Perfect Causal Essay Topics

Causal Essay: Definition

A causal essay is quite easy to distinguish from other essay types: it answers a simple question ‘Why?’ However, in cases when the author is not able to provide a clear answer to the question, this essay can be called a hypothesizing one.

Causal Essay: Definition

When working on the causal essay, the writer’s main goal is to describe events and then to provide a distinct answer. Don’t forget to back your answer with proof and reasoning, because without them your essay will look like a simple personal opinion without strong arguments.

Here are a few types of questions that a causal essay answers:

  • Why do people act in a particular way?
  • Why do certain events happen?
  • Why a particular issue causes a tendency?
  • Why did it happen?

Causal Essay Topics Depending on Subject

Conduct Topics

  1. Why do people have irrational fears?
  2. Why some people get addicted to betting, while others don’t get hooked?
  3. Why some people succeed in over passing bad circumstances, like violence or shortage of money?
  4. Why do we fall in love from a scientific point of view?
  5. Why the feeling of love fades away?
  6. Why do we fall in love at first sight?
  7. Why do elderly people forget different things?
  8. Why can’t we live without sleep?
  9. Why some motions are stored in the memory of our muscles?
  10. Why do we have scary dreams?
  11. Why do people prefer staying married to one person during entire life?
  12. Why do we have short- and long-term memory?
  13. Why do people have dyslexia?
  14. Why people react physically in frightening situations?
  15. Why do we yawn or hiccup?
  16. Why do people tell lies?
  17. Why do people snore?
  18. Why first-born kids achieve more success in life?
  19. Why do people blush?
  20. Why do we hate particular people?
  21. Why can we feel certain things that are close to us even with our eyes shut?
  22. Why some people are shy and others – outgoing?
  23. Why drugs cause addiction?
  24. Why do we crave sugar?


  1. Why do teenagers disobey parents?
  2. Why do teenagers have acne?
  3. Why do teenagers sleep so much?
  4. Why some teenagers harm themselves?
  5. Why do some adolescents kill themselves?
  6. Why is sexting so popular?
  7. Why teenagers don’t like reading?
  8. Why do teenagers switch partners so often?
  9. Why don’t teenagers donate blood eagerly?
  10. Why teenagers don’t like to vote?
  11. Why teenagers love graffiti so much?
  12. Why some youngsters join gangs?
  13. Why some teenagers prefer to become homeless?
  14. Why do university and college students often become heavy drinkers?
  15. Why do youngsters use drugs?
  16. Why adolescents are so obsessed about demonstrating individuality?
  17. Why female teenagers mature faster?
  18. Why are teenagers so obsessed with celebrities?
  19. Why do youngsters require more iron and protein than adults?
  20. Why do teenagers learn languages faster?
  21. Why are teenagers more hopeful?
  22. Why do marriages among youngsters end quickly?


  1. Why are tails necessary?
  2. Why do pets love to be caressed?
  3. Why do elderly people, who have pets, live longer and healthier lives?
  4. Why did people domesticate wolves?
  5. Why do wolves howl?
  6. Why do birds migrate?
  7. Why do birds construct complicated nests?
  8. Why do cats continue to hunt even though they are fed at home?
  9. Why most of the cats love sleeping in closed and dark places?
  10. Why cats show their emotions by kneading and purring?
  11. Why dogs swallow weird things?
  12. Why is it good for children to have pets?
  13. Why microorganisms are so important for humanity?
  14. Why insects are considered the most prosperous creatures on Earth?
  15. Why bugs love light sources so much?
  16. Why nature has curative influence?
  17. Why some animals are about to be extinct?
  18. Why do dogs of big sizes live less compared to small dogs?
  19. Why do big animals live better in bad weather conditions?
  20. Why are animals afraid, when they see people?
  21. Why do people continue to conduct studies and experiments on animals?
  22. Why do particular species of insects make loud sounds?
  23. Why tidewater and currents of air occur?
  24. Why jellyfish or certain types of insects sparkle?


  1. Why do so many people in the US don’t like Obamacare?
  2. Why do particular European countries, like Greece face massive financial crises?
  3. Why AIDS is so spread across Africa?
  4. Why so many Japanese people don’t want to get married? Why do they commit so many suicides?
  5. Why does Donald Trump continue to be an active Twitter user?
  6. Why didn’t the Arab Spring Movement reach its goal by establishing democratic regimes?
  7. Why terrorist attackers often use cars?
  8. Why American police faces so many attacks lately?
  9. Why Donald Trump won presidential elections?
  10. Why did the Chinese government decide to change the law, which stated that each family was allowed to have only one child?
  11. Why neo-nazi, groups that originated in Germany, are so popular nowadays?
  12. Why tornados and typhoons are occurring more and more often these days?
  13. What were the factors that lead to conflicts in the Middle East, and eventually caused the Arab Spring Movement and the turmoil in Syria?
  14. What were the main factors that caused the economic crisis in 2008?
  15. Why random shootings occur so often in modern America?
  16. Why do terrorist attacks target concrete states? (You can choose a particular state)
  17. Why did the American government decide to shut down in 2013?
  18. Why the neo-conservative movement gained such popularity in the United States?
  19. Why do people prefer moving from villages and small cities to bigger areas? ( You can answer these questions either from a global point of view or to discuss a specific example of a region or state)
  20. Why is North Korea so closed from other countries? Why does it have so much aggression towards people from other countries?

Global Events

  1. What were the main reasons behind the French Revolution?
  2. Why did the US have such a long period of using humans as slaves?
  3. Why did Britain colonize other countries?
  4. What were the reasons behind Africa colonization?
  5. Why do so many English words have French origin?
  6. Why is it so important to study history?
  7. Why did the Japanese decide to attack Americans in Pearl Harbor? Why did the American government decide to use atomic bombs in WW2?
  8. What are the main reasons that stand behind English being the most widespread language across the world? Why is it used in science and business?
  9. Why do Indians have castes? How does this structure look like?
  10. Why do the Chinese stayed religious even though they have been ruled by a communist regime?
  11. According to American Census information of 2000, 15% of citizens claim to have a German origin. Why do you think there are so many people with German ancestry compared to other nationalities, like African American or Irish?
  12. Why did British citizens choose a parliamentary regime?
  13. Why did the black plague stop?
  14. What were the reasons behind shortages of food in China?

Causal Essay Structure

By now you definitely know what to write about! And it is the right time to learn a bit more about the structure and content of your causal essay.

Here are the elements it should include:


The perfect scenario is when the question and the title of your causal essay are the same. However, if you want a catchy title, you need to make the question shorter.


The first section of your essay should stir the interest of the reader towards the subject and explain what you are going to discuss. Finish introduction with a hook sentence.


A thesis statement is the final sentence of the introductory section. It should contain the key idea of the essay and reflect the main statements that you are going to discuss throughout body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs

In this section, you will need to provide motives in a clear and structured matter. Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence (a certain argument) and be followed with evidence and proof to support that argument.


In this section, you need to motivate the audience to accept your point of view or to offer an alternative solution.

Either way, your conclusion should be clear, powerful and motivating.

We are sure that with these guidelines writing a causal essay and choosing a good topic will be a pleasant stroll, not a torment. But if you still have questions or worries, contact Tutoriage without any hesitations and we will help you to write an A+ essay!


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