Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Definition of a Cause and Effect Essay


All objects, events and phenomena – everything in this world is connected. Some connections are obvious for us, but we do not even have an idea about many of them. Even if it’s not visible or obvious in the beginning, every cause has its outcomes.


One of the written tasks for a student is a cause and effect essay. When designing one, a student has to describe one event/object/phenomenon and present its outcomes. In our guide you will find useful tips on how to write an ace cause and effect essay.


Cause And Effect Essay Topics


The goal of this kind of essay is to help the student develop their analytical skills. It is done through exploration and analysis of a given decision or event and definition of its results. It means that your essay should be logically structured, and show that you know a lot about the topic you write about.


Through this essay students express the connection between different things. A student is to provide the process of how a decision/phenomenon/event influences the writer themselves, other people, and other events. When writing a cause and effect essay a student not only has to describe the cause and its effects but also answer two questions Why? and How?.


Skills Students Develop When Writing a Cause and Effect Essay


Every task has its purpose. Not always writing an essay is a pleasure. Quite often students do it just because they have to do it. However, the execution of this task will give you benefits not only in the form of a good grade. When you deal with a cause and effect essay you develop a number of skills:


  • Writing skills. The more you write, the more efforts you invest in your work, the better you become.
  • Organizational skills. If you approach things you need to do when you are organized you do them better. Writing this essay you will help yourself become more organized. How? You learn how to organize the information you have in a logical order. You may have lots of different effects of one event, but you need to put them in the right sequence, define the level of their significance. Such an approach will help your reader understand the subject better.
  • Accuracy about details. Being attentive to details helps us in many situations. When you deal with a cause and effect essay you do not need to describe things obvious for everyone. You should aim at going deeper into details and notice what others cannot see. This will make your essay extremely interesting.
  • Objective thinking. When you write a cause and effect essay you should put your emotions and your personal attitudes away. Thinking objectively is what you should do completing this task – providing facts and their reasonable outcomes.



What to Write About


Same like other types of essays, this one can tell about anything in our world. Things, people, events, actions that surround you every day can become a great topic for your cause and effect essay. Everything has its reasons and outcomes and it means you are unlimited in your choice of topic.


Some of the areas of interest include:


  • events in the world
  • historical events
  • politics
  • social life
  • ecological issues
  • technologies
  • relationships between people
  • family life
  • education
  • healthcare
  • science


Cause and Effect Essay Structure


Despite essays may have different goals and styles, all of them have a certain structure. Structure is what helps the writer distribute the entire information logically, highlight key points and make the essay easy to read. The structure includes introductory part, body part and conclusion.


Being aware of the essay structure helps students compiling an outline of their paper. Outline or a plan helps to keep strict to the topic of your essay and provide information in the right order. A typical outline for a cause and effect essay contains:


  • Introductory part in which you should strive to attract the attention of your audience, describe the topic you will be talking further and present the benefits of your audience from reading your essay. In this part you give your thesis.
  • Body where you provide causes and effects of the event/phenomenon you write about. This is central and biggest in volume part of your essay. You should normally divide into several paragraphs. Their number would depend on the quantity of facts you have. It is possible to use different approaches: first, you name causes first and provide their effects afterwards; second, you give one cause and its outcome, and so on.
  • Conclusive part. This is last but not the least part in your cause and effect essay. This is the last thing your readers will read in your essay this is why it should be written well to leave a good impression. In conclusion you summarize everything you said before, indicate the significance of your topic, and insert call for action.

Different Outlines


It should be obvious for you by now that making a good outline is the direct path to writing a winning composition. All the parts of the essay should be logically linked and have good reasoning. Depending on the essay topic and the materials you have your outlines can be different.


Multiple Causes Lead to One Outcome


If the event you describe had multiple causes that all together lead to one outcome, your essay outline will be as follows:


  • Introductory part
  • Body part:
  • cause 1
  • cause 2
  • cause 3 (or more)
  • Effects
  • Conclusive part


Example: Topic: Poor sanitation, disease and undercooked food as causes of diarrhea. The outcomes can be different: from intoxication to death.


One Cause Leads to Many Outcomes


Quite often students are asked to describe one event/decision/phenomenon that caused multiple effects. I this case the outline should be as follows:


  • Introductory part
  • Body part:
  • effect 1
  • effect 2
  • cause 3 (or more)
  • Conclusive part


Example: Topic: Corruption in government leads to country’s overborrowing. The results can be many: decrease in wages, increase in taxes, increased cost of living, etc.


