100 Assorted Topics for Writing an Excellent Satirical Essay

Many people can identify satire but lack the means to define what it is, or even create it. A satirical essay is not easy to write, with the challenge sprouting from making a cohesive argument with the use of satire as a literal device. With a review of catalogs associated to devices, most writers utilize satire as a means of critique. For example, a writer will use satire to criticize the stupidity and waywardness of any individual or society by applying humor, exaggeration, irony, or mockery. The intention is to advance human nature by criticizing its irrationalities and shortcomings.

100 Assorted Topics for Writing an Excellent Satirical Essay

Bad satirical essays lack humor or irony within the context, with the description just sounding like a normal essay. A well written satirical essay constitutes an assortment of points raised using intricacies of diverse humor types, as a way of creating an all-rounded argument about a specific person or aspect related to the world. Our day-to-day life is surrounded by satirical essay topics even though they are not as evident or direct. As a writer, you should select an interesting satirical essay topic that will give you the will to define a reliable outline and a concrete, witty essay which altogether argues about the major issues society faces. The following are several themes that satirical essay topics are based on:

General Satirical Topics

Humor topics for a satirical essay should be associated with subjects that are light in nature, and consist of an aspect of intrinsic amusement within them. Examples of such are topics related to sports, fashion or entertainment, as they are less serious and easy to make fun of. While trying to select a funny topic, focus on any arising issue within sports, entertainment, or fashion and brainstorm of ways you can ridicule the issue. For example, most movies and sequels are produced under a high budget, which most people are already used to and are growing exhausted with the fiction behind them. A satirical essay topic that can be derived from this could read, “Fiction, the new true story in movie-making.” Or “Surely, works of fiction shall set you free.” Or “How to repeat the same story in so many different ways we already know.” Also, as racial and gender elements of life have become a common topic of debate.

The same format and intellect used to create a satirical topic for the film could be used to create one on sports. First, have a brainstorm of issues that majorly relate to the subject matter and find an element that you can create a light moment from it. For example, many viewers find stunt bike racing as a stupid and risky move since fatal injuries always arise and life can be lost in such a sport. A satirical essay topic that is relevant to such a problem could be “The ride of death: Ways of risking your life for fun.” Or “Ride till you die: How risk is the ultimate excitement in Stunt bike racing.”

Within the field of entertainment, a general issue that can be highlighted is the amount of income amassed. Major Movie actors can accumulate an income of over $20 million in a year. However, how many major developments or community unity efforts have you seen them bring forth, or embark on helping controversial issues affecting a large group of people. Most of them just stick to what they do best and make their money. Their character has entertainment and escapism as part of their routine, with a large check in the bank just for showing them off. Several satirical essay topics can be deduced from this, “Moral duty: movie stars deserve a bigger check for their contribution to society.” Or “Humanity at its best: Movie actors deserve more income for their neighborly attitude towards the greater society.”

You have now understood the topic crafting technique. It is easier for you to develop your own interesting satirical essay topic. You can also take a look at the list below, made up of several humorous topics for a satirical essay.

  1. The Met Gala Event is the epitome of humanity for its Contribution to society
  2. Slim fit fashion models: We need more of them
  3. The $17,000,000 watch: fashion price tags need to go a bit up
  4. The White Models: Minority surely need to be represented less.
  5. Minks and Furs: there is no problem in killing furry creatures for fashion innovation.
  6. Misrepresentation of other cultures in fashion has its own advantages.
  7. Perfect beauty in models: the best way to encourage a young girl’s self-esteem
  8. Fashion and photo manipulation: unrealistic standards need more recognition
  9. Rolling with the flow: you should buy another $1000 suit to match up your $1000 suit.
  10. All fake everything: sensible expectations within the fashion scene
  11. Beauty is power: the new sensation that young girls crave for.
  12. A diet for your health: the beer and cigarette buffet
  13. Advantages of child labor: children tailors are beneficial for the fashion industry.
  14. Trainer shoes worldwide: keeping the fashion word running a step at a time.
  15. Separation of social classes: high-end designers and the $30,000 dress
  16. Why Mark Walberg is a fit candidate for the presidency
  17. Ways to compensate more the efforts made by professional athletes
  18. There is money without education: reasons professional sports leagues should withdraw the college requirement option.
  19. Dumb but wealthy: no harm is done having uneducated professional athletes
  20. The all-white experience: why we need more racial based phrases with ethnic slurs
  21. Express your feeling: why athletes don’t need the post-game handshake
  22. The verification technology in sports should not be used: here’s why
  23. Drug tests carried out on professional athletes should be banned
  24. Steroid use should be encouraged in sports. Here’s why
  25. College athletes should be awarded why more cash despite their big scholarship deal
  26. Aging movie stars need more checks despite the millions they have cashed in already
  27. The need for more expensive movie tickets: why the normal price should be raised
  28. Scantily dressed women in films should be given more roles: here’s why
  29. Why the movie scene should come up with more white superheroes
  30. Straight, white males: why they are the epitome o quality in the movie business
  31. The movie scene: why we need more movies themed with despair
  32. Sex and Violence: why we need more of this in movies
  33. Storytelling: why it is the most boring thing to try
  34. Flashy cars and jewelry: why music superstars need to spend more on this.

