49 Tips on How to Cheat at College

Do you remember that frigging fear, when you enter your class to take a test and understand that you remember nothing on the subject? You may have missed the classes or spent a previous night out, so there wasn’t enough time to study. Or you just wanted to relax and spend your time in a better way. In all such cases, you may want to cheat to save yourself and not to worsen your grades.


49 tips how to cheat on college


We have collected 49 tips on how to save you from a disastrous test and help to sleep better at night. If you think that you are the only one to cheat, relax! According to the latest study, over 60% of all the students cheat in the class.


  1. Ask a friend. This one is probably the most popular way of cheating and only requires a reliable friend, who will be willing to assist you. Provide him with all the necessary notes and make sure he has internet connection to be able to get all the information fast. You will only need to text him a message with a question and wait for an answer;
  2. Use an earpiece. If you like spy movies, you will definitely like this method. Just buy an earpiece with a Bluetooth and record lectures beforehand. You will be able to listen to them and extract all the necessary information;
  3. Take a bottle with you. Make small notes and put them inside the wrapper. You can open them any time and no one will understand that your bottle is not for drinking!
  4. Classical method. You can make notes on any item you are allowed to take to the test. This can be a calculator, a ruler or an index card. You can use it any time you need and your professor won’t suspect anything;
  5. Order online. This type of an assistance is applicable for written tests, like essays or reports. You can hire an online writing company and give them all the details of the task. Then you will only need to check it on plagiarism to make sure it is original and memorize the paper before the test;
  6. Use your arms. You can make notes on your hand and a forearm, covering them with a sleeve. In such a way, no one will notice it and you will easily get access to the information any time you need;
  7. Take a mechanical pencil with you. This one is a simple trick: write down the notes on a tiny sheet of paper, roll it and put inside the barrel;
  8. Look at your neighbor’s work. Make sure he has excellent skills on the topic, as you may fail if rewriting answers of someone, who is also not good at the subject;
  9. Search online. If you can pull out your smartphone in the class, just type the request in your browser and get all the information you need. You can also go to the bathroom and find all the data;
  10. Stretch a rubber band and write down all the notes you may need. When it gets back to its usual size, there won’t be any trace of the notes and you will only need to stretch it again if you need help;
  11. Ask for a sample. If your friend or any other student is holding a test before you, ask him to make a photo of the test. You will be able to prepare the answers or learn them by heart before starting the test on your own;
  12. Buy a smart watch. You can make all the notes on your smartphone and simply link it with a smart watch. In such a way, you can ‘check the time’ and get all the information you may need;
  13. Make a hole in your eraser and put notes inside;
  14. Take a bigger eraser and write all the answers on it. If professor is approaching, simply erase the answers with a smaller one;
  15. Learn while sleeping. Play an audio version of the lectures, while you are asleep. Scientists say that you will remember all the information and will be able to use it any time you need;
  16. Print a mini-book. Type all the notes, print them and cut small squares, making a sort of a booklet;
  17. Take an mp3 pen, which contains all the information you may need;
  18. Just put all the notes you need to the inside of the hat;
  19. Write down the notes on the inside of your hat and put it on your table. Consult your hat any time you need assistance;
  20. Use a rubber part of the shoes to make all the notes and use it, when you need to get the answers;
  21. Get a partner. Cooperate with another student and share answers. Two heads may be much better than one!
  22. Look for clues. Look around as if you are thinking about something and try to search for the answers. There may be posters with diagrams or data on the walls of your classroom;
  23. Go to the bathroom. Excuse yourself as if you need to pee and simply use your phone or consult a friend to get all the answers you need;
  24. Put your thighs together and place all the notes between them. Your professor will never suspect that you are holding notes there!
  25. Use the ‘sneezing system’. Partner with a friend, who can make sneezes with the answers. For example ‘be-choo’ for an answer ‘B’;
  26. Learn one half of the test and leave the second one to your friend. Sit near to each other on a test and share the answers. This is a great way to get excellent grades without spending too much time over books;
  27. Use gestures with a friend to share the answers. You may even learn a basic sign language;
  28. For advanced students, there is a ‘morse code’. For example, one tap goes to the answer ‘A’, two taps for ‘B’ and so on;
  29. Wear a tie and use its back to hide all the necessary notes;
  30. Take a gum with you and put the answers inside of its wrapper;
  31. A belt buckle calculator. Yes, you heard it! If you are not allowed to take a calculator to the class, you may use the one, which is hidden in the buckle of a belt;
  32. Write down all the answers you need on a bookmark, placed in your textbook. Replace it with the next one if necessary;
  33. Pretend that you are using a calculator on your smartphone and consult the notes instead;
  34. Light inks. Use them to make notes on the index cards and your tutor won’t see them;
  35. Replace the tests. This one is quite tricky but guarantees that you will get the highest grade. Ask your friend to take a photo of the test, print it at home and fill in all the answer to pass at the classroom;
  36. Consult Wikipedia. You can download their app or simply enter the website from your browser. It is a perfect place to get brief information on a subject;
  37. Another favorite trick for all the lovers of spy movies is to buy an ink for a black light and take it with you to the class;
  38. Use a skirt. Hide all the notes under your skirt and your tutor won’t be able to check whether you have any hidden answers. Unfortunately, this is an option only for the girls;
  39. Buy a see-through pen and put all your notes inside of it;
  40. Make all the notes on a small sheet of paper and put them inside the case of your calculator. Any time your professor is approaching, close the case;
  41. Take an electronic dictionary, which contains all the notes you need. Most professors mistakenly take such dictionaries for a calculator;
  42. Make pictures of the study materials and open them on your phone at the class or while you are in the bathroom;
  43. Use an invisible ink to make notes on your desk. Any time you need answers, you will only have to use an ultraviolet light and no one will suspect anything;
  44. Put a blank sheet of paper over the one, which contains the answers. Put it aside if you need access to the notes or return to its place if the tutor is approaching;
  45. Contact anyone, who is online via various messaging apps or social media and ask for help. It will be even better if you can do it in a hall or in a bathroom;
  46. Buy spyglasses, which play the video of the notes or a textbook. This is quite a costly option but definitely one of the coolest ones;
  47. Reproduce your ‘cheat sheet’ with a laser pen. However, you should be sitting on the back row of the class;
  48. If you are assigned to complete a written assignment but you are running out of time, you can artificially increase the margins, fonts, spaces and so on;
  49. Learn! Of course, cheating in the class is much simpler but you can take some time and study to get the highest scores without any harm.



Use an appropriate and the most suitable way for a particular situation and you will surely get high grades and save your time to prepare for the test.

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