How to Complete a 1000-Word Essay

For some students, the number 1000 may seem quite frightening and impressive, and the assignment of a 1000-word essay can sound impossible to complete. However, we can assure you that there is nothing difficult and you can easily master the task simply by following a few rules.


1000-word essay


If you want to know more about such an essay, you should first know how much time you will need. Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear answer, as every topic and subject differs, and you may need a different amount of time and energy depending on your mood and aspirations. You may be so inspired that it will only take you a day to write a 1000-word essay on a topic you are interested in or you may require a month just to find necessary information.



The main advice here is to always make one step further. Even if you feel like you are not in the mood or don’t know where to start, just keep going. You may need a bit more time to get started or to find necessary sources to start writing your essay.


If you feel like you are about to drop everything, take a break, meet friends or grab a coffee to brighten your day and get fresh ideas.


1000-words essay writing


Useful tips on writing a 1000-word essay


  • Select a proper topic. Most of the times, students should select a topic on their own and it is a big plus, as you can find the most suitable subject to discuss. However, you may find it challenging if you don’t know what your interests are. In such a case, you can select a topic, which has a lot of free materials and credible sources online. This will help you to collect the material and back your thoughts on academic data. However, try to choose a topic without an emotional involvement and subjectivity;
  • Create an outline. Every paper should have a sort of a skeleton, which will make it much easier to write a 1000-word or any other essay. There are many websites and articles, which provide samples and outlines of such essays to give you a general idea about how to build your paper. Just follow their recommendations and you will find it very easy to complete a great essay;
  • Don’t forget about the structure. As almost any other written assignment, your 1000-word essay should consist of such parts, as introduction, body and conclusions. The first section gives general information on the topic, catching interest of the audience and engaging the reader. The body paragraph is the biggest part of the whole paper and it states all your thoughts on the subject, backed with various arguments and facts. In conclusions you need to sum everything up, concentrating on the obtained results and making predictions for the future. Of course, this structure may differ depending on your topic, so you can search ‘100-word essay samples’ online and choose the one, which is similar to yours;
  • Write an original essay. It may sound obvious but too many students neglect this simple rule, trying to download ready papers. On one hand, it may be a simple way out but it won’t contribute to your grades and definitely won’t help the future of the topic. Who knows, maybe your generated ideas will be so brilliant that they will change the industry? Believe in yourself and try to work on the subject on your own, avoiding temptation of downloading a ready paper.


Once you have followed all these rules and created a proper structure, you will find it very simple to complete a 1000-word essay. The only question will be how to limit your original and fresh ideas to 1000 words.

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