A guide to writing a persuasive Newspaper Editorial Essay

Editorial Essay Definition

To understand and personally define an editorial, you should first try to define the word “editorial.” It is a newspaper article that covers the diverse concepts of the author. The author may choose to write about any topic, but it should focus on social issues concerning the subject matter. Each point expressed should be backed up with reliable support evidence or facts to give meaning to your work.

A guide to writing a persuasive Newspaper Editorial Essay

Detailed research should be done to identify a suitable topic for discussion. An editorial essay should highlight and discuss the problem identified, and at the end offer reliable solutions. For example, if you as the author plan to address issues that are related to the mentally handicapped population, you should give detailed feedback about ways to tackle such an issue for a suitable solution. You should develop a message that addresses those affected with this issue, with part of the message sent to the healthcare providers on how to handle the situation.

A newspaper editorial essay also addresses the ruling government on the issue at hand and the need for them to take necessary actions. Writing an editorial essay is similar to writing a research or a normal essay paper. If you know this, then writing your piece will be easy and the work with come out interesting to the reader in the long run.

Ways of writing Different Editorial Essays

Editorial essays are quite different from other types of essays. They are clustered according to the purpose they serve, unlike other essays where they are categorized according to their nature.

With the above information, it’s safe to say that there is no single way of answering what an editorial essay is, without gaining knowledge of all the types of editorial essays. There are several ways of writing your essay. You could:

  • Define/Expound/Interpret the Subject

While writing your newspaper article, highlight how it addresses a specific subject. For instance, as an editor of a fashion company’s magazine, you could address the different fashion trends on the rise to your readers.

  • Criticize the Problem

Critical thinking is needed by all writers to come up with a meaningful and interesting piece which addresses a vital issue. Bear in mind that an excellent editorial essay provides a critique on cases in question which provide solutions to existing problems. This craft is intended to make the reader identify the problem and not just the solutions offered.

  • Use the Central Argument Focus of the Editorial to Convince your Audience

You should inspire your readers to implement solutions by getting involved in the action from the introduction of your essay. While editorial essays only offer critique, persuasive papers handle all the suggested solutions without paying attention or providing information about the problem.

  • Compliment

Editorials relating to this theme focus on praising and admiring the works of organizations or people involved in a beneficial activity to society. While writing these types of essays, remember to place your focus on highlighting the positive outcome and appreciation of the subjects involved.

If by now you are still not fully satisfied with the information given about editorial essays, no need to worry. Below Tutoriage experts have introduced and explained other ways that can help you to craft a first-class editorial essay.

More Ways to Ensure You Always Write a Persuasive and Attractive Editorial Essay

Social media is the reason for the fierce writing we all experience in this time and age. For that reason, many people cannot craft a creative piece for a persuasive newspaper editorial. However, this should not be a problem as we have provided more vital tips and advice on how to be a professional writer of an editorial essay.

  • Look for controversial problems: -the use of this theme provides a debatable discussion which will engage your readers. Since the use of this theme provides room for research, ask your audience questions as you gain more perspective of the subject in question.
  • Making the right decision is important in writing a persuasive editorial essay: -the author can only support one side of a controversial paper. Before you start writing one, choose a side you feel best fit for you and you can back up with your experience and knowledge about it.
  • Read a famous newspaper from your state: -reading this type of newspapers is helpful in many ways. They contain the relevant topics that need to be addressed while providing facts and solutions to the issues addressed. As they lay down their opinion, they leave the final judgment in the hands of public opinion.
  • There are many ways to explain solutions in an editorial essay: -it is important for you to provide your audience with multiple solutions for them to make their own preferred individual choices.

An inspirational excerpt by Minyvonne Burke from the United States’ Daily News says that: –

“For an argument to make sense, make sure you talk about a couple of analogies. You are entitled to choose diverse social, cultural and political analogies as many people place trust in such areas. For instance, your research problem could be about the rising suspicion of the integrity of the several mobile spying applications in the market.” Burke adds that “search for relating issues in other technologically advanced countries whose family adopt this type of security to ensure the safety of their families. When it comes to writing an editorial, you’re searching for solutions as you realize what other places did to resolve their issues.”

Steps of Writing a Newspaper Editorial

There are several features for writing an editorial essay you will require as an editor to know and have them at the back of your mind.

  1. An impressing and engaging introduction, which will be accompanied by the body paragraphs and a compelling solution. You will realize that the structure is similar to many other essay types.
  2. Your interpretation of the issue-at-hand should make sense, through the use of factual or statistical evidence. At this point, have in mind that the complex issues should get more attention.
  3. Find the most effective news angle and use it appropriately.
  4. You need to know that the arguments brought forward by the opposing group are totally impartial and objective.
  5. While you write an editorial essay, make sure that you put across your different perspectives on the topic of discussion and do it in the most formal language.
  6. Utilize professionalism and criticism while crafting solutions.
  7. Don’t forget to put down a summary and a persuasive call for action.

