100 Great Topics for Your Persuasive Essay

Often students are given the topic before starting their assignment. If you ask average scholars what they think about choosing a topic on their own, they would probably say that it’s associated with additional problems.


Persuasive Essay Topics


In fact, choosing a topic on your own can be a great advantage if you have a correct understanding of how to do it right. If your teacher gives you a chance to decide on a topic independently, you can pick up the theme that is interesting and familiar to you. Moreover, you can check if there are enough free and available information sources for writing an essay before making your final choice.

If you are given a task to write a persuasive essay and to choose its topic on your own, use this opportunity. It’s only enough to spend around 10-20 minutes to learn how to choose the topic correctly and our article is aimed at helping you with this.


Why Students Write Argumentative Essays Instead of Persuasive Essays

Before giving you a list of topics, we want to speak about the difference between argumentative and persuasive essays. The problem is that many students can’t tell these two types of essays apart and make a huge mistake writing an argumentative essay instead of the assigned persuasive paper.

Both types have quite similar aims and it’s not easy to understand how they differ. Our writing experts have found a definition that will make you see the features of the different types easier:

  • Argumentative essay shows your point of view on a problem or a subject. Explaining something, you tell the reader that there are also other possible ideas about the topic, however, you choose the one you speak about due to some reasons. You explain your idea but you allow your reader to think differently and to decide whether to support your point of view or not.
  • Persuasive essay also speaks about your point of view on a certain topic. However, this time you use the facts and statements to prove that your point of view is the correct one, the most practical or ethical one. Step by step, you have to show that different points of view are less logical. Your final aim is to make a reader support your idea.

Understanding the difference between the two types, you can also see a clearer and more correct way of picking up a topic for your persuasive essay.


100 Topics for Your Excellent Persuasive Essay

Working with the list of topics, you can choose a ready topic and start to work on it or to take it as an inspiring sample and to create a similar theme for your future essay.

Topics for Elementary Scholars

  1. Is it allowed to have a wild-born animal as a pet?
  2. Is it better to be the only child or to grow up in a big family?
  3. If you found a home of a rare animal on your yard, would you give it to the laboratory or to the local zoo?
  4. Is having a superpower making you a better person?
  5. The best holiday of the year is Birthday/Christmas/New Year’s Eve.
  6. If the invisible potion is discovered, shall it be given to people unrestrictedly?
  7. A shop assistant/waiter/bus driver is the worst job in the world.
  8. Shall parents encourage their children to choose school/friends/bedroom decor independently?
  9. Shall we stay friendly with everyone?
  10. Shall having an expensive gadget influence the way others see us?

Topics for High School Scholars

  1. Will the return of the death penalty scare criminals from committing a crime?
  2. Is it safe to allow people to change their names any time they want?
  3. Shall we pay attention at moral and personal qualities of a president?
  4. Is younger generation better adapted for positive changes in the world?
  5. Can fashion be harmful to society?
  6. Shall reach people pay extra taxes to help those who are poor?
  7. Is lowering the voting age is a good idea?
  8. How to reduce the level of crimes among high schools students?
  9. Shall privacy be violated for national security?

Topics Connected to Education

  1. Existing disciplinary means are outdated to control modern teens.
  2. The modern way of holding exams and academic tests may be harmful to the development of creativity and critical thinking?
  3. Shall IT students be encouraged to create their own entertaining applications and video games?
  4. How to provide an equally high level of education for children in big cities and rural areas?
  5. Shall children with different types of disabilities study in separate classes?
  6. What is the most effective way to stop bullying among kids?
  7. Is it necessary to have a special uniform for teachers?
  8. Shall physical training lessons be held by professional sportsmen?
  9. Which measures can be taken to motivate students with lower marks?
  10. Can video games encourage students to use guns at school?

Topics Connected to Technology and Scientific Progress

  1. How environmental protection can be improved on a local level?
  2. Can robots with artificial intellect replace humans completely?
  3. Shall fuel be replaced with alternative sources of energy?
  4. Is global warming a natural process that doesn’t depend on the activity of humans?
  5. What is the alternative for genetically modified food?
  6. Is terrorism the most common reason for the modern plane crash?
  7. The role of the human in the extinction of rare animals and plants.
  8. Is it ethical to restrict a number of children in a family in order to control the growth of the population?
  9. How soft drugs can be used in medicine?
  10. The ethical side of cloning animals.

