Informative Speech: Definition, Requirements, and Popular Topics

If you are on this page it means that you experience certain problems with choosing a topic for your informative speech. Even though it sounds like a relatively easy assignment, there are many challenges along the way. So before introducing you to the funny, witty, popular, and specific topics, Tutoriage will discuss the informative speech itself.

It is a speech that renders a piece of certain information on a given topic. Its main goal is to provide the audience with data that you have collected. In addition, such speech makes the topic easy to understand and provides fresh ideas and unknown facts. Just imagine how troubling this maybe if you’re not a guru of collecting data or public speaking!

A Few Useful Tips

Your speech won’t be able to reach the hearts and minds of the audience if you don’t include all the necessary elements to the work. So apart from explaining the subject, you need to familiarize yourself with various literary instruments and approaches.

When giving an informative speech, you should always concentrate on the topic. For example, you need to talk about air pollution. Tell about its definition, the causes of this phenomenon, its impact on the planet and the health of people. Discuss how we can reduce the harmful impact on the ecology and ways of protecting ourselves from pollution. Finally, you need to sum up all the thoughts you were discussing and motivate the audience to share ideas with you.

Most of the topics are rather broad and it’s simply impossible to fit them into a limited amount of time. That’s why you should choose several arguments and stick to them. First, consider the audience and think what ideas on a chosen topic may be interesting to them. Building an initial strategy will help you to create an impressive and engaging informative speech.

Another thing to remember is that informative speech is about rendering facts, not your own ideas. So all the sources must be credible, supported with facts, numbers, and examples. Adding a presentation, video or images will be a big plus.

However, too many details and arguments may be harmful because the audience will get bored or will lose track of your message. Make sure your informative speech stays in the minds of the audience long enough!

Now, when you know the main secrets of writing a powerful speech, it’s the right time to provide you with the best topics. For your convenience, they are divided into categories. Enjoy!

Informative Speech Topics

Topics for College

  1. The best writer that influenced French culture;
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars;
  3. We all need a female president;
  4. Why the climate changes so rapidly?
  5. Why animals are so unhappy in zoos?
  6. Where is the borderline between hard physical work and exploitation?
  7. Can our government be called effective?
  8. I have the strength to change the world;
  9. What was good about the 80s;
  10. How we can protect the planet on a daily basis;
  11. Should we all help those in need?
  12. Fast food. Why is it so delicious and should it be banned?
  13. Values and priorities of the youngest generation;
  14. War veterans should be treated with respect;
  15. Why rich people are so stingy?
  16. Is it true that money rules the world?
  17. Are we the only live beings in the Galaxy?
  18. Why a computer game is better than an outdoor activity?
  19. The best ways of spending time with the people you love;
  20. Do remote villages experience a lack of civilization?
  21. Influence of technology development on mood and thoughts of the people;
  22. We are responsible for protecting nature;
  23. Impact of people on the World Wonders;
  24. Will our children see the world as we see it now?
  25. How to prevent bullying in classrooms?

Interesting Topics

  1. Steve Jobs vs Elon Musk: who can be called the leading mind of the society;
  2. Can we be called the digital nation?
  3. Impact of TV and the Internet on children;
  4. The most successful business model for small enterprises;
  5. The most recent problems of modern society;
  6. Millennials: who are they;
  7. Best examples of aggressive marketing;
  8. We make fate with our own hands;
  9. Achievements of Greek thinkers;
  10. How video games evolved;
  11. Untouched zones of cosmos: will we ever learn about them?
  12. Modernism in the culture;
  13. Greatest vegetarians of all times;
  14. Shooting video games cause violence;
  15. Parents should listen to their children;
  16. Child labor exploitation at schools;
  17. Pictures of the Civil War in different novels;
  18. Ways to reduce domestic violence;
  19. The best dish in the world;
  20. Maya predictions;
  21. How to plan a wedding and not to split;
  22. How our life in 100 years will look like;
  23. Benefits of crosswords for our brain;
  24. Recent discoveries in physics;
  25. The export of animals from exotic countries should be banned.

 The Funniest Topics

  1. When is the right age to move out and live separately?
  2. Terminator is the best movie of all times;
  3. Probability of horoscopes;
  4. What was first: chicken or egg?
  5. Jeans are the best clothes item of all times;
  6. Merilyn Monroe – an example of beauty;
  7. The best classic movies we should all watch;
  8. To be smarter you’ll need to be stupid;
  9. Vegetables can also feel pain – stop eating them;
  10. Write all your things down not to miss anything;
  11. Chocolate as the main source of happiness;
  12. Why quiet women are so dangerous?
  13. A woman is ready in five minutes equals a man being home in ten minutes;
  14. When parents say ‘I don’t care, do what you want’ will you really risk and do what you actually want?
  15. What it takes to be an adult;
  16. People, who say that they sleep as sound as children sure don’t have children;
  17. Why clowns are not funny?
  18. Can a bad mood be called an excuse not to go to work?
  19. Is money the best problem solver?
  20. The best Batman of all times;
  21. We all had real-life before Facebook;
  22. Why touching the belly of pregnant women is wrong?
  23. I like Disney cartoons until it comes to singing.

 Controversial Topics

  1. Hunting should be banned unless it is needed for survival;
  2. Is the atom energy dangerous for the future?
  3. Why do countries continue creating nuclear weapons knowing that it may destroy everything?
  4. Should marijuana be legalized everywhere?
  5. Can a woman have both career or a family or was she designed solely for bringing up children?
  6. Children shouldn’t be scolded on the public;
  7. Were X Files series right and there are secret experiments happening?
  8. The phenomenon of cryptocurrency and its growing popularity;
  9. Should euthanasia be banned?
  10. Does UFO exist?
  11. Pornography on social media;
  12. Usage of pesticides in agriculture;
  13. The social judgment of same-sex marriages;
  14. Why prisoners are fed by taxpayers?
  15. Tattoo as a form of art;
  16. Is there a chance to defeat terrorism?
  17. The best solution to problems in North Korea;
  18. Genocide;
  19. Should golf be considered a real sport?
  20. Do ghosts exist?
  21. Is homeschooling efficient?
  22. Is modern art ridiculous?
  23. Is there freedom of speech on social media?
  24. The harmful impact of smartphones.

Topics on Education

  1. How EFL instructors can use cyberspace as an additional teaching instrument;
  2. Can students and teachers add each other to the friend list on social media like Facebook or Instagram?
  3. Why educational system mostly relies on theoretical data and not on practical assignments?
  4. Is it appropriate to allow students to eat during a class?
  5. Importance of certified education when building a career;
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of studying two foreign languages at school or college;
  7. Importance of art and music classes for education;
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of summer camps;
  9. Comparison of various educational systems across the world;
  10. Should optical and auditory learners be taught differently considering how they master the material?
  11. Psychological aspects required for academic creative writing;
  12. Evolution of the US educational system during the past century;
  13. Involvement of parents into the educational system;
  14. What is needed if a student wants to transfer from one university to another?
  15. Human resources specialists in universities: are they necessary?
  16. Would ESL students have an advantage if they could pass national exams in their national languages?
  17. Is the US grading system outdated? Can it objectively evaluate a student’s skills?
  18. Sports as a part of the curriculum: is it overrated? Why athletes and football players have so many advantages?

We hope that after reading all the above topics you don’t lack ideas for your informative speech. With their help, you’ll surely craft a catchy, smart, and interesting presentation for any audience. Go ahead and don’t forget to have fun!

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