The Best Essay Referencing Tips

Each University has its referencing requirements. We have provided some top tips on essay referencing for you to get your best essay grade.


The Best Essay Referencing Tips




…the most famous essay referencing systems, such as Harvard (parenthetical) and Oxford (footnotes). If you have no idea how to use them, just browse the internet and find some instructions on how to use those major systems.




…whether your professor expects you to use a certain system. As a rule, you get clear specifications on the format, content, and references. So do not just use your own thoughts, but adopt the necessary referencing system.


Be aware when


…to reference, while it doesn’t mean to use quotes only. Not only direct quotation requires you to make references, but paraphrasing also means that you have to use references. Once your material depends on other material, it is mandatory to use references.


Be careful


Referencing is crucial for any academic work, while the reader can get back to the origin of your ideas and various external sources. It is crucial to do a thorough research to provide complete information in your essay.



Be coherent


You have to be clear, so it is recommended to determine your own system. Your reader will be distracted if you use reference inconsistently. It means that your thoughts are provided carelessly and with lack of attention.




…different publication dates. Lots of books have overcome different reprints. Your aim is to make sure that your references can be found on the stated pages and in the stated volumes. As a rule, you have to cite the date of the publication used. However, sometimes, it is necessary to state the date of the original publication, as well.




In case you used the translated source, you should use the above-mentioned tip, while the version in the original language was published at least one year earlier. Never mention the translator as the co-author. It will surely reduce your grades.


Authors and editors


You should not confuse authors and editors, and should always refer to authors.


Be precise


There are different types of essays and different specificity levels, such as author, page number and year, or just author and year. You can surely choose one of them but still, stick to the established rules of your system.


Learn from published academics


The best tip is better once to see than a hundred times to hear. You can find such samples in any journal article, which contains the list of references, along with all the edited volumes, translations, reprints, etc. browse the text, too, to get an idea of how to make footnotes or parenthetical referencing the best.


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