Resume Objectives Writing Guide

Writing a resume is not an easy task especially when you have never done it before. Your potential employer has to clearly understand and evaluate your skills and it is impossible to let him do it without having certain experience in resume writing.

But resume objectives are a great option for explaining why you would be a perfect person for a certain position even if you have no related experience. You should write such objectives at the very beginning of your resume and this is the first thing your possible employer will read.

If you write everything properly, you get can your dream job. So learn how to evaluate your skills and write about your positive qualities properly in the following guide written by Tutoriage experts.

Resume Objective Statement

The resume objective should contain a couple of sentences that would describe your aims for being employed. You should place it below your name right at the top of your resume. A definite career objective will make you stand out from the crowd.

There are always people who may have better skills or experience than you but your resume has to show you are special and outstanding. So if you want to seem perfect for the job, your resume objective statement has to be very well-written.

Here are some criteria you should pay attention to when writing your resume objective statement.

In compliance with the company’s objectives

You should never forget about the job you are applying to when writing your resume objective statement. Don’t forget to mention the career you are looking for and the information about your skills, experience, and qualification. You should show why you are the best candidate for that position.

Stating your achievements and goals (something you want to achieve in your new position) would be great, too. Your chances will be much higher if the goals you want to achieve will coincide with the goals of the company you work to work in.

Show what you can offer

The company should know not only about your goals in their company but what you can contribute to it and why you can be helpful. If you can help the company grow, you will be welcomed to their team.

Your skills and knowledge, goals and achievements should be helpful for reaching the company’s goals. Instead of letting them know what you expect from them, better tell them what you can give them.

How to Write a Good Resume Objective

Your first task would be reading the job description, even several times if necessary. Realize what are the expectations and requirements of the employer and tailor your resume objective to the specific position. Your skills should be related to the traits the company is looking for.

But you should avoid copying the job description but explain your positive qualities with the help of other words. For example, if the job description says they are looking for a secretary with “the knowledge of foreign languages”, you can write that you are “proficient in German and Spanish”, etc.

Education and experience

This is something you should start your resume objective with. Make a short introduction telling who you are and what your reasons for applying for that position are. You can start with your experience or major in school, for example.

Job title and positive traits

You have to write about a positive trait you will use for doing the job you apply to. That characteristic should be related to the job listing. Then you should cite the job title. State why you stand out from others and are perfect for that job. Don’t forget to mention the duties you will have to do if you get the job.

Start this part with something like, “Looking for applying my organizational and PR skills to become a PR manager for your company”.

State your value at the end

Your resume objective should end with the reasons for being valuable for your employer. Here you should write down the keywords from the job listing and emphasize how your knowledge and qualification fit the position.

Such keywords may be reliable, hardworking, responsible, self-disciplined, etc.

Skills acquired in school

Have no working experience? No problem, you can write about your experience and the skills you gained in school. They can be also related to your job. Think of such knowledge and skills relating to the job you are applying to and write them in your resume.

You can say something like, “quick learner, disciplined, goal-oriented” if you are an excellent student. If you were a great athlete in school, you can write that you are “driven, strategic, team player”, etc.

Keep it short

Yes, you should state all your skills and experience relating to the required position but make sure not to make it too long. No one will investigate your resume in detail due to a lack of time. So if your resume has strong objectives, you have really high chances of being chosen for the position.


As it was mentioned above, make sure to make your resume objectives short and precise. Long resume objectives are not useful. So make sure to write up to three sentences only. Here are other criteria to pay attention to:

  • Be specific. Your resume objectives should be brief and relate to the position you are applying to. Don’t use any extra words that cannot explain your skills specifically. Also, avoid using general words that can describe any job. Think well whether the things you wrote apply to you and your personality, as well as whether they can be helpful for your future position;
  • Write not what you expect from that position but why you are good for that job. An employer is not interested in what you are going to get from the job they offered; they want to know why you are a good candidate for that job. So show them why they should hire you. Avoid using descriptions of your career goals and benefits from the job.
  • Have different resume objectives for different jobs. In case you apply for different positions, make sure to write different resume objections. Every position has a specific job description, so your objectives should be specific as well.

When an Objective Is Necessary

You may need writing a resume objective if you change your job or career. Once you want to change your career, your resume may not fit your new position already. If that is the case, explain why your skills and experience can be helpful for your new job and what positive qualities you can use for working in a new company.

If you have no experience, resume objectives will help you tell why your school experience can be useful for that position. You definitely have some positive traits which would be good for your new job. And if you want to get a particular position, you should write your resume objective. This way, you can show the company your unique experience or skills.

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