Best Motivational Speech Topics

People are used to following leaders. It appears in each and every area of our life. Tutoriage writing company can see numbers of people listen to a single person in school, college or university. Then, the tendency can be found in the workplace or somewhere else in the social milieu. However, having a convincing idea cannot promote the desired success. Chances are that the attempt to make others heed your words will end in collapse if you are not convincing enough or fail to convey the key message to the audience.

The ability to be a credible and sounding performer is a substantial skill, especially for students. The education process in the college or the university is a time of opportunity for all. It means you can present any idea you have entertained for a long time and make your voice heard. It means that employers can notice you and offer a demanding job you have long dreamt of. However, if you lack the experience of giving a speech or public speaking in general, you are more likely to pass up a chance and kick yourself because of it.

Thus, not to regret the missed opportunity, start developing your skills in a public speech to motivate others to follow your voice.

How You Benefit from Being Convincing

The importance of motivational speech is sometimes underestimated. With a convincing word, one can guide thousands of human minds in the right direction. When the message is conveyed properly, it makes people resort to thought-provoking processes. The audience then starts thinking over the issue and releasing the ideas to back up the speaker’s opinion.

It can be used when you deliver the message to your classmates or the executive board in the workplace. Moreover, with good skills in convincing others, you can help them reach a consensus regarding a particular issue or sort the things out with the help of persuasive arguments. If we think beyond this, a good motivational speech can even assist in establishing peace.

Thus, the conclusion to draw is that knowing the subject is not enough, but possessing the ability to convince others can drastically change not merely your life scenery, but the overall picture of the world in general.

Structure Your Speech and Achieve Better Results

The topics for this kind of speech can differ tremendously. They can touch upon various subjects and raise absolutely contrasting questions. However, the structure of the speech remains the same. It follows the general pattern applicable to any matter of concern.


When you first meet your audience, you have to do your best to capture their attention. It goes without saying that we now discuss only the appropriate methods and ways for highlighting the issues. There are two main directions you can to go to.

Shock your audience. The statement should trigger the attention, but check if it is not a hype and you do not put the emphasis on the issue by any means. Let the information remain exciting and somewhat intriguing, but still credible and truthful. It is the manner that should be provocative, but not the key message.

The second choice consists in rendering the information extremely relevant to the target audience you speak with. The listeners should eagerly respond to the current topic as if it is their chief matter of concern.

Main Part

When the message was pointed out and the attention of the audience won, you need to proceed with a set of persuasive evidence to back up your words or a particular position. Try to give priority to the illustrative examples so that the listeners consider your speech credible. Resort to statistics, because the figures are what makes you look confidentially in the eyes of the public. However, never forget about the real-life examples. It will surely bring the audience closer to you.

Summing It up

The final part of the speech is always the most stressful both for the speaker and for the listeners. It is the time when you need to collect all the data and consistently perform the events to refresh them in memory.

Always wrap up your motivational speech with a call to action. This a beloved maneuver of successful speech givers. It can be anything that can cheer up your audience and remind you of the purpose of the speech. At first, you can follow the suit and resort to the common examples. However, the more experienced in giving motivational speeches you are, the more inventive methods you will come up with.

Extra Tips for a Better Presentation

If you want to make even a greater impression on the audience, try to follow the next steps. There is a step-by-step guide that will help you manage the speech and persuade your listeners at ease.

Entertain Your Audience

You will fail to convey the message if the presentation is dull or monotonous. Try to alternate the plain facts and the entertaining part. People want to benefit from your speech. Thus, they want to be engaged in it. Try to use interesting stories or at least garnish your speech with a humoristic or lyrical digression to the point.

Prove the need

Delivering any speech presupposes a particular purpose. To persuade the listeners there is an urgent need to follow the speaker’s instructions you have to be inventive. Try to show a high relevance of the pieces of advice you perform. Using illustrative “what if” examples will not harm the speech.

More Illustrations

When you pose the problem and research it deeply, you have to come up with the pronounced examples of how to solve the situation. Thus, your audience will see more value in your performance.

Develop the scenario

To prove the urge for acting immediately, you need to demonstrate a development scenario. Show what we can face if the recommendations are not followed. Then, ponder what the future can be if we adhere to the advice. Try to render your message as clear as possible, so that the ideas do not look confusing.

Choose the Best Topic for Your Motivational Speech

If you are interested in sharing your ideas with the others, but still need some help, make use of our motivational speech topics list. We ensure you will find the right one.


  • Launch your own product: how to create a startup and the reasons you need it right now.
  • Life can never be mistakes-free, but you can always master the art of failure acceptance.
  • The business world and the role a well-structured team plays in it.
  • The notion of cryptocurrency: what to expect if a new currency is adopted and approved universally?
  • The job market is developing rapidly: what should US students care the most and what skills will be indispensable?

Educational Process

  • Multinational milieu: how do we benefit from studying/working with different people?
  • How to determine your path to success in the labor market from high school?
  • Schedule: how we suffer from being obliged to follow the pattern.
  • The shifts in the traditional education process: do we need homework in the school?
  • Free education: who is against the notion and why can it be considered a bad idea?

Technological Development and Medicine

  • Extremely rapid urban development: how the need for comfort kills our nature.
  • The use of cyber cars: you can also contribute to the rescue mission to save our planet from death.
  • Congeal to prevent brain destruction: the use of extremely low temperatures in medicine.
  • Growing a generation of Mowgli: why do parents opt for raising their children almost in the wildlife?
  • Life-saving medicine: the need to experiment on the diseased instead of the animals.


  • Drones appear on the market: how can we use them to deliver things?
  • Car-sharing: can we claim it in our near future?
  • The use of computer scripts is a must for a successful landing on Mars?
  • How the individuals changed the course of science in recent years?
  • Churchman’s influence wanes the role of religion in modern society.


  • Ways for local governments to encourage conscious nature-friendly lifestyles.
  • Can we replace traditional cars with cyber eco-friendly automobiles soon?
  • Can we expect an increase in electricity prices with the development of renewable sources of energy?
  • The food we eat: special food choice to save wildlife.


  • Different meditation techniques to keep calm in any situation.
  • Do not exaggerate your expectations: why should we always be a little more realistic, when it comes to the expectations?
  • Step-be-step improvement: small and consistent steps towards a goal will bring you closer to the objective.
  • Choose a partner or a friend using enneagram: 21st century alternative to horoscopes.
  • Train your brain properly: useful methods to clear your mind.
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