Want to know how to write an outline for an argumentative essay?
October 15, 2018

An argumentative essay is quite a common task, which is assigned at both high school and college. It aims to show the tutor how students are able to study the topic, gather information, process it and provide strong evidence on a given subject. This task requires lots of energy and time, so we have decided to collect information on the key elements and features, which your argumentative paper outline should possess.   During the working process, you need to study …

how to create argumentative essay outline properly
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How to complete a personal narrative essay
October 14, 2018

In most of the cases, an assignment to write a personal narrative essay is quite challenging and students don’t know where to start. It is quite complicated, because you not only need to reveal your inner self but also remain honest and possess good writing skills. Remember that your narrative essay should always be written in a first person, using the past tense. Make yourself comfortable and continue reading to learn everything about a narrative essay!     Choosing a …

how to write a narrative essay about yourself
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How should a research paper abstract look like
October 13, 2018

Every student gets a bit nervous when hearing about a research paper. It is quite a difficult task, as it is not a personal opinion on a subject and not a simple review of a book or a movie. It is a serious piece of work, which includes research, analysis of multiple sources and providing a personal view on the topic. You should not only provide evidence on a certain topic but also demonstrate your writing skills, vocabulary knowledge and …

abstract research paper
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All you need to know about a movie review
October 12, 2018

We all love watching movies and discussing them with friends, relatives or simply online on social networks and forums. That is why it may seem quite a simple assignment. However, writing a college assignment is a bit different, as you not only have to render the plot but also make a research, analyze events and characters. If you want your review to be interesting and complete, you may require some help.     Goal of a movie review   Many …

how to write movie review
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A complete guide on a persuasive essay
October 11, 2018

You will hardly find a more common task, which is given to students of all academic levels. A persuasive essay is by right called the quintessence of college writing and can become your strength or a terrible headache.   It requires a variety of skills: lexical and grammar knowledge, critical approach, ability to gather and analyze information, and much more! However, don’t think that it is impossible to write an outstanding persuasive essay if you lack some of these skills. …

Persuasive essay writing
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An easy way to write a 500-word essay
August 12, 2018

During student years, we have to face multiple tasks, which differ in complexity, style and guidelines. However, a 500-word essay is probably one of the most common tasks you will ever face, so you need to be ready to complete it not depending on the subject.     Some students call it the simplest assignment, while others consider a punishment. However, we are ready to calm everyone: following a few simple rules, you will easily master this task and will …

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How to complete a 1000-word essay

For some students, the number 1000 may seem quite frightening and impressive, and the assignment of a 1000-word essay can sound impossible to complete. However, we can assure you that there is nothing difficult and you can easily master the task simply by following a few rules.     If you want to know more about such an essay, you should first know how much time you will need. Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear answer, as every topic and …

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Completing an argumentative essay on pros and cons of abortions
August 11, 2018

There are many topics, which stir interest of the public and can rise hot discussions not depending where it takes place: in a class, among friends or during presidential debates. One of them is whether abortion is legal, so many professors decide to assign an argumentative essay on this complex subject. Some people think that abortion may be called a murder and it should be prohibited by all the authorities. On the other hand, some supporters believe that parents have …

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How to complete an accounting assignment

Every year more and more high school graduates decide to choose a financial career, as it is a pace, which can lead to success and prosperity. Almost every college offers students an accounting course and a financial major, so you will definitely face these subjects along the way. However, accounting is quite a complicated subject to master, as it requires not only theoretical skills but also completing a huge amount of accounting documentation and various assignments. If you want to …

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How phone applications help students with studies
August 10, 2018

We are witnessing a huge technological growth, which has completely integrated into our lives. Actually, these changes aim to improve quality of our everyday lives: whether we are at work, at college or spending time at work. For both students and teachers, technology has become an irreplaceable tool. Tutors have a chance to get additional materials online and help students learn as much as possible. Students, in their turn, can also search necessary information, gather and research data from various …

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