The Full List of Scientific Research Topics

Scientific research could be hard and easy at the same time. Everything depends on your topic and subject. So, if you are free in this question you should choose a topic with double attention.

How to Make a Scientific Research

Scientific papers are one of the most important and exciting types of researches. Both students and professors like to work on a new project. It means something new for humanity that shows how much we have evaluated. For example, years ago people couldn’t imagine an opportunity to print human organs on 3D printers and use them as transplants. But thanks to scientific researches this technology has become real.

Of course, not every research brings so much fame to scientists but most of them are important. That’s why colleges and universities encourage students to be more active in this field. If you have got a task to prepare own research, the following topics will be very useful. Here is the least of new and existing subjects to help you be successful with such a task.

Research topics in biology

  1. Does the idea of eating more meat and keeping the paleo diet really relevant to the food system of ancient people? Should we consider this diet to be perfect for people’s nutrition?
  2. What is the power of molecular biological researches? Can the rare genetic disease investigation help humanity to find cures for serious diseases?
  3. What does a behavioral epigenetics mean? Is it possible that traumatic experience in life, for instance, wars, revolutions, etc., of previous generations can change the DNA of the next one?
  4. What is stem cell treatment? Is it really so efficient and comprehensive?
  5. Will genetics help scientists to find a cure to make people forever young? Is it possible and desirable for people?
  6. Why people in Japan and South Korea live much longer than people in other countries? What are the main tips everyone should use in everyday lifestyle?
  7. Do people need to change their habits to improve own health? Or the ecological situation harm our condition the most?
  8. Why European countries are against genetically modified products? Is this decision held because of health care or economic factors?
  9. Why women live longer than men? How science and scientists can help people to improve the length and quality of their life?
  10. Is it possible to have a normal lifestyle with AIDS nowadays?

Research topics in astronomy

  1. How long does our universe exist?
  2. Why solar system researchers insist this field is so important for people?
  3. What is Big Bang and why scientists pay so much attention to this question?
  4. What is the role of meteorites for our universe investigation?
  5. How to prove the life existence on other planets? For example, on Mars.
  6. Is Pluto a planet or not? Explain why.
  7. Is it possible for people to live on another planet? For example, on Venus.
  8. Can we hold flights to other planets in the future the same way as we fly to other countries?
  9. How commercial space flights will influence on the universe exploration?
  10. Why there are so many junks in space and how to solve this problem?

Research topics in chemistry

  1. What are the most popular careers in chemistry nowadays?
  2. How chemicals can cause allergies and how these materials can help to defeat such problems with health?
  3. Is it possible to create environmentally-friendly materials, for instance, plastic?
  4. What is the role of sugar in the chemical industry?
  5. What are the most spectacular new researches in medical chemistry?
  6. What is the role of metal oxides in cell phone improvement?
  7. How does the process of forming clouds work?
  8. What are the most important experiments to make plastic from non-petroleum products?
  9. What does the technology of nuclear fusion mean?
  10. What is the boron nitride and how it could be helpful for people?

Research topics in ecology

  1. How ecotourism can help to increase the population of exotic animals?
  2. What are the reasons for exotic fishes being so colorful?
  3. What are the main problems of hydraulic fracking?
  4. What is a disposable product and how it can harm our ecology?
  5. How to reduce the level of exhaust pollution in big cities?
  6. Is it possible to use Green building as an option to decrease the air pollution?
  7. Do alternative energy companies deserve to get benefits from the government?
  8. What is offshore drilling and is it safe for animals?
  9. How recycling metals can help in saving the planet?
  10. Can humanity face with ecological disasters in the nearest future?

Research topics in agriculture

  1. How to improve the weaknesses of honey bee colonies?
  2. What are the main differences between organic and traditional farming?
  3. Are small farms more ecological and safer than large farms?
  4. How to defeat different types of weeds?
  5. What are the main benefits of a family farm?
  6. What are the main advantages of using native crops?
  7. What are the top reasons to use antibiotics in agriculture and is it possible to avoid them at all?
  8. How to solve the problem of wasting food?
  9. Why people are still starving if agriculture is so developed?
  10. Is it safe to use genetically modified products?

Research topics in computer science

  1. Can robots help medical staff to improve the quality of healthcare?
  2. Should armies use drones for strategic purposes?
  3. What is the power of bitcoin and what future expects it?
  4. Have hacking any positive sides?
  5. Can computer games be helpful for children’s intelligent development?
  6. What is the best way to study computer science?
  7. How to become an application developer?
  8. Is it safe to use apps on smartphones nowadays?
  9. How to protect personal and banking information that is available online?
  10. What is bioinformatics and how it can help humanity in the future?

Research topics in medicine

  1. Do paralyzed people have chances to live a full life in the nearest future?
  2. Is it possible that several types of cancer can be caused by family history and gens?
  3. Is it possible that microwaves from kitchen equipment and cell phones cause cancer?
  4. What is the best diet according to the latest medical researches?
  5. How to treat chronic diseases and never get ill again?
  6. What is the role of bacteria in a human’s body?
  7. Can people live without eating sugar?
  8. How computers can help to discover the human brain?
  9. Is it ethical to hold experiments on people?
  10. Can scientists develop a drug to cure AIDS?

Research topics in psychology

  1. How to avoid mental illness?
  2. How much sleep we should have to stay healthy?
  3. Can mental illness be caused by gens?
  4. Why biochemistry is so important for psychology?
  5. How do our brain works in stressful situations?
  6. What are the differences between short-term and long-term memory?
  7. What is maternal drive and how does it work?
  8. How to reduce panic attacks?
  9. Is bipolar disorder means brain damage?
  10. How psychological therapy can help terminal patients to accept their diagnoses?

Research topics in nanotechnology

  1. What nanotechnologies can help scientists to research a human’s DNA?
  2. Is it possible to increase our life span with nanotechnologies?
  3. What are the latest nanotechnologies in treating cancer patients?
  4. What are the main challenges in using nanomaterial in surgeries?
  5. Will people be able to live in outer space with the help of new technologies?
  6. What are the main benefits of nanomaterials for the building industry?
  7. Can nano-researches help in diagnosing new diseases?
  8. What are the best new technologies to improve the safety of flights?
  9. Do nanotechnologies have risks for humanity and our planet?
  10. Is it possible to clean water and air with the help of new technologies?

Research topics in physics

  1. What are the newest researches about Hadron Collider?
  2. How much it cost to use wind energy at a factory and at home?
  3. What does the photoelectric effect model of Einstein mean?
  4. What are the main differences between parallel and series circuits?
  5. How nuclear fusion investigation can help humanity?
  6. How gravitation influences animals and humans?
  7. What are the benefits of probabilistic quantum cloning?
  8. Why solar energy is so important for our planet?
  9. What does environmental noise mean?
  10. How to discover the real effect of solar power?

If you want to prepare awesome scientific research then do it with full responsibility. Start with selecting a topic that can change our lives. Remember, that your job is important for all humanity. Technological progress isn’t at a stop, so researchers are responsible to create new tools to make our lives better! Use the following topics to hold your research and open something new and spectacular.

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