Ensure that you read the instructor’s guidelines before you start writing your persuasive essay. Consider factors that you need to develop your work such as the content, formatting and the number of words you are limited to.

Topics for Editorial Essays

Below are some of the best essay subjects you can use to create your own. Additionally, you will find appealing research issues and their respective solutions.

  1. For Charter Institutions, driving to the right decision is paramount

For example:“Public charter schools are associated with the public schooling program, which sticks to the required standards of learning. These types of institutions should demonstrate high levels of efficiency in all their adopted teaching methods. Any school which does not stick to these aspects should be closed if they do not uphold the required standards. The teachers have the mandate to educated heir students according to the standards set by the United States of America learning system.”

  1. Reality alternation and development by reality television programs

Example:“Reality shows aired on television mislead people into losing touch with the reality. Most of the directors try to convince the audience that the problems faced by their characters are the same we face in our day to day lives. They even try to convince the viewers that the consequences face by their characters is far more adverse than those faced in reality. Research conducted by Michigan State University by Dr. Gibson states that long term viewing of such programs brings about specific challenges. One of the challenges is heightened levels of aggression within the people living in the United States. The viewer rating of such programs should be placed at an age that will prevent the adolescent age group from viewing them.”

Other topic designs include:

  1. Advantages of higher education in the United States.
  2. Understanding the reasons and consequences of the Subprime crisis.
  3. Is legalization of marijuana a good move for its soothing effects, or destructive to the brain
  4. What challenges are likely to be faced with the banning of cigarettes
  5. A recap of the NBA season: Primary goals, training, prospect, prediction, best-performing players, debate and outcomes.
  6. Facts proving that gambling is illegal
  7. The best treatment available for diabetes
  8. Why is the death penalty legal in my country?

More example samples of persuasive editorial essay topics can be found in the academic writing websites. To create an editorial essay that is captivating and has a logical flow of ideas, you need to adopt a structure that will formulate the backbone of your work.

An Approach You Should Use in Writing a Persuasive Editorial Essay

Identify and Pick the Preferred Topic

Go ahead and select a debatable social issue and address it from all possible perspectives. Always remember to address a social issue that your target audience will be willing to read through to the end. Brainstorm on the ideas you have and choose one specific topic you are familiar with and can tackle with creativity and accuracy.

Offering Your Opinion

You should be aware that writing an editorial is the same as crafting an argumentative essay. At this point select a debatable, contradictive, and recently discoursed issue, and highlight your stance about it using valid evidence. An excellent tutorial should have both the positive and negative aspects concerning the topic of discussion. As you highlight your stand on the mater, remember not to pay attention to only one side. Looking for professional and editorial services are acceptable in instances you experience difficulty in handling the topic of discussion and writing the essay.

Putting Down the Outline

Having a framework for your editorial essay is vital in ensuring your work is well arranged, with the existence of a logical flow of ideas to make the essay legible and with high levels of professionalism. It is crucial because it helps you not to go off topic and keep to the subject of discussion when as new ideas pop up in the writing process. Your concepts will be well organized and structured to perfection.

Composing the Final Piece of Editorial

First, come up with an argument that is related to your selected topic and craft a headline that will attract the attention of your readers and impress them to read it some more. For instance, including an exclamation mark is a sure way for compelling your readers to look through your work. Use of rhetorical questions is also a way that will engage the reader. For each argument presented, make sure that you support them with valid resources, factual data, and examples. An effective way to achieve this is by highlighting the positive and negative aspects of issues addressed.

Here are some extra pointers to help you in your creation of a persuasive editorial essay: –

  • Assimilating facts and figures from reliable online resources or those that are available in the library can be of great help. The resources will be of help in the explanation of your argument to make it credible and concrete.
  • The most interesting evidence should be the last to be discussed. By doing this, you can keep your reader hooked to the essay and willing to read it all through.
  • Don’t be too passive in the ideas that are not major. Engage your readers and address each point of view clearly and with necessary support offered to make sense out of it.

    Conclusion or Relatable Solutions

The edited piece of your work should have a concrete solution that is founded on constructive criticism. You should still remember you have two perspectives about your issue of concern. For example, if you’re covering the government’s effort to reduce the use of tobacco by applying regulations and rules to govern its use, identify and discuss why this strategy is effective and vital as compared to any other. Also, remember to propose any alternative regulations that can be effective in achieving the desired goal.

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