Illustration Essay Topics

An illustration essay brings out a platform to show out your ability in making something known, giving clarity like glowing a torch. Although you are tasked a title that appears quite easy, you are to make a clear picture, so your reader equips himself or herself with extensive understanding of how a something performs its work, the procedure of repairing something in case it stops functioning, how to elevate yourself to certain status, the process of making something better, and many more. It is not worth that the name illustrative essay originated from the fact that it makes one reading to comprehend in mind a concept as practically it is, for example, creating that mental picture of all that you put down on paper.

Illustration Essay Topics

This essay type mostly bases itself on giving examples as a way “demonstrating” the different thoughts and ideas available. Therefore, it’s usual for instructors to call this category of writing an “exemplification essay,” or in another term as “descriptive essay.” All of these terms are linked together through the fact that they try to illuminate a cohesive comprehension through clear, reachable explanations together with illustrations.

Titles of Illustration Essays

These titles constitute half the encounter of the assignment. Because the goal of the assignment is to determine how proficient you are when it comes to giving explanation and description, it can be of great help especially if you have a good title. A good topic is any title of interest you admire to explore it in depth. Usually, the first step of writing any tough assignment begins with doing research. Therefore, it will be easier and enjoyable for those who like researching and composing. Mostly this requires less comprehensive research to have the essay written. However, sometimes you might not have an option when it reaches to selected topics for you. In such an instance you need to expect the best. With this kind of selected titles, nobody knows, you might end up enjoying its writing.

Title examples

  • Explain the parts of a sincere apology.
  • Illustrate the advantages and soreness of parenthood.
  • Describe the community obligation of
  • Describe why good health is the most important gift amongst others.
  • Illustrate and explain the importance of one firmly tradition of Americans.
  • Explain how one can be better in communication skills
  • Explain how over the past 50 years there isn’t much improvement in our society
  • Describe the source of worry in an individual’s death
  • Explain examples of rituals that are out-dated and why they keep on existing
  • In this modern age of the 21st century, describe some of the routines that have emerged
  • Describe how early people discovered that the earth was not flat.
  • Explain the significance of being with a guardian or parent with you
  • Discuss the dangers to children who most times have been self- parented
  • Discuss the reasons why pricey restaurants are mostly quiet.


  • Discuss how to be neat and organized
  • Using a mix, explain how to bake a good cake.
  • Discuss how you can make a constructive argument with a person you care much about.
  • Explain how you will select a dog or a cat for adoption at a shelter
  • Discuss the complexity involved in loving a person as compared to a pet.
  • Discuss the procedure in perfect birthday present selection for someone.
  • Explain how to rate top in an interview
  • Describe how more travels can expand world view.
  • Explain the importance of attempting fresh things.
  • Using U.S history or world, explain one valuable lesson that can be learned.
  • Explain how to tell a good friend
  • Discuss how one can be a good friend to another
  • Describe the process through which skills can be improved through a hobby.
  • Discuss how to make an excellent girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • If hurt by someone, explain how to forgive him or her.
  • Explain how to forget your past.
  • In the case of emotional wound, explain how you will heal yourself.
  • Discuss the mentor’s importance.
  • Discuss the lessons that can be drawn from our fears.
  • Discuss the value of having a friend from a different political divide.
  • Explain how racism started in America
  • Discuss the impact of modern slavery

