Guiding Lines for the Career Choosing Process

It is a rare case when the person thinks of the future career since school. In most cases, students start choosing possible future profession after school graduation and entering college. And even then they use as guiding lines the opinion of their parents, teachers, and peers. It is normal to consider various points of view. But you need to realize that the last word should always be yours and it should not be affected or altered with someone’s opinion. This is your life choice, and you will be the one who will have to deal with it. We hope that recommendations from our article will help you in defining your path.

Guiding Lines for the Career Choosing Process

Usually, students think that their education defines their career. And in most cases this is true. While you study at the college or university, even in school, you gain valuable knowledge that you will be able to use in your potential profession.

From another point of view, we can for sure find people, whose career is connected with completely different disciplines they study at university. The author of this article has the same story. I have graduated from Harvard Business School and get an MBA degree. But now I work as a writer and blogger and provide recommendations for students and beginners on the professional paths. While I do not directly use my degree, the received knowledge and skills still are very useful in my work now. For instance, this is about writing, researching and communicating.

But having an education, especially a higher one provides more opportunities today. You can receive assistance from the writing professionals to create the best essay in order to raise your chances to reach the target school.

Top Career Choices of 2018-2019

The main criteria should be your passion. But earning money is an important aspect as well. Even the most attractive work can exhaust you without bringing sufficient sums of money. You need to consider the fact that you will have to provide your life, and you need enough money. You may check the following list of careers that are well-paid and in a way interesting:

  1. Dentist (or another position in the dental industry).
  2. Biomedical field (vet, for instance).
  3. Sports & fitness (consider the industry that helps people to keep fit and healthy).
  4. IT industry (we all now know how this field is rewarded).
  5. Nursing (you may have good career perspectives there as well).
  6. Health administration (saving lives is both rewarding and significant).
  7. Law & business law (protect justice and human rights).

This list shows that the basic required careers remain the same for the last decade. It is a result of technological development. Apart from this list and your thoughts, you can ask for help in career counseling.

How to Find a Job that Brings Pleasure?

Now let’s discuss more what can help you to make the right career choice considering your own wishes and passion. If you want to find a job that will be rewarding in a financial and emotional way, then you need to read the following factors.

  • What are your hobbies and interests? (for instance, if you are passionate about the music, you do not have to think of the musician career only, as you can also become a great manager for a band or the stage technician);
  • What is your education? (choose the specialization on your own to implement your desires for the future);
  • How you make decisions? (in most cases, to reach the career success you need to be good at decision making);
  • What makes you happy?
  • What you hate doing?
  • What are your language skills (this aspect is important for international students);
  • What are your time management skills? (this is important wherever you work);
  • What your cultural specifications?
  • Do you have any previous working experience? (This element can be valuable in your resume even of your last job was not connected with your desired one);
  • What opportunities and threads do industries interesting to you have?
  • What are your communicational and interpersonal skills?
  • What are your life and family values?
  • What are your financial requirements for your monthly needs?

That is all you need to keep in mind. Unfortunately, we cannot exclude the financial factor. The whole modern world is based on the economy and money, so you need to have a decent living level first of all. That is why career choice should be affected by the financial opportunities as well.

Considering the approximate salary, you can make some necessary calculations. Think of how much money you spend days and what monthly expenses you have/might have. Then mark the salary requirements considering this information.

Do not stop your choice on the first decent opportunity. Do some researches and learn about the potential position as much as possible. Keep in mind that your career should not be like slavery. Your work should be fairly rewarded and the received finances should cover all your basic needs at least. Think of the profession as an opportunity for personal growth instead of being a part of a big corporation for the rest of your life. But everything is suitable for the first start. So you can get your potential employer interested by providing an excellent companion letter along with your resume. You can order quality writing in order to save time.

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