Science Fair Projects: What You Need to Know

A science fair project is one of the most popular assignments to test what students have learned in the class. When completing such a task, you need to research the chosen problem, offer the best solutions and design a way to test offered ideas.

Such experiments are quite popular in high schools, but they require more skills than just basic knowledge of the subject. Distinguishing features of such assignments are originality, research and analytical skills. Your project should also be relevant to the latest technologies and inventions. It should contribute to the society and offer a solution to one of the modern problems.


Science fair project writing


The best ideas for your science fair project

There are many ideas, which will help you to get started. They differ depending on your academic level because you need to understand the discussed topic freely. Below you will find lists of great ideas for your science fair project depending on the grade and subjects.

Elementary topics

The following ideas are designed for students of a 4th grade. They aim to show what you have learned during your 3rd and 4th grade, so don’t hesitate to choose the one, which suits you the most:

  1. How do seeds germinate;
  2. Soda carbonation;
  3. How soil erosion can be prevented;
  4. How Easter eggs are dyed;
  5. Is it possible to have a color-mixed crystal?
  6. Usage of hydrogel crystals in detecting humidity;
  7. Insulators and conductors;
  8. Factors, which cause dew;
  9. How soil erosion can be prevented?
  10. Various taste zones of our tongue.

Middle school topics

8th grade students should be able to perform all the skills they have gained in the 5, 6, 7 and 8th grades. Here are some of the best topics:

  1. Can chewing gum make students smarter?
  2. Dependence on solar power on temperature;
  3. Influence of light on plants;
  4. How fabric softener influences different types of fabrics;
  5. Do we have a blind spot?
  6. Electromagnetic trains: how they work;
  7. How to power a radio, using solar power;
  8. How smell and taste interlink;
  9. Ways to clear up an oxidized coin;
  10. Impact of music on different biological species.

Ideas for various subjects

During high school students need to face multiple subjects and very often teachers simply ask them to invent the topic independently. We have some ideas for you!

  1. Chemistry
  • Influence of acids on corrosion;
  • How to turn milk to plastic;
  • Homemade PH paper;
  • Solution for soluble separation;
  • How to identify chemical substances.
  1. Electronics and electricity
  • Medical applications, which remind when you need to take pills;
  • How to make a dimmer switch;
  • Magnets to detect current;
  • Brightness and current;
  • Wire recording.
  1. Food science and cooking
  • How to determine the content of iodine in salt;
  • Does the level of sugar differ depending on fruit ripening?
  • How much water dried beans absorb;
  • How to choose the right pot;
  • How to measure the sweetness of your meal.
  1. Microbiology
  • Resistance of antibiotics;
  • How to minimize bacteria, while cooking meat;
  • Use of disinfectants.
  1. Power and energy
  • How to turn oil to fuel;
  • Energy of biomass;
  • How to extract energy from the ocean?
  • Usage of hydropower;
  • Creating a solar oven on your own.


How to choose the most suitable science fair project topic

Once you get familiar with various ideas for your science fair, you need to decide which suits you the most. It can be very challenging not knowing where to start and what to do. That is why we offer you some tips to choose a perfect idea:

  1. Does the topic meet the teacher’s requirements? The chosen idea must fulfill all of the requirements, because you risk of being disqualified;
  2. Can you complete the project? The chosen topic must fit your skills. If you select a difficult idea you will need more time to complete it and will most likely have to turn for side assistance;
  3. Can you deliver it on time? Long-lasting projects may result in late delivery, which can influence your final grade. Choose a topic, which you can surely deliver before the deadline;
  4. Make sure you are able to provide all the tools and items, required by the experiment. If you have a limited budget, you won’t be able to conduct a science fair project, which requires expensive equipment.
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