A Comprehensive Guide on Writing a Testimonial

A testimonial is a personal statement, which concentrates on the main qualities of a person, product, or service. It is a way of sharing the opinion about any issue, including businesses and enterprises. In most of the cases, it concentrates on positive features of a product or service.

A Comprehensive Guide on Writing a Testimonial

If you are willing to leave positive feedback, make sure it contains three elements:

  • Description of the problem;
  • Showing benefits of the
  • Conclusion

Steps of Writing a Trustworthy Testimonial

Tell About Yourself

Always start feedback with key details about yourself. This will make the testimonial personalized, and your opinion will have more weight.

However, you need to adjust the quantity and quality of personal information to every type of product or service.

Describe the Problem

Proceed with discussing the situation you have faced before you found out about a person/product or service. This will be the basis of the testimonial and will explain how valuable your review will be.

Try to include lots of facts to support your point of view but always remain clear and straight to the point. Such facts will help readers to compare how your situation has changed before and after using the service or product.

An evidence-based testimonial is what all customers need!  For example, if your company had difficulties with sales, you can leave the following comment “My enterprise was selling only 20 products per day before using the services of a sales expert. Now they have reached 500 products per day.’

Tell About Additional Options

Tell about the products or services you have used to solve the issue. The main idea here is to explain how others failed to solve your problem. The best way to present a company in the best light is to compare it with competitors, who were not able to help you. Based on the example above, you can say, “We hired XXX, a leading advertiser in the city, to promote our products. However, the number of sales didn’t increase.’

Indicate Possible Obstacles

You can discuss any problems you have faced with the previous service or company, and tell how you overcame the situation.

A good example can be the cost of the service. Based on the previous example you can say, “We decided not to use XXX advertiser, which is more expensive than the YYY one. However, they didn’t show any results, and we decided to give XXX a chance’.

How the Problem Was Solved?

Start a new paragraph by providing key facts about the product or service. Tell what it does and explain in details how it helped to solve your issue.

For example, based on the information in previous samples, you can say “The XXX company used online promotion as the key tool to sell our product. It also used web markets to advertise us and also has employees, who move from supermarket to supermarket and offer products. Since hiring them, we have increased our sales to 400%, which is a significant result.’

You should also mention any specific and unique services or offers the company has. In such a way, you will give them more value. It is a great factor when users decide whether to choose a particular company or not. You can say ‘We were pleasantly surprised to get an extra month of their services for free.’

Don’t Forget About a Personal Note

In case the result has exceeded your expectations, you can mention it by praising the company or a particular person. You can even give names and tell that it was a pleasure working with them.

It is very important because the employees you mention can be rewarded by the company. You can also distinguish a particular employee even if the whole team worked perfectly well. For example, ‘Members of the team managed to promote and sell our product within tightest deadlines, but John did, even more, devoting lots of time to communicating with potential customers. We are sure that without his efforts, the results would be not so great.’

Quantify the Results

If you want to impress readers and to give them a clear picture of what to expect from a product or service, it is important to give numbers. Moreover, they should match those, which you used to explain your issue.

For example, if you are writing a testimonial for an advertiser and your main problem is a low quantity of sales, you should indicate an exact number you had before and after cooperating with a particular company.

Tell How You Surpassed the Obstacles

Discuss how you feel about the problems that you have faced and indicate whether they were as big as you have imagined before working with the chosen company or product. For example, if you couldn’t decide whether to work with XXX because of their high fees, it is necessary to highlight whether the result was eventually worth it.

This section is the last one in the body part of your testimonial, and now you only need to come up with the conclusion.

Summarize Your Experience

In a few sentences, explain how the product or service helped to solve your problem. This should be the third paragraph of your review. You should also write a few words about why you decided to leave a testimonial.

For example, ‘When John from XXX advertiser asked whether I could write a testimonial about their service, I didn’t hesitate, because they did a great job and it was the least I could do for them.’

Would you Recommend the Service to Others?

A good testimonial always contains encouragement, which motivates other users to try out the service and to benefit from them. For a better result, you can refer to a certain group of people based on the niche you are occupying.