Multiple Causes Lead to Multiple Outcomes


Another format of this type of essay when the topic a student has to describe had multiple reasons that lead to multiple effects. Such essays can be rather difficult to write because a student has to be much focused on the details, stick to logical structure and not miss anything important. In this case the outline will be as follows:


  • Introductory part
  • Body part:
  • cause 1
  • effect 1 leading to cause 2
  • effect 2 leading to cause 3
  • effect 3 leading to cause 4 (or more)
  • Conclusive part


Example: Topic: A large number of road accidents are caused by drunken drivers. The effects can be multiple: road accident may lead to death of people, their death will cause their relatives to grief. Another line of outcomes is that drunken drivers may be fined, imprisoned. Another line of outcomes is the damage to the vehicle.


Tips for Writing a Winning Cause and Effect Essay


Obtaining new skills and talking on the subject you like can be cool. However, process of composing a cause and effect composition causes stress in many students. The tips below will help you stay cool and ease the writing process:


  • Differentiate between cause and effect. It is unlikely you will not be able to differentiate between causes and effects, but still give it a minute to see what the catalyst is and what the consequences are.
  • Conduct research. Whatever your topic is, no matter how good you know it, you have to conduct research. Read additional information, find out the opinion of other authors on this topic, try to expand your limits and look at the issue at different angle.
  • Logical connections. The effects you provide have to be strongly and directly connected to the causes. If you are uncertain and there are no proofs of the connection between an effect and a cause it is better to leave it.
  • Make quality your preference. Analyze the depth and strength of the link between a cause and effect. If it is vague, do not include it in your essay. It is better to write less but give good support to your words, than pile lots of information without good reasoning.
  • Choose your method. The methods of presenting information were provided above. See what kind of information you have, what type of event/phenomenon/decision you describe, thus you will be able to present information in logical order.
  • Transit from one point to another smoothly. Remember, all the parts of your essay should be connected between each other. Transition words will help you make the transition smooth: because, due to, resulting from this, etc.
  • Provide proofs. All your words should be supported by good evidences. It is not enough just to say this effect was caused by this.
  • Do not exaggerate. Do not try to increase the impact of your essay by exaggeration. Provide only proven facts.
  • Put emotions away. In a cause and effect essay you should not provide your personal attitude to something. The aim is to provide facts and stay objective about your judgment.
  • Stick to your purpose. When you write a cause-effect composition your aim is providing your audience with the information about effects of a certain cause/causes. You should not try to pursue your reader in certain point of view.


Winning Topics for a Cause and Effect Essay


In some cases topic for essays are provided by supervisors. However, quire often students are free to come up with the topics on their own. This can be a bit stressful, this is why we have prepared a list of winning topics in different subjects.


Good Topics


  • What causes voter apathy?
  • What are the effects of parents divorce on a child?
  • Can relationships be affected by abortion?
  • What are the reasons for poverty in America?
  • What makes obesity increase in the US?
  • Do violent video games affect children’s psyche?
  • What are the effects of being addicted to sports?
  • Why more and more students drop education and what it will lead to?
  • Why people spend more money on online shopping?
  • What is the impact of technologies on human society?
  • What effects does feminism have on marriage?
  • What causes air pollution of what are the consequences?


Relationships and Family


  • What are the reasons for cheating on your partner?
  • What can living together before marriage lead to?
  • How does growing up in a one-parent family affect us?
  • What is the impact of spending holidays together for family relationships?
  • Destructive relationships between siblings: causes and effects




  • Is there one decisive factor for environment changes?
  • Does human intrusion into nature have positive or negative effect on our planet?
  • What causes climatic catastrophes?
  • Human intrusion on planet: good or bad?
  • What are the possible consequences of global warming?


Social Life


  • How is community affected by frequent violence?
  • Is real life communication influenced by social networks?
  • Why there are so many poor people in big cities?
  • What effect does lack of freedom have on people?
  • Living in poor housing: possible effects




  • How is youth affected by internet?
  • How modern technologies influence kids?
  • How useful is it to apply modern technologies in the study process?
  • What impact does progress have on environment?
  • What helped Japan develop so fast?




  • What effect will have changing of major subject during the study process?
  • What are the effects of becoming a top student?
  • What will happen if a student fails an exam?
  • What happens if a student gets caught cheating at exam?
  • Why should students be involved in extra curriculum activities?




  • How is our general health affected by our diet?
  • Should teenagers be vaccinated?
  • How is it to have smallpox when you are adult?
  • What does long-term smoking lead to?
  • If you don’t sleep during your preparations for exams what are the possible effects?




  • How eating seafood does effects our health?
  • What are the benefits of being a vegetarian?
  • What are the outcomes of eating a lot of fast food?
  • What are the outcomes of eating food with GMO?
  • What causes loss of appetite?




  • Why are comedies so popular?
  • What impact has listening to favourite music on us?
  • Free music download: outcomes for a singer
  • What are the possible effects of addiction to video games?


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