Tips on Writing a Communication Research Paper

The name of this particular type of assignments makes it clear that a communication research paper depicts the process of interaction between people. It is based on sociological baselines in addition to other fields like ethics, anthropology, society, fine arts, etc. As a rule, it is assigned to students who have a communication study course and learn different types of interactions including rhetorical, interpersonal, theoretical, and some others.


Once you have been assigned to write a paper on any of the above-mentioned topics, you should keep in mind that one theme cannot exist without a close relation with another. This is our first and foremost tip when writing a communication research paper. Now, let’s have a closer look at the structure of the paper as well as general writing advice.


Tips on writing a communication research paper


Communication Research Paper Structure


Any academic assignment is supposed to have a clear structure featuring every block logically connected with each other. The same thing is with a communication research paper. Keep an eye on every stage of the writing process to ensure the following:


  • A Solid Introduction – the first step is to write a long introduction where you highlight all the facts, problems. methodology and solutions. Not only your introduction is supposed to be informative, but also interesting for the reader. The introduction must include a strong thesis statement as well;
  • Do the Research – the term “research paper” considers doing some research work and analysis. The more validity your paper gets, the more trust your readers will have. State all the information in a persuasive but not intrusive way. Present yourself as an expert in a chosen field. The only way to achieve such approach is to get involved in a thorough investigation of the topic;
  • Write the Body – each body paragraph is the core of your major work. It should contain 100% of your findings in addition to argumentations and solutions to the problems raised in the introduction section. Drive your readers to a conclusion and encourage them for a discussion;
  • Write a Conclusion a conclusion may be divided into two paragraphs when it comes to a communication research paper. They include discussion and summary. The first part should highlight the weak and strong aspects of the topic in addition to development opportunities and solutions. The second paragraph summarizes the information and introduces results.


As you can see, a research paper on communication has a typical structure although it requires maximum involvement and investigation.



Some General Writing Advice


Most students start facing difficulties at first steps of writing a communication paper. You may boast the best analytic skills but still fail to get started. This is where our general writing advice may come in handy:


  • Think of a provoking and inspiring topic that would be of great interest for your readers. Once you are able to grab their attention and make them read the text till the end, the academic success is guaranteed.
  • Plan ahead and write an outline. The idea is to work out an effective writing strategy in advance. Look through as many communication articles, studies, surveys and other information sources as you can. Us experts’ opinions and include some of your own thoughts as a real-life example.
  • Overview your paper before providing it to your teacher. Ask your friends or relatives to read it and share their opinion.
  • A communication research paper is not about studying published articles and researches. It is about the ability to analyze and compare sources to provide your own summary of the problem. The idea is to help students contribute in the discipline by offering their own solutions.
  • Write from the first person unless the requirements are different.
  • Reference list is obligatory for this type of assignment.


writing a communication research paper


Mistakes to Avoid


We hope our tips and recommendations will put an ease on the writing process making it as clear as possible. However, you should still avoid some of the common mistakes many students do when writing a communication research paper:


  • Avoid presenting a simple compilation of material that has been already published by scientists and experts;
  • Avoid all types of mistakes including grammar, stylistic and spelling;
  • Avoid plagiarism and make your paper unique;
  • Do not use superlatives, do not be too intensive;
  • Include every part of the paper structure;
  • Stick to the subject.


If you still face difficulties when completing this type of assignment, you can opt for professional writing services and forget about all your education troubles for good!

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