For example, ‘I recommend XXX services to owners of enterprises that are only starting their path and know nothing about their market.’

Include a Call for Action

Although you have already recommended the product or service to the reader, you can still make additional encouragement to motivate others and to pay extra attention to the company.

For example, ‘If you are launching a new product, just call XXX advertiser! They provide outstanding services, and the first consultation is free of any charges.’

Why Testimonials Are so Important

Here are only some of the reasons why testimonials are important:

  1. Higher conversion rates

By reaching the target audience, they can stimulate interest and increase the activity of potential users and customers.

  1. A tool to study the behavior of customers

Reading testimonials is a great way to know what other people think about a particular product or service. It is a well-known fact that people are more willing to risk their money to purchase a new item if they previously get familiar with positive feedbacks.

  1. Proof of success

When a person reads testimonials and sees that others have reached success due to a particular product or company, they also want to try it out.

  1. They make your product more value

If you are an owner of such a service or company, testimonials are a great way to persuade potential customers. Instead of filling your website with watery texts, you can add a separate testimonial page.

Features of a Good Testimonial

  • It should be brief and straight to the point. In most of the cases people won’t read a long and watery text, simply skipping it;
  • It should be direct. You should make clear statements so that the readers can understand them at once;
  • It should be original and written from scratch. No copies or generic messages.

Where to Place Testimonials

To reach a maximum number of readers, place feedbacks on many different websites.

  • Place them on the page of products or services. In such a way readers will see relevant comments at once;
  • Place them on popular websites. This is one of the most effective tools, because such pages have more visitors, so more people will see the testimonial;
  • To increase the conversion rate, place the testimonial on optimized pages;
  • Place them on a landing page;
  • Place them on a home page;
  • Create a separate page with testimonials;
  • Place on sidebars within quotation marks;
  • Place on page with stories from customers.

Testimonials for Your Business

A customer testimonial is a feedback that is written by a customer, who is satisfied with the quality of a product or service. Such testimonial motivates others to try the product or company out.

  • It helps to build a reputation. Testimonials give information about why others like your services or products. This is a great way to attract more customers and to build a solid reputation because more and more people will share what they like about your product;
  • It creates trust between your company and customers. This can have a positive impact on the company because when customers tell about their positive experience with your services, they give others a chance to know more about your enterprise;
  • A chance to overcome skepticism. Reviews attract more and more customers, familiarizing them with your services and products, and the way others benefited from cooperating with them;
  • Testimonials are objective. Unlike your own descriptions, testimonials tell about the experience of other users and deliver a clear picture of the pros and cons your product or service has;
  • It gives a chance to learn what others think about the services and products you provide. In such a way, you can improve the qualities of your services and create a tighter bond with your customers. You can ask them for testimonials, creating a separate draft letter. With its help, you can also encourage them to share your feedback with other users and to explain how their testimonial will be used. In case a particular customer has left a comment via a personal letter, you need to ask for permission to make it public. Remember, private feedbacks should never be posted without the previous permission of a client;
  • Testimonials can promote your product or services in case the message is positive (i.e. ‘this company is the best’ or ‘their product is excellent’). It is a great tool to explain all of the benefits of your company or product. For example, ‘XXX company helped to significantly increase the number of sales: from 500 to 1700 in a single month.’ This will greatly improve interest in your company because readers would also want to get the same improvements for their own enterprises and businesses;
  • Testimonials help to prove your points. Quality testimonials will surely explain how your product or company can provide the best services to ensure the prosperity of your enterprise. In addition, they will explain why the service or product is beneficial for a particular group of customers. It will also show that you keep your words and meet all of the expectations. It is one of the most effective ways of attracting more and more customers to your company;
  • Positive testimonials will help your product to stand out. If a big number of reviewers will tell about the benefits of your company, more and more people will be encouraged to choose you instead of your competitors. Through testimonials, users will get more information about your product and will be aware of all the positive effects it has.

Hopefully, this professional writing guide has given you all the information you need to know on writing testimonials and making them one of the most powerful instruments in achieving success!

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