Defining Narrative, Argumentative, Expository Essay Types

Students of all ages face the necessity to complete various types of academic works. Types of assigned papers usually depend on students’ grade and specialization. However, some essay types are included in general education program. It means you inevitably have to write them no matter if you are studying Law or Science. This time we will define the major essay types including Narrative, Argumentative and Expository essays defining their features in addition to useful writing tips.


essay types


Essay type 1 – Narrative essay


Everything looks pretty simple here. All you need is to try a role of a storyteller. Speak to your audience in a written way and tell about any real-life experienced that stroke you in the past. Students like writing narrative essays although the paper may still be rather challenging for immature and amateur writers.


Narrative essay topic examples:


  • The Happiest Family Vacation;
  • My Worst Enemy.


Essay type 2 – Expository essay


College students are familiar with this type of academic paper. They are actually the same as research papers. Here you need to deliver facts merely and support the topic and your point of view. The most challenging aspect of this essay is to arrange all paragraphs, sentences and thoughts establishing a coherence for the reader. Make sure your audience can put up with all facts and data you deliver.



Expository essay topic examples:


  • How do mobile devices affect people’s lives?
  • The results of Communism.


Essay type 3 – Argumentative essay


This is where you need to persuade your readers that you provide the only right point of view. The name of the paper makes it clear that students are supposed to highlight strong arguments in favor of their opinions. Although you are allowed using other experts’ opinions, the main mission of the paper is to design one of your own.


Argumentative essay topic examples:


  • Can mobile devices replace live communication?
  • Is the modern education program efficient when finding a job?


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