Writing a Persuasive Speech and Choosing a Winning Topic

We all want to be heard, to get a chance to share our opinion with others and to be valuable. Choosing the best persuasive speech topic gives people a chance to attract the attention of the audience and to hold it until the last word.

And even if you were never asked to write a persuasive speech before, trust our paper writing service – it’s a rather common task and sooner or later you’ll need to perform a speech at a graduation party, during class debates or on a job interview.

When the speech follows all the rules and requirements, it will surely persuade the audience to accept or at least agree with your points of view. A strong speech will prove that you have thoroughly studied the subject and that your ideas are valid and credible. Unfortunately, most of the students are not able to find a good topic for an upcoming persuasive speech, so they feel lost and stressed. But don’t worry, today will give you a list of the most brilliant persuasive speech topics, so you can write an outstanding piece and conquer the minds and hearts of the audience.

The Best Persuasive Speech Topics in 2020

Writing any type of creative assignment starts with selecting a proper topic. And persuasive speech is not an exception. Thus, you’ll need to devote enough time coming up with a great idea and then using all your skills to write an outstanding piece. Sometimes teachers or tutors assign a topic but most of the time you’ll have to do it on your own. That is why when planning persuasive speech writing, make sure you have additional time for choosing the most suitable topic.

First, you should know that there are three different types of persuasive speech:

  • Value persuasive speech, which argues if a topic is right from a moral point of view;
  • Factual persuasive speech, which uses facts and arguments to support a certain idea;
  • Policy persuasive speech, which is used to advance laws, electoral programs, and so on.

So, once you decided which type of persuasive speech you are going to write, it’s the right time to choose an interesting topic. Make sure that it is relevant for the major and will be interesting for your audience. For example, if you are in high school and your major is literature, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a high grade about discussing the benefits and drawbacks of the current retirement plan.

You can write about outstanding personalities or literature characters, historical or contemporary events, society processes, etc. The only limit when choosing a persuasive speech topic is your imagination! So now let us help you with selecting a great idea by providing a list of the most popular and recent persuasive speech topics.

Simple Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Our mind is not fed by money;
  2. We always learn from defeats, not from victories;
  3. Changes are a crucial part of our lives;
  4. Any problem is a chance to improve;
  5. Books are our best friends;
  6. Practical experience is more valuable than theoretical knowledge;
  7. Can public figures be happy?
  8. Humanity should be an organic part of nature;
  9. Contribution of faith to the happy life;
  10. We should stick to the truth without any exceptions;
  11. Can betrayal be forgiven?
  12. Etiquette as a glue for society;
  13. Can a person be called kind if he doesn’t respect others?
  14. Irresponsibility may kill;
  15. Indifference is what kills humanity;
  16. People, who live in harmony with themselves;
  17. Dreamers achieve better results in adult life;
  18. Can material achievements replace spiritual ones?
  19. Always listen to your conscience when making a decision;
  20. Importance of language in our daily lives;
  21. A person is the basis of any country;
  22. Art is the main form of self-expression;
  23. A fit and a healthy individual doesn’t need to do sports;
  24. Reading love stories won’t make you smarter;
  25. Every person has the right to choose how to live.

Strong Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Are we the ones to blame for global climate changes?
  2. Why should we all do sports?
  3. Is it interesting to live?
  4. Is it necessary to be rich?
  5. Who is an educated person?
  6. We are all intelligent in our own way;
  7. Successful people wear expensive clothes;
  8. Never betray people that trust you;
  9. Humanity is in danger;
  10. How to communicate during official events;
  11. Can I be considered kind if I don’t do charity?
  12. Being responsible is important for life success;
  13. Why teenagers are so frivolous about their future?
  14. Bad people never change;
  15. Importance of compassion;
  16. Bullying at schools and colleges;
  17. Are modern youngsters involved in politics?
  18. What makes a happy family;
  19. Evaluation of a social climate in a group;
  20. Self-destructive behavior of modern students;
  21. Education as the most important social institution;
  22. Why youth is prone to have an unorganized lifestyle?
  23. The world is kind and honest;
  24. Slang is an important part of a language;
  25. A language that is not used, is dead.

