How to Connect Ideas Properly in Essay Writing?

Each paper should feature a logical connection between paragraphs and sentences. This is to establish a comprehensive coherence and guide your reader from one section to another preventing from getting lost in author’s thoughts. While research papers and simple types of essay do not require such connection, it appears to be vital for such academic assignments as an argumentative essay. Follow our useful writing tips and boost your academic progress.


connecting ideas in writing


Tips on connecting sentences


The only way to establish a proper sentence connection is to use special words. They typically include:


  • And – the word can be transformed into more complicated links like furthermore, additionally, as well as and other constructions;
  • But – the main mission here is to provide an alternative in a logical way. You may use such transformations as although, despite, in contrast, nonetheless, etc.;
  • So – this word, as well as its alternative forms, is to provide a result or effect. For this reason, the water starts boiling. Therefore, greenhouse effect causes air pollution;
  • Because – the word highlights the effect or the cause. It stresses the reason. The result of 1005 degrees is boiling water.


Make sure you follow necessary grammar and punctuation rules when using those words to link sentences in your paper.


Tips on connecting ideas


This one is probably the toughest challenge for immature and amateur writers. Using the write sentence formation is vital. At the same time, each part of the paper should have logical links to guide readers from one thought to another. Here are some useful tips not to get lost:


  • Simplify the issue – do not be afraid to explain your thought in a simpler manner using “in other words” or other forms;
  • Stress Similarities – compare a complicated thought with a simple analog. “In the same way as”, “equally” and other collocations would come in handy;
  • Provide the Examples – give simpler examples to more complicated issues;
  • Display Emphasis – use words that will stress your emphasis. They may include such collocations as “more importantly”, “indeed” and others.



Tips on connecting paragraphs


After we have provided a proper link to sentences and ideas, it is high time we connected our paragraphs to make the paper look complete. Signal and pointing words appear to be extremely useful for this purpose:


  • Use Signal Words – use collocations to signalize a reader about the end of the beginning of the paragraph. “Besides”, “even though” and other signal phrases are necessary;
  • Time Signals – they have proved to be rather effective. They include strong words and phrases like “finally”, “meanwhile” and others.


Final word


Writing a good paper means not just expressing your knowledge of the topic. It is also about great writing style and skills. For this reason, you need to establish strong connections between thoughts and ideas, paragraphs and sentences. Never leave your reader lost in thoughts. You should guide him or her using signal words and other phrases to spread light on your major paper.

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