Idioms, Slang or Jargon. What Is and Appropriate Essay Writing Language?

Different types of academic papers require different writing approaches. You will hardly write an expository essay in the same way using the same words as in an argumentative essay. Otherwise, your academic success will be doomed to failure. In other words, a student should be a versatile writer able to choose the write language for a particular type of essay writing. Let’s find out, which is a proper variant and which is not.


using appropriate language in writing


Essay writing language – formality level


Most of the essay papers require formal style. They include cover letters, job applications, journalist notes, etc. On the other hand, you should always consider the type of your target audience when depending the level of formality. A too formal paper may look a bit boring and less engaging. To make things easier for readers, use the following formality levels:


  • Formal style – a typical language of the highest formality level used for unknown audience;
  • Semi-formal – the best bet for essay papers, emails, etc.;
  • Informal – more humorous way of introducing content applicable to friends and relatives.


Essay writing language – jargon


Although we rarely come across this type of language in academic papers, it can still be used in particular context especially when it comes to different social groups that refer to specific nation backgrounds. Using jargon where appropriate may be a good way to grab the attention of the audience adding some style to your paper.


Idioms and slang expressions


Slang appears to be inappropriate language when it comes to academic writing. You are not supposed to right “wanna” or “y’all”. The same thing is with idiomatic expressions like “barking at a wrong tree”. Some students mistakenly think that idioms show a good knowledge of language. However, they appear to degrade the content as well as the overall impression. So, try to avoid them.



How to write an essay using different languages?


It does not matter what type of academic paper you were assigned. Using a proper language and writing style is vital. Keep in mind that essay writing is far from producing articles or novels. You need to follow academic standards in addition to requirements established by your professor. Avoid being arrogant and stick to formal style in addition to the following tips:


  • Sound confident and objective – your language is your face. Make sure it sounds objective and confident even on the paper;
  • Keep an Eye on Tenses – those little guys can be rather tricky. Determine the tenses you are going to use in advance. They will depend on the paper type and topic;
  • Make it Simpler – although the paper is called “academic” it does not actually mean it is supposed to be complicated. Avoid complex sentence structures and make the paper easy to read.


Use strong specific words to express your confidence and expertise. Make sure your paper does not contain vague phrases or words. Keep it simple and clear for the audience.

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