Controversial Topics for a Persuasive Speech

  1. Define freedom;
  2. What work is harder – intellectual or physical?
  3. What differs politeness from etiquette?
  4. Is it simpler for realists to survive in the modern world?
  5. Absence of bad habits is the only way to maintain good health;
  6. What should we listen to – our feelings or mind?
  7. Dress code for businessmen;
  8. Differences between male and female logic;
  9. What is better in rendering emotions: facial expressions or gestures?
  10. Ways to greet each other in various languages;
  11. Is it necessary to take vengeance on the people that hurt you?
  12. It’s time to unite and solve ecology problems;
  13. Modern youth;
  14. Accepted clothes in society;
  15. Role of women in the 21st century;
  16. Is higher education a guarantee of a better life?
  17. Does success in life mean wealth?
  18. Understanding the problems of children and their parents;
  19. Is the virtual world predominantly harmful?
  20. Comparison of men 100 years ago and now;
  21. Herbal treatment vs evidence-based medicine;
  22. Mistakes we all make;
  23. Being lonely or being self-sufficient?
  24. Our power is in unity;
  25. Euthanasia should be legalized.

Topics for a Persuasive Speech at High School

  1. Are we living in a cyber world?
  2. Youth lasts until the childhood ends;
  3. Beauty in advertising is nothing but a lie;
  4. We are the only live beings in the universe;
  5. Have you ever tried bean-made chips?
  6. Who is the luckiest actor nowadays?
  7. Who is the most overrated person at the moment?
  8. Do you like snow-made ice-cream?
  9. Swimming with whales – the best experience ever;
  10. How did wolves turn into dogs?
  11. Billboards distract drivers;
  12. India is the most unique country in the world;
  13. Can you count the stars?
  14. Making water out of the air;
  15. The tallest person on Earth;
  16. Should we all learn from our own mistakes?
  17. Stress can be avoided;
  18. What is the magic word you often use?
  19. Is it possible to remain beautiful until retirement?
  20. Talking on the phone when driving;
  21. If you’re adult it doesn’t mean that you’re serious;
  22. The main difference of a child from a parent;
  23. Zoos – a place of excitement or a jail?
  24. How to achieve everything in life;
  25. The best occupation in the entire world.

More Persuasive Speech Topics for a Great performance

  1. Social media greatly impacts our self-esteem;
  2. Team sports is a great teacher to our children;
  3. What are the qualities every hero should possess;
  4. Is learning from our own mistakes so important?
  5. Spending quality time with friends;
  6. The best way of making money;
  7. Underwater villages: will they ever exist?
  8. Writing messages when driving should have strict punishments;
  9. Using plastic should be prohibited;
  10. Should children have more days off from school?
  11. Modern immigration laws are not effective;
  12. What can we learn from refugees;
  13. How to reduce stress when we don’t have time for yoga or shopping;
  14. Is it possible to control the weather?
  15. Should we pay more or fewer taxes?
  16. Can students miss classes if they don’t have a serious reason?
  17. Students must have the right to choose a school on their own.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Education

  1. What is needed to write a great essay;
  2. All students should be taught how to perform in front of the audience;
  3. How to improve public speaking skills;
  4. Should uniforms be compulsory in all schools?
  5. Should boys and girls study separately?
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools;
  7. Why is it so good to be an exchange student and live in a different culture for some time?
  8. Cell phones must be banned at schools;
  9. Can take some time off school help students decide who they are?
  10. Table games as another way of bonding students;
  11. Is the modern grading system an objective way to evaluate knowledge?
  12. Learning several foreign languages at high schools;
  13. Which classes would you add to the curriculum and why?
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