Best Ideas For Essay About Health

Nowadays medicine is developing at high speeds, offering solutions and innovations in multiple fields. However, there are many situations, when the topic is too complicated: disability, euthanasia, cancer, mental diseases and much more.

This is our reality, and we need to cope with ourselves. That is why medical students and students, who study health issues, often have a task to write about health. In this article, Tutoriage writing service will assist you in finding catchy issues, which will help to make your health essay impressive and strong.


Best Ideas For Essay About Health

How to Choose a Good Topic

Sometimes tutors give a certain topic to write about, so you don’t need to feel stressed about looking something crucial to discuss. You don’t need to make a decision which phenomenon or disease is urgent and what should be covered as soon as possible. In such a situation you can breathe out, relax and simply look for information online or in libraries.

However, if you need to choose the topic on your own, you will have to collect all the ideas or get familiar with essay examples online. It may seem like a simpler path at first, but you need to be extra careful. Make sure you gather all of your strength and devote a few hours or even days to choosing a powerful essay topic.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have some ideas about choosing a topic or are only getting started:  below we have collected ideas on the most popular and catchy topics, which can boost your creativity!



Nowadays more and more people decide not to eat meat or animal origin products. This leads to an increasing amount of vegetarian cafes and vegan restaurants.

Some people feel sorry for animals. Others have problems with digestion. There are those, who take meat consumption for granted and those, who are quite definite. That is why the question of whether to eat meat or not is very debatable. Here are the topics, which you can use:

  • Flaws of being a vegetarian;
  • How vegans and vegetarians differ? What is the potential influence on health?
  • Drawbacks of nutrition without meat;
  • Can being a vegan heal our body and soul?
  • Compare changes, which happened to your health, when you stopped eating meat.


Extra Weight and Anorexia

The modern world is full of limits, so women of all ages feel stressed about not looking like top models, who fill in pages of newspapers and websites. This leads to a rising amount of anorexia or extra weight cases.

These two conditions are very dangerous because they can not only be harmful to health but also lead to death. Apart from covering nutrition issues, this subtopic includes emotional and psychological subjects.

This makes such a topic worth a discussion. Here are some of the issues you can use:

  • What causes obesity and other eating disorders?
  • How to cope with bulimia and anorexia?
  • Influence of feminism on the popularity of anorexia;
  • Impact of weight disorders on behavior;
  • How to cure bulimia?
  • Cult of low weight in modern culture.



Our world is spinning so fast that we can’t cope with all the daily tasks.  Such an attitude causes lots of health issues, including insomnia. Majority of people simply can’t sleep and instead watch movies or surf their browsers just to kill time.

Most of the people don’t even treat insomnia as an illness and can’t understand that it leads to serious consequences. The topics below will help you to write an essay on insomnia:

–    Insomnia: causes and effects;

–    How to put an end to insomnia?

–    Influence of test preparations on a quality sleep;

–    Sleeping pills: do they cure or harm your health?

–    Traditional medicine in treating insomnia;

–    What can cause long-lasting insomnia?


Mental Diseases

Mental diseases are quite controversial subjects, so you need to be careful when deciding to choose one of them.

In such an essay you can discuss obsessions, phobias, addictions and much more. Just find anything you consider interesting and start researching the issue. Let us have a look at such topics:

  • The essence of bipolar disorder;
  • How to treat bipolar disorder psychologically;
  • A positive influence of cognitive therapy on mental disorders;
  • How mental disorders of childhood and adolescence differ?
  • Impact of antidepressants on managing depression;
  • How childhood abuse influences the development of various disorders?


Health Care Services

The cost of health services remains one of the most critical issues. However, there are still free services in some of the hospitals. Unfortunately, both of the options have their minuses, so every person needs to decide whether to spend huge amounts of money, to feel more secure or to choose free services and have doubts on the quality of services. These options greatly vary, so discussing this topic can be a big plus:

  • Pros and cons of free and paid treatment;
  • Should health care be free or must we pay for it?
  • Benefits of health insurance;
  • Self-treatment: how it affects our health?
  • Comparison of private and public hospitals;
  • The real cost of free treatment.



Euthanasia is a very contradictory issue, and every country decides whether to legalize it or not. Some are strongly against it, while others don’t mind helping those, who are in constant pain.

However, there are no people, who have a clear opinion on the topic. It is quite similar to the issues of a death penalty, but the difference is in the subject’s roles: the criminal and a terminally ill person. Who has a right to get relief? If you have ideas on this topic, you are always welcome to share them.

  • Can death be a solution for a patient?
  • An attitude of Americans to euthanasia;
  • Do patients have a right to die?
  • Moral aspects of euthanasia;
  • Benefits and drawbacks of euthanasia;
  • Compare the attitude of different countries to euthanasia.


Steps of Your Essay

When you have chosen the topic, it is the right time to write an outline and decide what type of an essay and style you will choose.

There is a huge variety of writing styles and essay types, so it is important to choose the one, which will reflect your topic in the best way. We recommend you to stick to a cause and effect essay if else is not indicated.

Below are a few tips, which will help you along the way:

  • Edit your essay. It is an important part of writing an essay, so be very careful and attentive, when checking your work. If something seems out of place, you should find a way to improve it. Even if it is your first essay, you should definitely pay attention to editing and proofreading;
  • Look for essay examples online. They can greatly simplify your life, boost creativity and help to explore the options you have. Surf through several examples, and you will get an overall idea of what to write about. Analyze examples, and you will avoid many common mistakes;
  • Pay attention to the conclusion. It is a very important part of your work because here you must summarize everything you have stated in your work in a shorter manner. This section aims to motivate the reader and leave a positive aftertaste;
  • Make short breaks, when writing your essay. Don’t forget to give yourself some rest and enough time to think about all the ideas you have. There is no need to waste all of your energy at once – proper rest will help you to stay focused and concentrated;
  • Never force yourself to write about an issue if you lack necessary thoughts and words. You should be genuinely interested in the subject. Only in such way you will succeed!


Final Thoughts

This article aimed to show you what a health essay is about, how to choose an appropriate topic and how to write the paper in the best way.  It doesn’t matter whether you have already been assigned with a topic or you have just chosen one: always follow your heart and remain interested in the subject.

If you are passionate about the topic, you will be able to find necessary information, remain focused and deliver an outstanding assignment. Good luck!


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