Tackle Global Issues with Our Help: Problem Solution Speech Topics

The environmental issues are on the agenda today. However, the social situation, market place, technological progress, as well as the maintenance of peace and respect for each other are of the same importance for us. As you can see, the abundance of issues is impressive, but we should seek permanent solutions. Not only the national community, but students as well have to contribute their fair share to the current situation.

These are students who are the main representatives of the younger generation hoping to change the overall picture of today’s world for the better. However, even with a desire to act not every student knows where to start, but our essay writing company can give you a prompt.

Discussing the issues is the first step towards real actions. Thus, problem-solution speeches seem like a perfect practice for students to become aware of the challenges and ways to deal with them. It works, as preparing for this kind of speech requires a deep understanding of the topic and thorough research of the current processes. Therefore, giving problem solution speech on various challenges can give rise to the answer of the up-to-date questions.

Outline Your Speech

The problem solution speech is a demanding undertaking for the novice, and the reasons for it are quite clear. To perform distinctly the topic and be able to refute the statements, you need to be perfectly equipped with the material. Moreover, the speech should be well-organized to look complete. Thus, you need to device an outline. Usually, it is performed in the form of a plan where each section is articulated in detail.

The First Meeting

The first part is the meeting with the audience. It is a moment of truth when you need to act quickly so the attention of the listeners is under your control. Thus, to start the ball rolling you have to introduce the topic. Speak out the name of the topic, but do not murmur it. Let your voice be convincing, but calm at the same time.

When you are done with the introduction, and the audience is now familiar with the matter of concern, it is time for you to move further.

You cannot limit your introductory part to simply naming the problem. For a better understanding of the subject, you should resort to a deeper explanation. Your readers should understand the importance of a particular topic for the theme and how it can be used in their own life.

Go into More Detail

The next stage is of great importance. Your task is to explain the causes of the notion. Sometimes, these are obvious. However, there are chances that some of the listeners can mi[ the things up, as when it comes to some intricate issue, it is difficult to separate the truth from the fiction. Therefore, it is better to go into detail and shed light on the real causes of the event.

At this stage, don’t forget to mention the effects of the notion. Try to be as illustrative, as possible.

State Your Position

Now, it is time to share your opinion on the topic in the form of a dialogue, It means that you pose a question and give the immediate answer to the audience. It serves as a statement for the speech. Don’t be confused at this point. We will illustrate the situation a bit later.

Be Inventive with Your Arguments

Here we come to the part that usually takes most of the efforts. Here you are to perform your solution to the problem discussed previously. Note that the explication should be a profound one. Thus, you have to resort to the most likely ways of addressing the problem. Be ready to prove that the topic is relevant and the solution is effective.

Frame Your Speech

Now, it is time to summarize all the facts and make your listener think. Draw the conclusion you came up with and present to the audience the possible course of events if the actions are adopted.

To ensure the audience comprehended the sense of urgency, suggest the practical steps each of the listeners can make towards the solution of the problem.

Ways to Tackle Divergent Issues

The situations are different, thus the ways to solve them differ as well.

  1. If you want to share your opinion on the social issue, this method is a must. It will surely work if the situation is urgent, and your task is to reaffirm the listeners that your solution is the most appropriate. To sound convincing, introduce the background information and shed light on the current drawbacks. Your speech has to be backed up with possible variants to find a way out. Remember to provide the audience only with the relevant information, so that they believe you.
  2. You can easily resort to this method when there is a need to describe the root of the problem. The causes should be thoroughly researched and the solutions presented.
  3. Here you are more focused on the aftermaths current situation caused, or how it influenced the surrounding milieu. The clear cause-effect relationship must be established and explained if it is needed.

Opt for the Best Topic for a Problem Solution Speech

The question “How to choose the right topic for a speech” is no more a difficult one. When you come to this stage of speech preparation, you simply need to think about your own life. Remember the situations that drew your attention recently or triggered your thought. It can be connected with the environmental issues in your own region or problems with the families. Create the topic using your own background. Thus, it will be easier for you to find illustrative arguments and the ways to solve the issue.

If you still don’t have a topic but have a desire to share your opinion on something, feel free to consult our list of illustrative problem solution speech topics.


  • The outskirts of the city: how can we reduce the rate of home invasion burglaries?
  • The police permissiveness and ways to stop it.
  • Gun permits: how can we ensure the safety in the city?
  • Extreme rise of domestic violence in the families: how can we cope with it?
  • Dangerous drivers: are there ways to stop people to drive when drunk?

Life in the College

  • The dormitory issue: what should we do if the roommate is unpleasant for us?
  • Homesickness is a common issue for the newcomers and we need to make students assimilate into adulthood.
  • College is not merely the studying process: ways to strike a balance between classes and extracurricular activities.
  • Money issue: where can young and inexperienced students get some money for a living?
  • Extra money is always a good idea: how to encourage students to work for a grant?


  • Unemployment is soaring, and the government needs to ring a bell right now.
  • The labor of children must be forbidden and penalized.
  • What measures should we take so that the economy flourishes?
  • The consumer takes credits to pay for the products and services: how can we discourage them from this activity?


  • The bullying has become even worse: how can teachers deal with it during class time?
  • Deviation from the educational curriculum: how should teachers alternate the activities to teach their students real-life lessons?
  •  Why do we need sex education in schools and how can this subject matter be implemented smoothly into the curriculum?
  • New and amusing ways to teach students hard science.
  • Corruption in educational institutions: how can we obstruct it?


  • The use of plastic in everyday life kills our planet: how can we reduce the exploitation of plastic in the home?
  • The cost of the alternative energy is huge: what do we need to make it more affordable for the common people?
  • Soil degradation continues at incredible speed: how to prevent our planet from losing its richness?
  • The endangered species are close to becoming extinct and we have to act quickly to save them.


  • Ways to encourage people to opt for healthy food choices.
  • Malpractice in medicine can claim your life: how can we reduce the frequency of medical mistakes?
  • How can we prevent the patients from self-administering the drugs without a doctor’s prescription?
  • How can we effectively substitute the old equipment for a new one in the hospitals?

Here you are with great examples of the problem solution speech topics and an outline to structure your speech. Now, it is time to benefit from it.

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