Satirical Essay Topics for High School

Topics that are related to the high school teaching methodology level should focus on specific aspects. This includes the daily occurrences in high school life, responsibilities, and peer pressure among other themes. They should focus and limit themselves to the high school age bracket. For instance, if a satirical essay topic should embark on a theme describing stresses of high school life, provoke ridicule on the pressures encountered by students during this period. An example of a satirical topic essay under this theme is “Why finishing high school is a sad experience.” This topic ridicules the pressures encountered in high school by students while they struggle to achieve the requirements of joining college. Another example of a satirical essay topic is “why you shouldn’t worry about your SAT score.” This is another point of pressure, and resulting stress students go through while in high school. The SAT is well known as a curriculum determinant to get into the best college for the possibility of a bright future.

The academic life in high school can also be ridiculed to come up with a relevant, satirical essay topic. Some examples of topics deduced from this may read. “Studying literature is a waste of time: 7 reasons why” or “no need to stress on reading in your final weeks, you will excel.” The above topics mock the importance of students studying for their exams in the final weeks to grasp what they were taught and effectively answer their final exams with confidence. For instance, advanced math is a subject which many students struggle to grasp when taught. Writing an essay that ridicules the importance of this subject would be prudent and relatable. Example topics “Why you need to fantasize through your math lesson” or “100 reasons you should know: why math is not as important as people think.” Both topics effectively express satire about the theme of the subject in question.

There exist several other satirical essay topics related to college life that highlight the cunning social world that high school life forces its student to undergo. For instance, the topic “being an introvert and a loner is the new popular style” ridicules the social clichés that high school students experience. Additionally, the essay topic “Being the teacher’s favorite guarantees social popularity” mocks a situation that attributes to social exile in high school.

Utilizing this form of ridicule based on the common stressors experienced in high school is a guaranteed method of creating an interesting satirical essay topic. The following are examples.

  1. Being a snitch assures you social support
  2. An unreasonable attitude is key to receiving both social love and hate
  3. Popular kids should be treated like gods
  4. Missing lessons define your independence
  5. Reasons why you should only talk to people of your social standards
  6. Slack off and let the book warmers keep the academic finesse
  7. You need to dress to impress in high school: reasons why
  8. Reasons why you should not consult teachers for help
  9. Bullying should be legalized in high school
  10. Reasons to mock students you do not like
  11. Reasons to always hand in your homework late
  12. No need to actively contribute in class: Reasons why
  13. Your future depends on partying all weekends
  14. Your rights: reasons to use your cellular device in class
  15. Nothing exceeds the power of social media following
  16. Extracurricular activities: Party and have fun instead
  17. Evidence that your teachers wish the worst for you
  18. No need to pay attention in class: reasons why
  19. Why you don’t need to ask for guidance in matters, you don’t understand
  20. You need a new hobby: reasons why college prep classes are irrelevant
  21. Studying for your SAT is a waste of time: here’s why
  22. Being part of a social cliché is prudent in creating a meaningful life
  23. Your happiness matters the most, even when compared to acing your GPA
  24. All lessons taught in high school are crap: here’s why
  25. 50 effective ways to enrage your teacher
  26. Always fight back: reasons to engage a bully
  27. The joy in losing tangible friendships
  28. The positive outcomes of sneaking your pet to school
  29. School safety is a waste of resources and time. Here’s why
  30. Eat junk, promote the health of your mind and body
  31. You don’t need a sports hobby to learn teamwork
  32. Good reasons teachers need to be overpaid
  33. How best to show your teacher you intend not to listen
  34. The social popularity in being sent to the principal’s office.

