How To Write A Satire Essay

This article will guide you on how to write a satire essay in detail and will explain what a satire essay is as well as show you some examples. The text uses satire to make you understand its main objective. Assignments on this topic are known to be the most challenging for most students. In these kinds of essays, students need to show their expertise in content and subject area. Similarly, they should use humor to point absurdities found in our real-life situations . Although satire essays are full of humor, there are those without or minimal instances of humor. Most of them are expressed in a serious tone which shows that readers should take them seriously.

How To Write A Satire Essay

There are advantages of writing these kinds of essays more so to those individuals wishing to master the art of writing. Once you have learned how to infuse irony, humor, and hyperbole, you will discover them not only being fun but also easy to write.

  • Learning your Task

It’s crucial for you to understand every aspect of your writing assignment. You should be in a position to point out the following:

If your homework intends to satirize a given cultural topic

  • The length of the essay

Our formatting guide will help you select the right format to use while writing your assignment. You might be in a dilemma not knowing whether to write your paper in first, second or third person point of view. For those who have never read satire essays before, you should consider reading the work of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal who is well known for these types of pieces. If you are wondering where to find them, then consider the site “The Onion” which usually deals with the topics in politics.

While writing your assignment, incorporating satire enables you to write the essay in a first person’s point of view. This makes you point out issues in the society especially those concerning society and culture. Using an example where this article points women’s demeaning which is being explained by Trump’s Hollywood tapes leaked information (“Satire Essay,” 2019). Meme proposing that female gender should not oppose what amen say suggest that they are annoyed by his utterances. This is clearly shown through the work of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Gray showing a romantic relationship between female and male where the male is in total control and the woman is expected to submit to him.

Topics of Satire Essay

When writing a satire essay on any topics, it’s good to point out the significant events of culture and politics. The most common ideas you should consider while writing:

  • Brexit
  • Border Walls
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Mike Pence
  • Donald Trump
  • Barack Obama
  • Tim Kaine
  • Immigration reform

A list of satirical topics is endless and if you are unsure of what to select contact our support team who are ready to help you any time.

Brainstorming of Any Satirical Essay

Any good essay writing process begins with brainstorming. Brainstorming is a useful tool for all essay writers that plays a significant role even in writing a satirical essay (“Satire Essay,” 2019). While there are familiar writing outlines employed in the initial stages of planning, there are other methods that work perfectly well when it comes to satire writing tasks. One of the tools that are commonly used and we like most is the use of a bubble map. A bubble map is a simple tool that would be used starting from elementary schools onwards. The tool associates words in line with your topic of interest. For instance, if you decide to write a bubble map for any prominent figure in the society say, Donald Trump, you will diversify and use words like businessman, father, married, adulterer, divorced, New York City, orange, billionaire, bombastic, real estate, and home alone.

You can see from the above bubble map how those words bring out elements that are associated with Donald Trump. When it comes to descriptive essays on a dog, there would be some words in the middle like the name of that given dog (“Satire Essay,” 2019). When using the bubble map, you should be aware that the words you choose should not be your own words you decide to use while writing your essay. The words used should aid in exposing an issue and further directs on the ways of approaching it satirically.

Thesis Statements in Satire Essays

After deciding on the right topic, you should then come up with a good thesis statement for your essay. You may be wondering what a thesis statement is. Thesis Statement is merely a road map of your piece that is always one or two sentences. It helps your readers understand the primary objective of your essay. Regardless of your essay type, the structure of your thesis statement always remains the same except in satire essay where it differs slightly. In satire essays, it is different unlike situations when one is proposing a real idea.

Below are some examples of Thesis Statements:

To ensure the safety of your jewelry, you need to be conspicuous on it, ensure valuable jewelry is stored in a vault or deposit box that is safe, also, do not travel with excessive jewelry than (Author: Kim Kardashian-West)

Having a successful marriage is extremely simple: you have to identify your second wife while married to your first wife and have more children with her before you get married. (Author: Brad Pitt)

From the above examples, it is clear that the most satirical element in the essay is the individual writing it. Also, the target audience can be part of the satire. When Jimmy Carter wrote to Trump a letter informing him not to worry of offending women is satirical in a way since both Jimmy and Trump are respected figures in the United States of America.  The case of Bill Clinton is writing a letter to Barrack Obama to guide him on how to be a good husband while in the White House is Irony in itself. This is because Obama is well known for his excellence in family matters and he is perceived to be an excellent husband too. On the other hand, Bill had a lousy legacy as he had an affair outside marriage while in office. Finally, criticisms of Maddona of Lady Gaga of publicity or even Peter Rose Criticizing Tom utilize all aspects of double-satire.

Resources for Satirical Essays

A wide range of satirical essays is based on events happening in the current century. Though citing them directly may not be compulsory at the moment, it is essential for you to know the real facts and issues that are associated with a given situation (“Satire Essay,” 2019). It is even ironical for you to identify the satiric news sites. In this modern time, this would be much more difficult to notice concerning political context. To avoid all these troubles, you need to be careful while selecting your topic and ensure your sources are unbiased and academically reliable.

It can be difficult finding a reliable source for your essay. To be sure you have the right sources, use the sources that are not more than three years old and from reputable publishers like newspapers, magazines, and .com and .org websites. However, you are free to use sources for more than three years old, but you should inform your readers of any change of information in the concerned period.

Additionally, you might have been discouraged to use sources like Wikipedia, Britannica, and Encyclopedia while doing your writing assignments. The advice is good as these sources are not regarded as reliable sources in the scholarly world. However, do not allow the ban to prevent you from using the references (“Satire Essay,” 2019). They can give an excellent overview of your topic and give you resources you can research for further information.  Google scholar is another great search engine that gives you an opportunity to limit the kind of resources you want to look at. With the above search engine, you can find either academic or scholarly articles and would support you in finding the best academic and scholarly writing.

Other generic sites like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are also good sources of information while writing satire essays. Also, you can make use of other local and major networks as they are good sources of news. The above news channels have programs that are not sources but are both social and political commentary. While using these shows, you need to be careful as they sometimes present information to the readers in a biased way or give unreliable information. As you write be aware of possible biased information especially when selecting your sources.

Citing your Sources

If you decide to incorporate all your resources in your satirical essay, you will have to cite all academic sources to back-up any claim you make on certain political styles. If your essay is based on actual dates, rare facts, and figures, you need to cite all your sources. In such cases, you will be directed on the formats to use, or you will have to decide on your own . The most commonly used academic citation styles for undergraduate students are the American Psychology Association (APA), modern language association (MLA), and Turabian or Chicago. Unless in your assignment there are clear instructions on the type of format to use, go for the writing style you understand best.

Examples of Satire Essays

As a student, it’s easy for you to digest a concept if you are given an example. Thus, our model will not only help you understand how you can write an amazing satirical essay but will also help you master how you can format your essays correctly. On our site, you will get an excellent satirical essay. Just fill in the order form.

We hope that after reading our article on satire and using our provided examples, you will be more confident than before to confront any satire essay throughout your academic journey. Even after reading our article and examples you might still encounter challenges right from topic selection to completing your essay . Remember Tutoriage writing service is here for you. We have a complete team of tutors ready to help you in any challenge you encounter in your writing process from topic selection to writing a flawless piece. To get more insight, go to our website.

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