supporting evidence. The speaking is based on the discovery of important issues. Most of the speakers prepare a 5-paragraph essay when dealing with a topic revelation. Often, the topic of a speech is assigned by a tutor. This speech’s theme is relevant to a certain assignment’s main question. The extemporaneous speech reveals the exact assignment’s question in order to assure an excellent presentation.

When you need to prepare a perfect extemporaneous speech, selecting a good topic is crucial. It must be a simple and clear topic. No need to start performing a paper with a difficult subject matter. It will only decrease the time needed for proper speech preparation. Make sure to select a concise topic for your speech. Moreover, it is good speaking without any notes. In fact, this is a kind of spontaneous communication thus it should be confident and fast.

Main Types of Extemporaneous Speeches

There are three main types of extemporaneous speeches. Mostly, every type of extemporaneous speech has its own purpose, the way of conducting, and the requested materials.

  • High School and College Tasks – When you need to prepare a certain high school or college task, the topic of your speech research on the main question of your task. You can select a certain type of talking. It can be an informative, analytical, international, economical or domestic questions related topic. Your speech topic must answer the analyzed question exactly. This is the main rule of extemporaneous speaking.
  • Tournaments – The extemporaneous speech can be held in the form of tournaments. The speakers get the questions and answer them. The most successful participants never use cards. They can use only keywords.
  • Business Presentations – When you give a presentation in business, this type of speech is preferred. It is quite a difficult format for presentation.

You should pay attention to the type of question you answer in your extemporaneous speech. Be ready to answer it precisely. Focus on strong arguments, supporting evidence, statistics, and research results. It is a type of spontaneous communication. Still, it requires good preparation. Once you conduct profound research in advance, it gets easier to present a discovered topic to your audience.

Extemporaneous Speech: Useful Guide for Writers

When you need to prepare an extemporaneous speech, be very attentive. There are some useful guides and tips for writers. These useful guidelines can help students to complete excellent speeches and answer the main task’s questions. The process of preparation can be quite challenging and contain a few important steps.

Step 1 – Analyze the extemporaneous question

Your speech can be built on the analysis of questions of fact, value, or policy. You need to pay enough time to write an original and quite persuasive speech. You should conduct profound research on the topic. Since your speech must contain numerous details, facts, and statistics, be careful with the materials used. You must organize your speech properly. Always focus on the most important facts. Make sure to sound confident and knowledgeable.

Step 2 – Learn whether your speech is informative or persuasive

You should define the purpose of your speech. Certainly, you choose for yourself whether to write an informative or persuasive speech. It depends on your topic. It is a good practice to check what questions your topic answers. You should pay attention to the structure of your extemporaneous speeches depending on its purpose and style of communication.

Step 3 – Focus on your main subject

You should never change your ideas. The entire speech must be well-organized and structured properly. Use an outline as the writing plan. Write down all the needed information, data, and facts that will allow you proving your main arguments and relevant evidence successfully.

The Top 30 Extemporaneous Speech Topics

Preparing great extemporaneous speech topics can be difficult. You should be well-aware of the subject and its main points. It is important to figure out first whether your speech will be informative or persuasive. If you want to deal successfully with the topic, analyze it properly. You need to be ready for a spontaneous discussion. Conduct prior research in search of the latest and relevant sources and materials on the analyzed topic. It will help you to perform a great speech.

  1. Why should we celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
  2. Why do I like to play football?
  3. Should we keep testing on animals?
  4. How to become a millionaire with no funds?
  5. Should we eat bread every day?
  6. Why Marvel movies get so much money?
  7. Where to go for a summer vacation?
  8. Choose among PlayStation or X-Box
  9. Who is the best musician ever?
  10. The TV show that must be banned
  11. Social media to avoid using and why
  12. How to save a green planet?
  13. Do we limit gays rights in society?
  14. Why lower the voting age?
  15. The overpopulation of the planet and its consequences
  16. Reason of Facebook’s boycott by famous people
  17. Censorship in the modern informational era
  18. Cyberbullying and the ways to prevent it
  19. Reasons to provide doctor care of illegal immigrants
  20. The danger of internet crimes and online piracy
  21. The proper time and reasons to increase taxes
  22. The minimization of time spent on homework at school
  23. The reasons for fingerprinting in the working place
  24. The reasons to change the age for driving license
  25. The reasons to pay attention to the water supply problem
  26. The benefits of freelance work and self-education
  27. The reasons to declare hunting illegal
  28. Your favorite holiday and family tradition
  29. Why try reaching a world peace
  30. The perfect president for your country

You free to use any of the provided extemporaneous speech topics or come up with your own ideas. Just make the topic interesting and engaging. Your audience must be fascinated by the topic you discover and the way you reveal your information.

Informative and Persuasive Extemporaneous Speeches

Extemporaneous speech can be aimed at informing or persuading the listeners. Informative speech greatly differs from a persuasive one. It is mostly caused by the way the information to be revealed. In an informative type of extemporaneous speech, a speaker discovers a definite topic. Persuasive speeches require numerous facts, statistics, important details, and evidence to persuade the audience to share your point of view. It must be a very captivating and convincing discourse. You can use the numerous examples of extemporaneous speech topics as the basis for your own theme.

Extemporaneous speech requires all the standard elements of a good speech. It includes an attention-grabbing introduction, strong arguments, numerous figures, important statistics, interesting facts, and supporting evidence. Still, it cannot be a simple declaration of facts. You should make the audience share the same point of view you have if you provide a persuasive speech. You must inform your listeners if your speech is strictly informative. Make sure to keep an eye on the content of your speech, its proper order, and key points. Also, pay attention to your personal gestures, since they also affect the way your audience appreciates your information.

Guides on Writing a Great Extemporaneous Speech

Writing a great extemporaneous speech can be quite difficult. Still, you can prepare an excellent speech once paying attention to the next aspects. Remember, it must be a well-structured message. There is no need to memorize the entire speech by heart. You must remember its main points and key ideas. At the same time, pay enough attention to the preparation stage. It is very important to conduct deep research and check every available material on the investigated topic. You should search for the latest sources and materials. Use an outline as an effective writing plan of your talking. Since you should include all the needed elements in your story, an outline will be very useful.

Your unique writing style can be very beneficial. Personality matters when you need to impress your audience. A good speech always has the main points delineated. Always focus on the most important ideas. Keep describing and explaining these ideas through an entire speech. Maintain contact with your spectators when revealing your speech. It helps to make your dialog persuasive. Try to pay your attention to the structure of your scripted speech. It must be logical and well-structured. The proper order of your presentation and properly outlined facts in your speech matter.

Be ready to check the structure and format of your speech before practicing it. Always select an appealing and attention-grabbing topic. Make sure to conduct deep research and check every available material on the subject. You should prefer up-to-date relevant sources. It will allow you developing a strong thesis statement, come up with proper arguments, and supporting relevant evidence.

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