The Greatest Marketing Research Proposal Topics for Researches

If you are a student who is looking for a research topic in marketing you have a large variety of choices. At the same time, it is not easy to find a really spectacular and unique subject for investigation. Lucky you, here is the full guide about writing marketing research papers with the list of awesome topics for any marketing field.

How to Choose the Best Topic for Research in Marketing

Though there are a lot of options for your future research, you need to follow a cold mind before making a final choice. The point is all these subjects are new, exciting, and useful but not every idea will suit your intentions. For example, you must pick up a topic with the relevant issues and according to the previous researches in this field.

If you are free to choose the marketing research topic by yourself, then make it right. Pick up a subject you are interested in, make sure it is approved by your professor and have perspectives for the future investigation. Such an approach will guarantee your research results will make sense for you and the scientific community.

The following list of the best marketing research topics will make your task much easier. So pick up the one and start your hard work. Don’t forget to use professional tips in writing and expert assistance, if you require additional benefits.

Marketing research topics in management

  1. What are new digital marketing tools that are highly efficient for companies in the B2B area?
  2. What is the role of the e-shopping cart in online sales?
  3. What is the role of China in the world of online shopping?
  4. Why Starbucks has become a phenomenon in online marketing?
  5. Can you tell the story of success? For example, Henry Ford and his inventions
  6. What does the concept ‘theory of things’ mean?
  7. Why automated service interactions can bring more customers’ attention?
  8. How to influence marketing with celebrities influences the ROI of brands?
  9. How to improve the customer experience with augmented reality?
  10. What does the return of investment (ROI) in management means? Why this index is considered to be essential for modern companies?

Marketing research topics in customer behavior

  1. How the online chat on the website helps to encourage customers to spend more money?
  2. How e-mails impact on potential customers’ purchase decisions?
  3. Do modern information technologies help customers to make a choice or allow brands to manipulate their behavior?
  4. What is impulsive buying and how companies make customers behave this way?
  5. Can the e-CRM system improve relationships between brand and customer?
  6. What is sensory marketing and how such a tool influences potential customers’ behavior?
  7. How to use social media to impact on customers’ purchasing behavior?
  8. Do rewards help to encourage customers to buy more things?
  9. How gift-cards and promo-codes increase the sales level?
  10. What is the best communication strategy to target young people?

Marketing research topics in financial management

  1. What is the capital structure and how in influences on the company development?
  2. What are the most popular areas in business among investors?
  3. How investment banking impacts the company’s performance on the market?
  4. What are the basic principles of investment banking in the European Union?
  5. Can foreign investments be as good and perspective as local partners?
  6. Which indexes make the Asian market to be popular among foreign investors?
  7. What are the main issues of financial groups in emerging economic systems?
  8. Can multinational trade contracts make a serious influence on business relationship development?
  9. What is the most stable cryptocurrency nowadays?
  10. How the fact of Great Britain withdrawal from the European Union can cause new economic challenges in Europe?

Marketing research topics in human resources management

  1. How to increase creativity among employees? Is it better to work on this skill since childhood?
  2. Does the future of a start-up depend on the gender of its CEO?
  3. What is corporate social responsibility and how it influences business development?
  4. Can a company be successful without the great leadership skills of the team manager?
  5. How does organizational culture help to encourage employees to do their job better?
  6. How social media can help an HR specialist to find new candidates for a vacant position?
  7. What are the top factors that make an employee leave his job?
  8. How personal appraisal and small gifts help employers to build better relationships with employees?
  9. How to increase employees’ motivation without financial treatment?
  10. What is the role of corporate parties in a company’s culture development?

Marketing research topics in supply management

  1. What are the best strategies to minimize risks in logistics management?
  2. What are the main challenges in the supply chain field?
  3. What is quality management and what roles it has? For instance, in engineering companies
  4. How to increase the profit of retail outlets with just-in-time tools?
  5. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing logistics carriers?
  6. How relevant enterprise resource planning can bring companies more profits?
  7. How inventory management system depends on new technologies?
  8. What is the way the information and communication technologies impact on supply chain management?
  9. Why the total quality management is considered to be a great benefit for brands?
  10. How to reduce the logistics risks with own carrier?

General marketing topics

  1. How customers’ interests can change brand positioning?
  2. What are the main reasons for impulsive purchases?
  3. How to test customer interaction?
  4. What are the current trends in internet marketing?
  5. What are the benefits of green marketing?
  6. What is brand awareness and how to increase it?
  7. How to use AB testing in social media?
  8. What is the role of consumer perception?
  9. How to increase the customers’ loyalty with a new website?
  10. How to promote a lux marketing project?

How to Prepare Good Research in Marketing

First of all, you need to understand this discipline. Marketing is a science that is concerned about the tools and methods of how to sell goods and services to the target audience. It uses different sales models to create a physical or moral value of the product in the potential customers’ minds. That’s why it is an art to sell things to people that are really interested in purchase.

That’s why when you submit the topic for your research in marketing, you have already started the job on your task. Remember that your subject is not only a title for paper but also a major idea of your research. Though there are many options you need the most relevant, exciting, and useful for your current educational program. Here are the biggest marketing steps and fields you can research in the nearest future.


Branding or brand positioning is a field that explains how to develop a company’s name on the market and increase its popularity among potential customers. All start-ups must choose the relevant positioning method before they keep going to promote the company on the market.

Working on value

This field of marketing is focused on developing the interests of the target audience to the company and its products. Modern marketing doesn’t try to sell any goods to any people. Vise versa, marketers want to create the value of their products which will attract buyers. As a result, there is no need to advertise products and services in a traditional way because customers will also be interested in qualitative and useful things.


Market segmentation is a tool that allows finding real people who may be your potential customers. Such an approach allows paying attention to users with high intentions to make purchases. Also, it helps to determine the group of people who wouldn’t be interested in your proposal. So there is no need to spend the time treating them. That’s why company marketers will avoid wasting time and money on developing audiences which are not relevant.

Marketing strategies

This is the general point of view for developing the target audience’s interests and implementing efficient marketing plans. The marketing strategy field is considered to be one of the biggest for holding researches. You can pick up any topic about marketing strategies, such as paid advertising, relationship marketing, cause marketing, etc.

Marketing plan

The marketing plan is a document that includes all theoretical and practical intentions of the company. It consists of strategy, target audience analysis, the most relevant marketing tools, and so on. Marketers create plans for short-term and long-term purposes.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing means advertising the company in social media, in corporate and personal blogs, newsletters, etc. Its great advantage is no need to invest huge budget and wide media outreach. At the same time, you can target all potential customers and engage them as well.

Outbound marketing

Outbound marketing scopes tools controversial to inbound marketing. Among them are TV ads, telemarketing, calls, ads in newspapers and journals, etc. Though e-commerce becomes bigger every year, outbound marketing still means a lot for several business brunches.

So, you are lucky to have so many topics for your marketing research. With good writing and analytical skills, you will prepare awesome paper and get a high grade!

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