Economics Essay: Crafting an Impressive Essay

When in college and studying economics, at some point you will be required to come up with an economic essay. To make it substantial, you need to provide points of arguments and back them up with evidence to support their validity. In order to come up with a first-class essay, you first need to conduct extensive research for your work, structure a thesis for your work and create an outline that will ensure your work is logical. An economic essay relies on facts and each point made concerning the topic of discussion should be supported appropriately, and creativity used to give room for more interpretation and understanding by the reader. Below is a step by step guide that will help you in the writing of an impressive economics essay.

Economics Essay: Crafting an Impressive Essay

Requirements of an Economics Essay

Most of the economics essays are posted in terms of the question. After getting your topic, read it through several times until you are conversant with it. Additionally, if you do not understand it properly, do not hesitate to consult your professor. When you understand it, write it down on a sticky note and stick it where you can see and refer to it. Also, highlight the keywords in the provided instructions. It is a sure way of reminding yourself to stick to the required information related to the topic throughout your writing.


Conduct Thorough Research

Only start your research process when you have familiarized and understood the topic you are to discuss. Several essays only require the information in your textbook for them to be well answered. Just in case you find the information not sufficient, you can refer to the reference section of the book and use the provided sources to conduct more research. All in all, don’t forget that your professor is there to guide you. Use his knowledge and understanding to your advantage and consult where necessary. As you do your research, you are bound to find some unfamiliar terms. Do not take them for granted, try and find their meanings to gain a better understanding of them. Additionally, keep in mind that you are to tick to the main topic of discussion. When you are reading through your source materials, keep to the materials related to your work and avoid any information that is unrelated.


Create a Plan for Your Writing

After you are done conducting research and you have collected a sufficient amount of evidence and relative backup arguments, you should start thinking of how to write your economics essay. It is prudent to insist and repeat that when it comes to economics essay, you cannot deviate from the topic of discussion throughout the whole essay.  Having a concise plan will help you achieve this. However, do not confuse an essay plan as your outline for writing an essay. Both are different, and it’s still too early to start thinking about an essay outline at this point. The essay plan consists of a rough draft of the key point that you need to address in your essay. Listing them is important in helping you distinguish the most relevant, from the irrelevant and therefore use the required information in writing your economics essay.


Arrange Your Material

After you have come up with the essential materials that you are to put in your economics essay, you should arrange them in order to achieve a logical flow of ideas. This will help in the writing of your final draft since the ideas are well put and the narrations of your arguments are smooth. Have in mind the outline of an essay which is the introduction, main body paragraphs, and the conclusion section. When structuring your main body paragraphs, consider the length of paper you are required to submit.  This will ensure that you don’t squeeze your words in ways that will make the point vague and not understandable. It is easier to put a central focus on key issues, and only fill them with brief, but straight to the point arguments.


Introduce Your Essay

After putting together your research materials and you have a clear understanding of the topic you are to discuss, you can now embark on writing your economics essay.  The crucial but still technical part of writing an essay is the introduction, and that of an economic essay is no different.  It is recommended that you handle this part of the essay first and be done with it. It will also serve as a guideline of how you are to write your body paragraphs and still stick to the topic of discussion. An introduction for an economic essay serves as an extended and broadened version of your main argument that you formulated on the rough draft about your main points.


Outline your Main Body Paragraphs

After you have successfully broadened your main argument for the economic essay in the introduction part, you have already set the tone for what the reader is to expect as the read your work. Do not forget to stick to the main topic of discussion while writing your body paragraphs. At this point, assemble a more comprehensive outline of your main body paragraphs. This was already done when you arranged your research information in a logical order on a rough draft. For the final copy, you should do the same to ensure you work has a logical flow of the ideas you have presented. Ensure that each point of view and the related argument are done each in their own paragraphs. Your outline should be made of a single sentence addressing your point of view, and several citations that act as a source of material to justify your argument.


Writing the Main Body Paragraphs

Using the outline created for your main body of the essay, you will easily write the body paragraphs. The only thing left to do is expounding your main points with well-structured arguments from different sources as back up to make the work factual and creative. In simple terms, your body paragraphs will start with the main sentences you came up with in your essay outline and the evidence you gathered from the research materials you used. It is important to stress that the narration of your essay should have a logical flow of ideas and offer each piece of information clearly and straight forward. Make use of transition sentences at the end of each body paragraph to connect on body paragraph to the other for the achievement of a logical connection.


Use Compelling Evidence For Your Work

A point to note is that an economic essay clearly relies on facts and data as compared to other essays within diverse disciplines. This means that quoting what an author said will not be enough to support your point of view. Avail to the reader specified statistics, facts, and figures. The factual evidence is the argumentative part of your economic essay that gives your work its essence. This should engage you to ensure that every single argument you put across for the main sentences of your body paragraphs is complemented with facts and statistical evidence.


Write the Conclusion

After you have written your body paragraphs of the economic essay you are working on, consider this the end of discussion for the main part of your essay. What remains now is a summative narrative that briefly reminds the reader of the important points put across and their validity. A concrete conclusion is important as it helps consolidate the trust of the reader in your work and point of argument. This will give the reader a conclusive general impression of the work they are reading. A weak conclusion should be avoided as the reader will remain unimpressed and the work presented won’t be relevant to them thus a waste of time on both sides. Think of a conclusion as a summative part of your whole essay. This is the thought you let your reader leave with after reading and contemplate about as they carry out their own businesses. The best way of creating a good conclusion is restating the central argument that you expressed in the introduction of your economic essay.


Read through Your Draft

It is naive to think that your work is done when you completed writing your essay. You should always polish your paper to make it worth a read and be sure that you will receive good grades. However, it is too early, to begin with proofreading your work for errors related to spellings, punctuation or grammar. After concluding your work, focus on reading through your work to be sure that each detail presented in your main body paragraphs are associated with the topic. Also, ensure that they are backed up by credible evidence from reliable sources. Any deviations should be cut off the main work. As Tutoriage experts said earlier, quality work does not rely on the number of words, but on the preciseness and factual illustration of your written economics essay.


Do a Review of the Consistency of Your Writing

After confirming the relevance of your information to your topic and each argument is structured according to the source material, you need now to question the sufficiency of the information presented. To start off, ensure that the main argument is clear and understandable to the reader.  Double check its legibility and understanding to the target audience. Make sure that you eliminate any hint of ambiguity to make your economics essay worth a good grade. Another point to consider should be the application of this principle to the entire essay. You should avoid making the reader question the need for some piece of information in your essay, or what it proves relating to your topic of discussion.


Proofread for Spelling and Grammar

Polishing your work should be the last step in ensuring your economics essay has been well articulated and structured, and all errors have been resolved accordingly.  This involves correcting all forms of grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. This will ensure that your grades are not tanked by such mistakes, and the reader does not end up disappointed in the essay you have written.

You should keep in mind that no matter how different your major is from language studies, resolving errors in your work is important because by overlooking them, you stand to lose substantial marks that will affect your grade. Make sure you follow the right instruction and hand in a well-written essay that is both impressive and creative.

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