How to Come up with Impromptu Speech Topics in Advance

Delivering a catchy and remarkable speech takes lots of time and practice, especially if you were caught off guard and need to perform within a few minutes. However, the process may be much simpler if you already have topics in your mind. Remember, impromptu speeches don’t have preparation time and you will only have a few minutes to put your thoughts in order. This type of assignment is usually given during classes or debates.

When preparing an impromptu speech, remember that it should follow a standard rule: there must be an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. That’s when practice plays a crucial part: the more speeches you give, the easier it will be for you to perform in the future. Tutoriage writing website recommends practicing in advance and next time you are asked to give an impromptu speech; you’ll be all-armed.

But if it’s your first time, don’t worry! Read the guidelines below and we will teach you how to pick an impromptu speech topic and to impress the audience with thoroughly chosen arguments.

What Makes a Good Impromptu Speech

You should always start by knowing who your audience is. Their age, likes, and preferences. If you are asked to give a speech on a certain event, try to center your performance around it. If you’re throwing a speech at a wedding, prepare a few interesting and funny stories about your friend, thus you’ll be ready when you will be given a microphone. Remember that the topic should always be fresh and relevant.

So, the time of your impromptu speech has arrived. To remain calm and speak fluently you should focus on the topic without being too wordy or loud. Your speech should remain calm and short as if you are talking to a friend or a family member. Don’t forget to create a certain story around the subject to improve the general structure and the audience’s involvement. Trust us, listeners will be thrilled and you’ll grab and hold their attention without too many efforts.

Tips on Choosing the Right Impromptu Speech Topic

When choosing an impromptu speech topic, students face a wide range of questions: what makes a good topic? Should I be neutral? Should my speech be argumentative? Should I include my own experience of the speech? Unfortunately, you are limited in time and most likely you won’t be able to answer all the above questions. So, let us introduce you to the tips that will greatly simplify the process of choosing impromptu speech topics and won’t take too much of your time:

  • Stick to the topics that you know good enough. Try to avoid subjects that you’re not aware of or don’t have enough knowledge. The best way is to pick a topic, where you have solid skills: for example, if you’re an art student and specialize in French architecture stick to it instead of discussing Korean pop music;
  • Choose a topic that you can quickly reach. If you have a few minutes to prepare for a speech, select a subject that you can read about or lookup for the facts on-line or in the library;
  • Customize the topic you have chosen – in case you didn’t have any time to come up with a catchy and fresh topic, remember that you can always customize an existing one. Apply literary tools, adjust to the situation, and use all the approaches that TV presenters use, when they are given a previously written text but have to improvise in the process;
  • Make the topic valuable. Your main goal is to make the audience feel related to the topic. That’s why you should discuss your own experience, share interesting facts and motivate people. This will surely touch people and make your speech linger in their minds;
  • Discussed events should be rather fresh. When making a conclusion, try to refer to the recent issues or events that are discussed in the media or in your society. Such a trick will motivate the audience to think about a possible solution and to feel a part of the situation.

Impromptu Speech Topics You wouldn’t Want to Miss

Now, when you know what an impromptu speech is and have a list of tips on how to choose a great topic, it’s the right time to familiarize yourself with the best ideas that will suit any occasion! Write them down and you’ll always have a ready list and won’t be taken by surprise.

Persuasive Topics for an Impromptu Speech

  1. Paper books are better than electronic ones;
  2. Should foreign language classes be compulsory?
  3. Tipping in restaurants must be obligatory;
  4. School uniform is not making us equal;
  5. Handwriting is pointless;
  6. Should people pay for prisoners’ food?
  7. Censorship on the internet;
  8. The harmful impact of medical marijuana;
  9. Global warming is a fraud;
  10. Distant learning can’t be a proper replacement for education;
  11. The right age for a child to own a smartphone;
  12. Should military budgets be reduced?

Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

There is no better way to dilute pressure and reduce stress than to discuss something humorous:

  1. How to get out of bed without a wish to kill everyone around;
  2. The best ways of pleasing a boss;
  3. Tricks at a first date;
  4. How to tell whether a boy or a girl like you;
  5. How to survive shopping on Black Friday;
  6. Best ways of fighting phobias;
  7. TV watching is a form of slavery;
  8. How to finish the party if guests don’t want to leave;
  9. If our pets could talk, what would they say?
  10. If children had a right to vote;
  11. Square pizza is much healthier;
  12. How to read five pages per minute.

Personal Topics for Impromptu Speeches

  1. The person, who inspires me the most;
  2. Meaning of friendship to me;
  3. Adaptation of war veterans;
  4. Why I want to become a doctor/a firefighter/etc.;
  5. How I solve conflicts;
  6. My vision of the war in Syria;
  7. If I could become a president for a month;
  8. How to overcome a difficult disease;
  9. The first book I am going to write;
  10. How I can change the world;
  11. How I see my future;
  12. Things that will always linger in my memory.

Impromptu Speech Topics for Debates

  1. Impact of Brexit on the global economy;
  2. The best president of the United States;
  3. Will Catalonia become independent?
  4. Gender segregation in schools;
  5. Should school teachers be allowed to stop bullying physically?
  6. Are public cameras necessary?
  7. Should people be obliged to vote?
  8. Should employees research social media information about potential candidates?
  9. Is it simpler for a man to find a job?
  10. Should countries have a right to ban different religious practices that are accepted abroad?
  11. The Internet should be available everywhere across the world.

High School Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. My dream job;
  2. Ways to stop bullying at school;
  3. What it means to be a team;
  4. My volunteering experience;
  5. Benefits of peer pressure;
  6. Performance at physical education classes mustn’t be graded;
  7. Role models for modern teenagers;
  8. Doing homework in class;
  9. Troubles on playgrounds;
  10. What is better: to learn individually or in the class;
  11. It is impossible to learn creativity;
  12. Things that we are not taught at schools.

Impromptu Speech Topics for Middle School

  1. How to spend a great weekend;
  2. The best days for rainy weather;
  3. Celebrity I admire the most;
  4. How to avoid school punishment;
  5. How to do sports safely;
  6. Why moving to another city can be beneficial;
  7. My first experience of traveling abroad;
  8. My favorite book;
  9. If I was a school teacher, I would…;
  10. If I had one million dollars;
  11. If I could have a superpower, it would be…;
  12. My perfect day.

Topics for College

  1. Should we have a right to choose a roommate?
  2. Violence on campuses;
  3. How to detect and overcome cheating;
  4. Music as a way to improve grades;
  5. The college will soon become a financial debt that we’ll pay all our life;
  6. Fairness of scholarships;
  7. How to survive during your first year at college;
  8. How to choose an internship wisely;
  9. Benefits of private education;
  10. Should students report on peers, who seem depressed?
  11. The attitude of professors to students from other countries.

Examples of Impromptu Speech Topics on Social Media

  1. Instagram broadcasts a distorted picture;
  2. We are addicted to Instagram and Facebook;
  3. Online communication won’t replace physical bonds;
  4. Usage of smartphones at a young age;
  5. How to escape dependence on social media;
  6. Safe behavior online;
  7. How to protect our children from Internet frauds;
  8. Why cyberbullying is so dangerous;
  9. Should children have coding classes at schools?
  10. Why is it so good to learn from home;
  11. Influence of social media on protests across the world;
  12. How social media saved my life.
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