Personal Statement as a Step towards Your Future
February 8, 2019

Probably you have already met the term ‘personal statement’, when reading college requirements for an application form. Together with a statement of purpose, it is a compulsory part of your application, which makes it very important and should be taken seriously.   We understand how tempted students are to complete the form as soon as possible, but it is important to focus on every stage, avoiding the most common mistakes, which students do day after day. Once you understand what …

Personal statement examples
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Topic Ideas for Your Proposal Essay
February 7, 2019

The main goal of proposal essays is to propose a certain idea and back it with solid arguments in order to persuade the audience whether the chosen idea is bad or good. Imagine yourself being a salesperson. Your main goal is to persuade the customer why he or she should buy jewelry, a painting or any other item. In such example, the item is your idea, and the buyer is your audience.   If it is your first time working …

Proposal essay ideas
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Statement of Purpose: Guidelines and Examples
February 6, 2019

Education plays a crucial role in our lives. It gives information on the world, society and changes us. Being a student, you constantly learn how to apply knowledge and achieve all of the goals, succeeding in professional and personal life.   Although there are multiple academic levels, which greatly differ, there is a thing, which unites all of them. To take it to the next level, you will need to provide the admission committee with a whole set of papers, …

Statement of purpose examples
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Topic Ideas for a Narrative Essay: Choose from the Best!
February 5, 2019

Often, when a tutor asks to complete a narrative essay, students think that they must talk about their personal life, hardships and emotions. However, it may not be the case. You can always make up a situation, describe an interesting event or simply tell about a person you consider your role model.   If you want to create a piece of art, don’t be in a hurry and choose a proper topic. Luckily, there are multiple ideas available online and …

Narrative essay topics
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Science Fair Projects: What You Need to Know
February 4, 2019

A science fair project is one of the most popular assignments to test what students have learned in the class. When completing such a task, you need to research the chosen problem, offer the best solutions and design a way to test offered ideas.   Such experiments are quite popular in high schools, but they require more skills than just basic knowledge of the subject. Distinguishing features of such assignments are originality, research and analytical skills. Your project should also …

Science fair project writing
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100 Great Topics for Your Persuasive Essay
February 1, 2019

Often students are given the topic before starting their assignment. If you ask average scholars what they think about choosing a topic on their own, they would probably say that it’s associated with additional problems.     In fact, choosing a topic on your own can be a great advantage if you have a correct understanding of how to do it right. If your teacher gives you a chance to decide on a topic independently, you can pick up the …

Persuasive Essay Topics
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100 Ideas for Writing Your Best Compare and Contrast Essay
January 31, 2019

Not always a topic of an essay is given by a teacher or academic program. Sometimes, you have to decide on it independently. That may sound a bit confusing! However, we offer to think about it as about a great opportunity to express your creativity and to improve your writing and thinking skills!     Sometimes, choosing a topic may look easy. However, it’s almost as important as the rest of the work. Banal or boring topic can’t let you …

Compare and Contrast Essay
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Short and Easy Guide for Writing a Literary Analysis
January 30, 2019

Many students dislike writing literary analysis and see no point in doing this. However, the task is a great practice for developing an analytical intuition and critical thinking. No matter what your teacher asks you to write: a short paragraph that explains some facts about a piece of literature or an analytical essay that consists of several pages, your preparation shall start from understanding the aim of the work.     Reading a book, a novel or a poem, we …

A Literary Analysis Writing
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Cause and Effect Essay Topics
January 29, 2019

Definition of a Cause and Effect Essay   All objects, events and phenomena – everything in this world is connected. Some connections are obvious for us, but we do not even have an idea about many of them. Even if it’s not visible or obvious in the beginning, every cause has its outcomes.   One of the written tasks for a student is a cause and effect essay. When designing one, a student has to describe one event/object/phenomenon and present …

Cause And Effect Essay Topics
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Expository Essay Topics for School and College
January 28, 2019

Starting from high school, students deal with many types of essays. In fact, there are so many types of writing assignments that even an experienced student can get confused to tell them apart. Teachers are trying to assign different types of writing tasks to introduce their students to various essay types. However, it’s quite difficult to combine the task with regular tests, student’s projects, practical lessons and tons of work that almost every student has. That’s why we decided to …

Expository Essay Topics
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