To come up with a well-written satire essay topic connecting to the high school level, you are to focus on the elements that are stressors to the students, not forgetting the expectations demanded from them. Ridicule of these issues will ensure you come up with several topics under this type of essay.

The year 2018 Satirical Essay Topics

A satirical essay topic that directly associates with the year 2018 should place its focus on the events, milestones and any popular outrages that occurred during this period. For instance, most of these essays should utilize the presidency of Donald Trump as a theme for ridicule. His unconventional way of leadership offers enough material for you to work with as a writer. For example, a satirical essay topic can be like “Why competent leaders lack consistency.” Such a topic mocks President Trump’s unconventional ways of leadership. Another topic example includes “Interruption during a debate is prudent” or “Trump’s policy for building a wall is one of the best foreign policy, reasons why.” All these questions ridicule Donald trump’s presidency, which are events that occurred in 2018.

Another popular topic of the year 2018 is the “Me too” movement, which started in 2017 but has since then grown up to date. This movement was responsible for exposing highly ranked officials who were abusing their power of the office. This movement also helped unmask abuses that have been done in the field on entertainment, politics, corporate levels, broadcasting among other fields. As a trending subject, satirizing it requires utmost care since it’s still expressing concern as a hot topic of discussion. For example, a topic like “No need for equal responsibilities in the workplace” satirizes issues women face in the workplace, and still can be utilized to highlight the ongoing trend. Another topic can be “Harassment is not that serious, deal with it” which ridicules the need to report and record a statement about instances of harassment in the workplace. Another audacious topic can be “R. Kelly for president” which satirizes the disrespect and indecency the singer R. Kelly has on women.

While finding a way to develop a relevant list of satirical essay topics, you should focus on the major issues that were highlights of the year 2018. The environmental issues still hold ground as a source of 2018 satirical essay topics. Here is a list of satirical essay topics relating to the year 2018:

  1. Carbon discharges are harmless
  2. Throw your garbage anywhere, anyhow
  3. The ocean should be used as a dumping site
  4. Eco-friendly vehicles are way hyped
  5. Humanity cannot do without greenhouse gases
  6. Eating fruits and vegetables is just an insignificant need for luxury
  7. The advantages of global warming to humanity
  8. The fun in pollution of people’s parks
  9. Take part in the ocean oil spill exercise
  10. Safe air travel is overrated
  11. It should be legal to carry your firearm in an airplane
  12. Reasons why you should avoid listening to the flight attendant
  13. Life is short, ignore the seatbelt sign on an airplane
  14. Getting comfortable: scary words to say to your seatmate in an airplane
  15. The safety in racial profiling
  16. Advantages of shooting first
  17. Providing justice: police should not pay for shooting innocent people
  18. Society is at a better place with police brutality
  19. Keeping racism intact and applicable through police brutality
  20. Intrigues women love sexual harassment in the workplace.
  21. Women don’t need workplace safety. Reasons why
  22. Organizational profit strategy: pay women less, award more to men
  23. Best examples of the greatness in a leader who lies
  24. Narcissism as a core leadership mannerism
  25. Reasons why immigrants are the architects of all crimes
  26. Benefits of the turnover in the cabinet of a president
  27. Alternative facts give total meaning to a specified aspect in question
  28. Self-ambition is the critical factor towards great leadership
  29. Truthful leaders are useless to the greatness of the American people
  30. How nepotism solves any leadership hurdles


Creating a satirical essay topic is easy and straightforward when specific aspects are considered. After creating a relevant topic, come up with amusing points that will give flesh to your topic of discussion. The identified amusing point will highlight the social issue in question, problem, injustice or any other negative social issue that needs to be addressed. While having fun writing this essay, do not forget to highlight the relevant issues. This will give your work a logical flow of ideas.

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