The Full List of Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

Researches in the criminal justice system are essential for society. With the help of statistics, data, and other important information the law enforcement can guarantee a high level of justice and safety for law-abiding citizens. That’s why all researches in this field will be useful for both average people and employees of the justice system.

What Is a Research Paper in Criminal Justice?

This is the traditional research that scopes the topics of justice and crimes. It aims to reveal important tendencies, methods, and reasons to understand the current situation in society. Also, such a job can help to reduce the level of crimes and improve the punishment system.

We can compare the meaning of research papers in this field with the meaning of justice. It is said this science aims to study, analyze, and prevent the breaking the laws. No matter what we talk about theoretical rules or real case studies: the results of your research will be valuable for people.

If you study at college or university you are required to prepare different types of academic papers including comprehensive research. Experience in other areas will be very useful but it’s better to find out more about criminal justice before starting your task. First of all, start with the topic selection.

It is very important to be good at the topic selection. The list of potential subjects below will make your task easier but you need to understand the relevance of each option.

How to Pick Up a Perfect Topic for Criminal Justice Research

Thanks to the particularities of criminology, all subjects in this field are very flexible and valuable. You can research everything from the justice of punishment to particular crime cases. So, criminal justice is a very wide area for scientists to research.

Brainstorming is the most efficient method to collect the library of great topics for current and further researches in criminal justice. Here are special questions that will help you to brainstorm:

  • is this topic good and relevant enough;
  • why this topic bothers people;
  • how this subject can help society to improve relationships between people;
  • what kind of criminal justice research you can make;
  • is this topic unique and valuable, etc.

Usually, students do not worry about the paper structure and pay more attention to the content. The author takes care of the quality of primary and secondary sources, analyzes cases, make conclusions. So, you shouldn’t use all your strength on the selection of the topic. Just pick one from this list and start your writing job.

You can also read interesting cases and use them in your researches. Such empirical material will increase the practical value of your research paper.

But the best option is to pick one topic you like the most from the list created by experts in this field. Here is this comprehensive list specifically for you.

Basic topics to make research on criminal justice

  1. What are the main weaknesses of the current prison system?
  2. How to prevent crimes?
  3. What are the top motives for kidnapping?
  4. How social media and mass media influence crimes?
  5. Should justice punish corruption criminals more severely?
  6. How to solve violence in prisons?
  7. Why capital punishment is more spread among men than among women?
  8. What are the meaning and aims of forensic science?
  9. What does strain theory mean?
  10. Is aggressive behavior a sign the person will cause a crime someday?

Controversial topics in criminal justice

  1. Do criminals face racism in the modern justice system?
  2. Which strategy is better for people: a punishment or reform?
  3. Are boot camps efficient for young people or they should go to standard prisons?
  4. Can gun control change the level of criminals and help to avoid murders?
  5. Can we consider pornography to be violence?
  6. Is it possible to protect yourself from a false accusation in a crime?
  7. Are parents of criminals responsible for their crimes?
  8. Is it ethical to check employees’ criminal backgrounds before hiring them?
  9. Can we consider the restorative model of justice to be the most efficient nowadays?
  10. Is it ethical to legalize prostitution?

Criminal justice topics to provoke debates

  1. Should we accept the death penalty as the supreme penalty?
  2. Why extradition laws exist in several countries and do not exist in others?
  3. Is it acceptable to cooperate with prisoners to detect crimes?
  4. Can social shaming help in punishing a criminal and improve his personality?
  5. Is it fair to send criminals to supermax prisons or such establishments are too cruel?
  6. Will marijuana legalization cause more criminals?
  7. Is it fair for young criminals to deviate from the punishment?
  8. Should drunk drivers carry stronger responsibility for their crimes?
  9. What is zero tolerance and how it can reduce crimes?
  10. Will prostitution legalization cause more criminals?

Thesis topics in criminal justice

  1. Is the current judicial system efficient? Could it be improved with some reforms?
  2. Why do private companies exist in the current justice system?
  3. Is it fair to register sexual abusers in special public records?
  4. How to reduce the impact of the Mexican drug war on the USA justice system?
  5. Why so many people were falsely accused of crimes they hadn’t committed?
  6. Do criminals deserve their rights to be obligated even in prisons?
  7. What are the best strategies to prevent crimes?
  8. How would the justice system change if the drugs could be legalized?
  9. What are the main steps to improve the current justice system?
  10. What are the main reasons former criminals commit crimes again?

General topics for criminal justice researches

  1. Are parents responsible for their children’s crimes?
  2. How to make the current justice system better in the nearest future?
  3. What are the main particularities of New York criminal justice laws?
  4. Is it possible to reduce the number of economic crimes with more strict laws?
  5. What are the main advantages of the gun control system?
  6. How detention criminal process of kids differs from the same process with adults?
  7. Should organized crimes be punished more severely?
  8. Why do single crimes allow minimizing the punishment for a criminal?
  9. How to reduce the crime figure among young people?
  10. How to reduce the abuse of police authority?

Topics about discrimination in criminal justice

  1. Is racial prejudice still happen in American prisons?
  2. How slavery history impact on criminal justice?
  3. Who are the most famous criminals with African roots in the USA?
  4. Should immigrants be deported to their countries and be sentenced there?
  5. Is it ethical for the American justice system to judge immigrants?
  6. How gender influences the punishment of a criminal?
  7. Is rap music considered to be a feature of criminals?
  8. Is there any place for religious discrimination in American prisons?
  9. Does the number of immigrants increase the crime rate?
  10. Are there any signs of discrimination in the negotiation process?

Research topics in criminology

  1. What are the most efficient methods of cyber criminology?
  2. How to minimize drunk driving with social ads?
  3. Why crimes in the army happen?
  4. How social media help to identify criminals?
  5. How to help witness avoid danger because of the depositions?
  6. Why people demonstrate aggression to homeless people?
  7. Does unemployment increase the crime rate?
  8. How modern technologies help to identify criminals?
  9. How society and government can help victims to come back to normal life?
  10. Is it rational to make news reports on TV during a criminal investigation?

Research topics in the criminal justice system

  1. How to help police officers to reduce stress and professional deformation?
  2. Is it ethical to record the suspected people during interrogation without their will?
  3. What does transitional justice mean?
  4. How child protective services could help to prevent crimes?
  5. What are the basic principles of prison labor ethics?
  6. Can reform be more efficient than traditional punishment?
  7. How to avoid power abuse in the modern justice system?
  8. What are the main disadvantages of parole?
  9. How to punish underage girls and boys?
  10. What are the main particularities of white-collar crimes in the USA?

Research topics in international crimes

  1. What are the main particularities of the international crime investigation?
  2. How international criminal tribunal holds justice?
  3. What is a famous example of plea bargaining?
  4. What feminists think about the role of gender in international crime investigation?
  5. How to deal with international cybercrimes?
  6. What are the main reasons for child soldiers to be recruited in Africa?
  7. How to investigate sexual crimes committed by immigrants?
  8. Should immigrants have more rights during the interrogation process?
  9. What is the human rights situation in Asian countries?
  10. How to prevent human rights violations during international crime investigation?

These topics will suit any academic level of students. Such options are unique and exciting so will help the scientists to reveal important findings. Use this list of the best topics for criminal justice system analysis and find relevant assistant here!

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