Illustrative Essays For College Level

Any focused student would have to handle an illustration essay that appears like an art and a design. Does an illustration essay help in composing visual pictures in our books? Oh, no. However, the name sounds as if that is what the students should be doing. Some tutors refer these kinds of essays as example essays since they consider them giving an insight to readers through their detailed process on a given situation and provide more information on something. Some teachers would prefer calling them descriptive kind of essays. You might be in a dilemma on which side to follow. If this happens to you ensure your tutor clarifies to you about his/her expectations in the provided assignment. Because these types of essays don’t require a thesis statement, some expert assumes they are the easiest to write. To confirm this, let students show their understanding of a given idea. However, once you go through our detailed guide on the descriptive essay, you will be in a position to get a passing mark or even higher grade.

Illustrative Essays For College Level

What is Meant by Illustration Essay?

The descriptive essays refer to the kind of essays that will give readers knowledge on an existing situation. Sometimes it may apply to current work by scholars. Occasionally, these kinds of work seek to provide an explanation, illumination, and evidence aimed at clearing the path on a series of processes, concept, and phenomenon. For instance, the question on: What does a doctor do? Could be responded using a descriptive kind of writing. This essay would cover all the description job and details of the doctor. All of these are essential information. As seen above descriptive would be very simple.

On the other hand, you might be faced with a situation where you are expected to discuss the issue of racial discrimination. In support of the viewpoint that in promotions, non-whites are rarely given promotions and their payment is way less compared to their counterparts? Write this essay using reputable sources. This is another example of an illustrative essay that seems simple, but it is complex in a way.

First, you are not asked to write any thesis statement. Any acceptable essay needs to describe as well as discuss the times and life of doctors. But to have an influential essay, you need to explain in detail the duties and goals of doctors following a provided thesis statement in your introduction. In your academic life, you will notice that there are other common instances like your instructor provides you with a thesis statement and requires you to discuss or illustrate more about it. The first thing to do when given such an assignment is to single out what you are expected to do in the task. Whether you are to expand on the provided thesis statement or write your thesis, however, if you still find it difficult understanding illustrative essays, feel free to contact our experienced tutors and you will get more than help.

Outline for Illustrative Essay

Some students will treat an illustrative essay so simple that they will even omit writing an outline. While writing a piece, an overview is a must regardless of its complexity. In most college assignments, you will be expected to explain or describe a given phenomenon or situation. So you need to have well-organized points before you begin writing. So you should write a good outline. However, you will not have to construct such a complex framework that will be a challenge for you. Most of the frameworks you will come across are more than just glorified points noted down.

Example of Outline

Hook: Statistics, exciting story, fact, or anecdote in your chosen topic.

Introduce your topic.

Explain the significance of exploring your topic further would be essential.

Thesis statement.

The first paragraph in the body: give a full illustration of your topic.

In your second body paragraph: Give another significant factor explanation on your topic.

Third paragraph: provide your readers with nuances and detailed information on your topic to help in harmonizing all your ideas.

Conclusion: While concluding your essay, remember to restate your thesis statement but this time using a new version of the language. Mention in a laze some of your basic points you have discussed throughout your essay avoiding repetition of vocabulary. For your conclusion to be meaningful, ensure you have connected it to the more significant issue in society.

Example of Illustration Essay

If you ask any average citizen in the United States especially from New York on their opinion of gun control, they will suggest having strict gun control laws. However, if you ask an average citizen from Texas a similar question, you will be given an exact opposite answer. Gun control and usage have been an issue of concern in the United States for a lengthy period. Supporters and opposers of gun control have sharp points on why they support their stand on the matter. People have different opinions on whether guns in the United States keep them safe or not. One fact for sure is that gun control was once part of American society.

If we take the city of New York, for instance, shooting cases in high school was common before 1969 when students used to bring guns with them to school and would turn them over either to their teacher or coach. This was just to keep teachers off their way whenever they wanted to do something. In the early days, young children would pick up their guns after school to go for a gun shooting practice peacefully without causing any confusion. Today, if a high school student brings a gun to school, there will be confusion and panic. One would wonder how things have from a peaceful society where young children would peacefully practice with firearms without posing a danger to anyone to a terror society where shootings have turned out to be the order of the day.

The shift in society would be traced back to the media. The rise of video, film, and television has impacted the mental programming of both children and adults to that of violent citizens. This paper will show you how media violence has evolved and intensified over time and changed the perspective of youths on guns.

Copious research shows that the relationship between exposure of citizens to violent media and violent society is directly proportional. The study further indicates that the highest risk of violence is the existence of violent electronic games that are popular in the current century. Also, Real aggressive emotions and media-stimulated experiences that are associated with the intention of revenge are significant factors of violence in both schools and violent. From the study, it was clear that the more we expose our children to violent movies like horror in their childhood times and the more they play violent electronic games, they will be more violent and uncontrollable as early as 14 years old. This study provides detailed information that shows how exposure of children to violent media during their sensitive times, when their brain is still under development would determine how they will handle stress and threats in their adulthood.