College Titles

  • Discuss how to prepare yourself for life at the dorm mentally.
  • Explain the advantages of being with a not- easy professor.
  • Discuss how to stay well with your roommate.
  • Explain proper eating manners in the dining room.
  • Describe the methods of organizing yourself academically to achieve good results
  • Explain the process you will use to choose a major, especially one that stands out
  • Discuss how a useful summer internship can be gotten.
  • Explain the essence of a student creating a budget, and strictly adhering to it.
  • Discuss how to avoid acquiring the “freshmen 15” while starting college.
  • Explain how to maintain your good name when schooling outside your country.
  • Discuss the different ways in which you can keep in touch with your friends in high school.
  • Discuss, giving significance as well the different college ritual in your university.
  • Discuss the various ways of making friendship while in university.
  • Discuss how at your college, you will seek medical counseling.
  • Explain how well known your college is and describe the course of its reputation as well.
  • Discuss how toxic friends can be handled while at university.
  • Discuss why rush hour paper writing to some students is preferably efficient while to others it is not.
  • Discuss two main ways of maintaining safety by students while walking alone on campus.
  • Discuss four ways of how college students can stays while partying in college.
  • Sports titles
  • Discuss why an athletic body person can make his or her career from this.
  • Discuss how a team of football can get to Super Bowl.
  • Discuss the major problems that will arise from a football career that is long term.
  • Describe the reasons as to why athletics for females are lowly funded.
  • Explain how sports can negatively impact on your body muscles.
  • Explain how ones’ self-esteem can be increased using sports.
  • Discuss the prioritization of sports in many schools compared to academics.
  • Discuss doping, and explain why most athletes involve themselves in it and how it can be avoided.
  • Explain the value of engaging children in sports at an early age.
  • Describe life lessons that can be drawn from playing sports.
  • Discuss how the offenses of Jerry were started.
  • Explain how the offenses of Jeff were started.
  • Discuss the barriers overcame by Serena Williams.

Interesting Titles

  • Discuss how to show someone who is lying.
  • Describe tips of knowing that someone is crushing on you.
  • Explain the state of mind of a sequential killer.
  • Describe the addiction chemistry.
  • Explain the link between maths and music
  • Discuss how someone being too happy can cry.
  • Discuss crime psychology
  • Explain what puts morale to expensive weddings
  • Describe the inspiration behind expensive and flashy vehicles.
  • Discuss why people are superstitious to weird, uncommon theories.
  • Explain why life after death could be real.
  • Explain why life after death is unbelievable.
  • Describe the self-centered reasons for people having children.
  • Discuss how the outside world learns about you through your fashion.
  • Discuss the importance of not judging someone from the way he or her clothes.
  • Discuss how Silicon Valley belief is dangerous.
  • Explain the creativeness and value of Silicon Valley belief is.

Fun Titles

  • Discuss how you can convince somebody that, anymore they are not annoyed about you.
  • Discuss how you can persuade somebody in regards to a particular theory of conspiracy.
  • Discuss the likelihood of alien existence.
  • Discuss the unlikelihood of alien existence.
  • Discuss the essence of ghost superstition.
  • Describe the origin of Bigfoot.
  • Explain the reasons why Bigfoot exists in different forms
  • Describe the historical conception of Loch Ness Monster.
  • Describe the best cheeseburger making process.
  • Discuss the funniest activity you have done in your hometown.
  • Explain how essential it is to have awkward friends.
  • Describe the urban legend that is your favorite.
  • Discuss the reasons why vegans insist telling people that they are vegans.
  • Discuss how working out can become addictive to some people.
  • Describe how junk food can make someone lose weight.
  • Discuss what affects most diets and their problems.
  • Discuss the reasons why the rate of divorce is high.
  • Explain your understanding of monogamy and origin of this concept.


These are essential parts of your writing essay. These have to be included as essentially they help make illustrations on your behalf. They show up the point you want to deliver thereby making the readers understand you easily. After composing your essay, go through it to ensure that every aspect given out has an illustration that supports what you are talking about.

  • Personal Experience: Apply lived experiences that you have gone through as an individual on earth to give an example to your point. These should be brought out with a lot of easiness and simplicity. It should not be hard to think of a sample to add to your point. Independent of the dullness in your life, you must have undergone an experience at least.
  • Flashback: you must have seen so much on this planet in the current century. You must have seen different aspects of human actions in the society that you can get illustrations from. At some point in life when you need to recall something, visit public places like restaurants, movies rooms and malls and look within. Have a look at how people interact through talking, walking and even fighting. All these interactions will provide you with excellent illustrations. It will also inspire you to look at your topic from a different dimension.
  • Access To: Once you need to reach out to mentor or an expert in the area for information, please do so immediately. To effect this perform an interview that is informal and notes the responses you get, so that you can make a reference to them in the process of writing your essay. Query them on any information about the title or what their opinion are concerning that title or subject.
  • The Media: Luckily, we are living in an era where media has extensively expanded compared to early days. This gives you more choices of information ranging from news, interviews that are taped and even live talk shows. On top of these, also film and books exist. In writing your essay, make this an inspiration and always make a citation of the type of source you use.
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