Topics Connected to Nature

  1. Are zoos helpful for protection of rare species of animals?
  2. Can hunting be ethical?
  3. London Zoo is one of the largest and the best zoos on a planet: do animals feel good there?
  4. Is there’s any reason to keep exotic animals as domestic pets?
  5. What is the best and most effective way to train domestic animals?
  6. Is it ok to breed different animals in order to create new species?
  7. Vegetarianism can’t be helpful for the animal world and nature.
  8. Is it immoral to wear natural leather?
  9. Is there a point of trying to return extinct animals like a mammoth?
  10. Why governmental method of nature protection can’t stop poaching?

Topics Connected to Music and Arts

  1. How pirating music influences the economy of a country.
  2. Can fame of a music band or a singer bring more opportunities for development of the country they originate from?
  3. Some music types have almost no differences: why shall they be separated into different types?
  4. Can music be used in the process of rehabilitation of criminals and prisoners?
  5. Will decreasing the price of music apps and albums lead to decreasing pirating?
  6. Will ancient Chinese music be indicated as a different type of art?
  7. Will the kind of music for rehabilitation be chosen individually?
  8. How historical songs help us to understand certain moments of history?
  9. Can technologies replace artists and musicians?
  10. Music as a part of therapy for curing mental disorders.

Topics Connected to Sports

  1. Shall the animal sport be banned?
  2. Is it ethical to advertise junk food, alcohol or cigarettes during sports events?
  3. Shall popular sportsmen control their behavior being a role model for teenagers?
  4. Is the popularity of extreme sports can be a dangerous trend?
  5. Shall the bullfighting be banned, even being a part of Spanish culture and an old tradition?
  6. Are genetics and an inborn talent more important than the hard work in reaching great results in sport?
  7. Is there point of creating sports teams that may include both male and female players?
  8. Shall different types of sports be separated into female and male sports?
  9. Shall sportsmen work not only with a coach but also with a psychologist to avoid serious depression and to achieve better results?
  10. Is it necessary to make anti-doping control more severe?

Complicated Topics for Persuasive Essays

  1. Are those features of people that are called ‘negative’ natural and coincide with the inborn instincts?
  2. What shall be the main aim of sexual education at school?
  3. Which measures can be taken to make oil producers be more attentive to oil spills?
  4. Shall other countries answer the new US policy that may violate the rights of national minorities?
  5. Is the legislation that controls selling of guns effective?
  6. Is free internet real harm to the moral norms of society?
  7. Which changes are necessary to make the copyright laws more effective?
  8. Shall teenagers be given more legal rights like voting, buying alcohol, dealing with banks and businesses?
  9. How would the opening of borders influence the world’s economy?
  10. How the world would be different now in the case if the German army could win the Second World War?

Topics Connected to Ethics and Morality

  1. How to make animal testing less unethical in a case it can’t be banned?
  2. Shall people be given a legal right to die or to suicide?
  3. How kids’ beauty contest can influence the development of psychological disorders among young children?
  4. Which conditions are necessary to make euthanasia not illegal?
  5. How can governments of developed countries stop using child labor in other countries?
  6. Is atheism dangerous for moral norms?
  7. How to reduce the number of unnecessary plastic operations that may harm one’s health?
  8. Shall college students be allowed to buy alcohol drinks?
  9. Shall college students be involved in voluntary work that is connected to their future profession?
  10. What can be an alternative way of controlling the number of illegal immigrants?
  11. Do cameras in public places help to reduce the number of crimes?

Universal Topics for Persuasive Essay

  1. What is the most tolerant way to control the relationship between atheists and believers?
  2. Is it necessary to participate in war conflicts in Middle Eastern countries?
  3. The influence of ‘Sexual Revolution’ on modern art, music and idols.
  4. Why the tension between vegetarians and meat eaters is growing and how to control it?
  5. Which types of crimes shall lead to a death sentence?
  6. Shall students keep a special diet that helps their brain to work better?
  7. Would the portrait of Mona Lisa be the same popular if it’s painted by an unknown artist?
  8. Shall people change their attitude towards cheating and call it sexual freedom?
  9. Is the art for masses less important than the recognized elite masterpieces?
  10. Modern fashion trends make women feel worse and look less natural comparing to women of the past.

Choosing an interesting topic is not as easy as it may look. You shall prefer those topics that may have several possible explanations and points of view. It’s always good to choose some controversial topics, however, in that case, you shall also have a clear and grounded position about it.

It’s not always necessary to create the topic on your own. It’s ok to choose one of the topics that is presented in a list. Even if you choose a topic that has been discussed before, you can express different ideas about it and make your paper sound unique.

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