Children who are constantly exposed to violent media as an acceptable means of solving conflict will have the message remain in their brain forever. That is why we find many children who are exposed to the media frequently being delinquency. It is like the constant view of violent films implant in their brain a new form of instruction that guides them throughout their life. Teenagers between 1940 and 1950s who were mostly in gun clubs in New York were never exposed to these kinds of violent films. That is why most of them were kind, non-violent and had learned better ways of solving issues when confronted with stressful situations. With them, they could only watch movies like ‘I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver.’ The two famous films of their time had no violence in them and nurtured a peaceful nation that was void of shootings. Go through all our essay examples and in any case you are stuck, ensure you have contacted our support team for assistance.

Professionals have suggested that there is such a great connection between hostile behavior and violence in the media shown by youths. As a result, one could comfortably say that watching violent films in the press is the beginning of violent behavior in individuals. According to scholarly studies, exposure to violent whether online or offline is substantially associated with increased chances of violent acts shown by the youths today. Some teens even confirmed that most sites they come across have a lot of content showing people engaged in real violence.

This research further shows that any form of violent whether online or offline or sometimes through video games that most youths enjoy playing would show signs of impressionable individuals. This might be simple to most of you, but the underlying reason why violent never existed in the 1950s was that some things like “Purge franchise” never lived. Sources that existed did not show the horrific violent like they are suffocating the current century. In the contemporary world, people who seek justice commit horrible acts like murder to those surrounding them. Unlike adults who can process and distinguish these kinds of media, youths would not do the same and would only implement what they see. They rarely differentiate between fantasy and reality in violent films. The real consequences of violent never appear to them as a crucial role to play. They seem not to have learned a lesson regarding the results of violent to them and the whole society. In the early films that were shown in the media, there was nothing like legal shooting; hence it was rare to find classmates shooting each other. They had nothing to trigger their mind to do such unacceptable actions in a society like taking the lives of others. In our community, potent stimulators are almost everywhere and difficult to avoid because of the way they present themselves to us. As a result, we have many cases of shooting to account for that is mainly from our youths.

Another interesting study looked at the consequences of the media to the subjects from a biophysical approach. Researchers identified a particular group of individuals who had either aggressive or non-aggressive behaviors. After finding them, they then showed them violent media for a consecutive period of two years. A notable reaction was seen from biological responses was pinpointed when they were deliberately told to consume violent media.

The energetic group recorded less brain activity compared to non-aggressive groups. This was observed mainly in the orbitofrontal cortex. This is a region in the human body that is responsible for all past studies and their related emotional decisions making and self-control. On the other hand, the aggressive group appeared to be more determined and inspired than when they had not watched the media. They were even nervous and less upset. This is quite funny as the aggressive group saw the violent film as something soothing and acknowledging their actions. The kind of violence that was shown to them appeared like something they are used to and liked most in their life. The movie energized them to do their aggressive actions more in the future knowing that they are right when doing so. This was a shocking discovery that showed there was a real problem when we promote violent media to the citizens and presenting it as a legitimate kind of behavior. This is because there are some people out there in the world who naturally have aggressive impulses and it will be dangerous trying to stimulate them. This will be like keeping a breed of hardcore criminals with the intention of terrorizing citizens in the future.

Similarly, the study conclusion is worrying as it showed that aggression is a type of personality that develops in the nervous system as the child grows. As the child grows his behavior pattern becomes more solidified even at the adult stage when they are thought of personality. This might be the basis of existing distinct characteristics between aggressive and non-aggressive individuals and the role media plays towards motivating them to do specific actions. The summary of this study shows that media can motivate energetic people to behave aggressively. This is extremely dangerous, and the media should be cautious about it.

In summary, we would say that the anger for gun control is most of the time misplaced. Instead of getting hungry for a tool that the youths use during their stressful moment, the focus should be directed towards the source of their action. There is a need to understand what triggers them to act aggressively. Throughout the paper, we have tried to demonstrate that the media is capable of influencing the youth negatively. It has the ability to teach and program them through all ugliness they see in the media that is meant to show them how to deal with frustration, depression, or anxiety. Therefore, we need to come up with alternative sources of entertainment for our children. Violence has always remained a derivative and predictable aspect resulting from the media. Thus, the need to be more vigilant on the type of content our children watches. Giving our children all the freedom of even watching violent media is a way of preparing them for antisocial behaviors soon. It will take combined effort to impact a reasonable change in all programmed content availed for the public for viewing.

An illustrative essay will help you to present a general aspect of a given topic or situation with the use of details, interpretation, and facts. That is why most tutors prefer giving this kind of written assignments. As you write, provide enough examples in your assignment. This essay enables readers to understand the reason behind the existence of an individual situation or things. Successful illustration essay should leave readers with a deeper understanding of the subject giving them a detailed sense of clarity. Our experienced tutors have done a myriad of these essays and are fully aware of what instructors look for when they give out these assignments. In case you need help writing your piece, we have more than enough qualified writers ready to help you complete your work and get that grade you deserve.

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