10 Steps to Creating an Outstanding Character Essay Analysis

Character analysis is an essay, which aims to describe a certain character from a book or a popular figure that exists in reality. Such paper is concentrated on personal features and character of an analyzed person. However, a high school character analysis greatly differs from a college one, because it requires more detailed research and has specific demands. Moreover, you also need to follow one of the formatting styles:



If you are a college freshman or have never written a university character analysis before, you should be ready to face lots of requirements, including context, structure and thoughtful analysis. You can include personal stories and experience to support the topic. Below we have gathered the best 10 tips to write a flawless character analysis.


How to write the best character analysis


A thorough research


You must know every feature of the analyzed character, his personal qualities and background. That is why you should gather as much opinions and views, as possible. You should understand that the same character looks completely different in various sources, so it is important to stick not only to the initial book but also to other credible sources. They include:


  • Newspapers;
  • Magazines;
  • Articles;
  • Blogs;
  • Videos.


Shape your ideas with the help of an outline


Outline is not a compulsory part of your character analysis if the opposite is not indicated by your professor. However, it is a very important section for your own convenience, because with its help you will always know what to write about, step-by-step.


Without an outline you can lose track of the general flow of your essay and won’t be able to deliver a quality text. An outline is a plan, a list of all the ideas you want to share with the reader.


Strong introduction and a thesis statement


Every written assignment should always start with an introduction paragraph, which contains a thesis statement in the last sentence. Your goal is to prove the audience that you have serious reasons to write about a chosen character.


You can insert a quote from the source text or provide interesting and unknown details about a person you want to tell about. However, such information should be general, without too much information.



Describe hero’s character


Your body paragraphs should contain information on all of the features you have found about the discussed person. Start with a powerful statement and then support it with evidence. Remind all of the episodes, which prove your point of view. For that purpose you will have to read the book from the first page to the last one.


Write about the key conflict


Even though your task is to discuss a person or a character, you should still explain what the main conflict of the analyzed piece is. This will help you to explain the reader why the analyzed character is good or bad, acts right or wrong, etc. If you are not able to identify the conflict on your own, turn to your professor or a professional writing company!


Use clear language


Some students think that a character analysis doesn’t require academic language and decide to use slang instead. However, your essay should always remain academic and contain clear English. Never use words, which you are not able to find in the vocabulary, as it may greatly lower your final marks.


Make sure you choose a proper character type


Every literature assignment should include specific terms, so when you analyze a character you should always define what his type is:


  • Protagonist (the main hero);
  • Antagonist;
  • Major character;
  • Minor character;
  • Dynamic;
  • Stereotypical;
  • Foils;
  • Single-dimensional;
  • Three-dimensional.


State your position


You need to process various opinions and arguments to show the character both from good and bad sides. In addition, you need to present a fresh look on the plot of the story and on the character himself to interest the reader.


Include questions without an answer


You can tell the audience about unanswered questions from the text or ask them yourself. In such a way, your reader will think about your essay even after finishing it and may even want to continue the research.


Get quality assistance


If you are limited in time and have tens of other assignments to be delivered, we are there to help! Even if you don’t have a wish to work on a character analysis or have no ideas what to write about, there is no need to panic.


Our professional writers and editors are always ready to create an original character analysis for you, meeting all of the demands and requirements.


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