Management Essay: Writing a Top-Notch Essay

Many people perceive management as a study that only CEO’s and management professionals should gather knowledge from. This is, however, a wrong thought that should be avoided. Management skills are for everyone, as we all apply it at a particular point in your daily activities. In practice, you can only master this skill less from the books you read, and more in the real world. However, you cannot undermine the strength of your theoretical knowledge as it still applies in mastering management skills. Below online essay writing service will provide you with step by step processes and tips on how to come up with a strong management essay worth an A+ grade.

Management Essay: Writing a Top-Notch Essay

Basic knowledge for writing a management essay

A management essay is meant to test the knowledge of a student on a specific subject in question. It requires critical thinking which requires you to be more creative when crafting your arguments and the whole work altogether. To begin with, read through the prompt and understand what is required of you. Remember that the answers and arguments you put in your essay will assess your knowledge and understanding of the theory aspect of management, and how you will apply it to practice. Below are some key pointers that you need to consider to craft an impressive management essay:


The structure of a management essay

As an academic assignment, management essay still has to follow a particular format to ensure the presentation has a logical flow of ideas. Here is the structural orientation that you should follow in writing a captivating management essay.

a) Introduction

  • Quickly introduce your paper and concisely explain its importance
  • Briefly discuss the aspects that contribute to the topic of discussion
  • Present a well-structured thesis statement.

b) Body Paragraphs

  • Introduce each argument in a separate paragraph
  • Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence of your argument
  • The number of paragraphs in the body on your work will depend on the number of arguments to be presented
  • Give supporting evidence for each argument presented
  • Provide a logical transition from one body paragraph to the other

c) Conclusion

  • Briefly restate the thesis statement presented at the end of the introductory paragraph
  • Restate in a summative manner. All the main points addressed in your body paragraph
  • Provide proof of the authenticity of your thesis statement in the real-life business sector


Tips for writing a management essay

After you have read and understood the structure of a management essay, it’s time to embark on writing it. Below are helpful tips that will enable you to craft a good essay:

      • Introduction

Writing an introductory paragraph can be a bit challenging for students who depend on their theoretical knowledge more than the practicalities of the same knowledge. In simple words, management is a practical skill, and you cannot present an introduction based on the theoretical aspect of the coursework. Even though you are required to introduce the topic of discussion briefly, it is also required that you highlight the practical meaning of the topic you are to discuss.

When you succeed to hook the reader to your work, give a brief summary of the problem that is to be addressed. Uses between 2-3 sentences to do this, and provide an overview of the aspects you are to support with relevant evidence. Finally, describe your thesis statement which should pose the main argument of your whole work to be discussed further in the body paragraphs

      • Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should describe a single point of view that is to be argued by the writer. Make sure you have a rough draft of the main point you are to discuss. Also, begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that sums up the whole content of the paragraph. This helps the professor in skimming through each paragraph without reading through each sentence. Lastly, remember to use transitional words which will provide a connection from one paragraph to the other. This is important in the making sure your work has a logical flow of ideas thus awarding you with a quality academic score.

      • Conclusion

You should know that the conclusion part is a summary of your management essay which should not have any new information other than the o presented in your body paragraphs. The main purpose of the conclusion part is to give the reader a summative text that ensures all addressed points have been substantially argued and a comprehensive answer realized.

As always, the conclusion also covers the thesis statement and proves it’s validity to the work you have presented.  Remember to be brief in explaining your points as argued in the body paragraphs to make sure that the reader still remembers and relates to your arguments and perspective in general.


Identifying the right sources for your management essay

As you work on your paper, remember that as an academic essay, your paper requires you to use credible sources to back up your major points. However, some sources such as Wikipedia are discouraged since it allows any person to edit its articles. Also, keep your distance from blog posts which are mostly written for the sake of entertainment rather than educational purposes, thus not considered valid as per the professional academe requirements.

There are several credible sources that you can use. For example, an online magazine such as the New York Times is a reliable source of information. Previously published academic work can be used too, which are available in both online and the institution’s database.  Your local library can also come in handy, although it cannot be considered as the best source for a management essay. Google scholar is also a credible source.


Polishing up your essay

Proofreading your work is of importance once you finish the writing part of it. This will help you to detect and edit ay form of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Form the prompt; make sure you follow the formatting guidelines that have been given. If you fail to follow the instructions given, the professor will be left with no option but deduct a few points from your written work.

As for the structuring of your essay as per the various academic styles (APA, MLA, Chicago Turabian), follow the one which you have been instructed by the professor in the prompt. By following the required instructions on the prompt, you are guaranteed of higher grades on your management essay.

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