Main Information on Student’s Leisure Time

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Main information on student’s leisure time


Free time


It is difficult to believe that students spend all their time at the library or sitting with books in their hands instead of partying. So how many students lack free time? According to statistics, the numbers are as follows:


  • 30% of students of the first year have no free time;
  • 45% of second year students also don’t have leisure because of studying;
  • Almost 40% of third year students can’t spend their free time the way they want, because they combine studies with work and chores.
  • 20% of all the respondents claimed that they don’t have free time because they sleep more than eight hours a day.




The way students spend their leisure


  1. First year students:


  • 20% partying with friends or entertaining;
  • 60% at home;
  • 20% other.


  1. Second year:


  • 15% visiting various places;
  • 39% spending time with friends;
  • 40% at home.


  1. Third year:


  • 52% hanging out with friends and entertaining;
  • 48% spending at home.


student’s leisure time


Gender peculiarities


While 42% of girls like spending time with their friends and family, 24% watch TV and 3% do sports. When it comes to boys, 18% spend time in a company and 18% watch TV, while 30% do sports.


Combining work with studies


Usually students work 30 hours per week, while studying. Moreover, 70% of all the students have worked during their high school years.  25% of working students have a full-time employment.

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