A Complete Guide on How to Write a Definition Essay

What can be better for a student than writing tons of essays every week? Aren’t you one of those writing addicts? Then you may find the academic process rather boring and difficult. With so many academic assignments. Many students simply fail to complete the course due to a lack of writing skills. However, becoming an advanced writer is easier than it may seem. Our complete essay-writing guide will put an ease on the writing process as well as make your college life simpler.


how to write an definition essay


Tips on writing a definition essay


Our complete guide includes a systematic instruction on how to write a definition essay. All you need is to follow each step as well as add some creative work to make your paper look outstanding. You will certainly get the A grade effortlessly.


Describe your idea


Choose a word that will perfectly describe your concept or paper idea. This word is supposed to become a fundamental issue. It will let you broaden the view of the topic itself. “Love”, “Hate”, “Truth” – look for the definition in the dictionary and pick a proper word for your essay.


Avoid complicated objects


Avoiding complicated objects and specific things is the best way to stay away from writing troubles. Never choose too mundane objects that are hard to define. Avoid too simple words like “table” or “chair. They will narrow down the process of creative thinking.


Select a term ft. several definitions


A good idea is to choose a word featuring multiple definitions and meanings. However, make sure that you do know the word and have a clear understanding of all the available meanings. It will provide more opportunities to write about different aspects of the word.


Look the word up in a dictionary


The first step is to find the official definition of a chosen word. Look it up in a dictionary. Memorize it and create a structure for the definition to reveal possible writing paths. The idea here is to find out as much about the word origin as you can. Use all available sources ranging from encyclopedias, original dictionaries, online resources, etc. Ask your friends, relatives, and teachers about the word.


Summarize the information


Get all the facts you know about one place and summarize the info. The main idea at this stage is to create your own vision of the word as well as your own definition.



How to build an outline for the definition essay?


Building an outline for the definition essay is the same as working out a clear plan. It should contain all vital aspects of the major work arranged in a reader-friendly manner. The main mission here is to establish a comprehensive coherence between each paragraph. The draft should include the following points:


  • Introduction – introduce the main idea of your paper. Let readers know what you are going to speak about;
  • Thesis Statementmake a strong statement describing the word or term you are going to define. Avoid writing too much in a thesis statement. Make it brief but clear;
  • Body Paragraph – body paragraphs come as the major part of your paper. Make sure they are well organized and contain sections that are logically connected;
  • Conclusion – right a short summary of your paper highlighting the core ideas related to the word.


You need to make the ending of your paper interesting and impressive. Include some arguments and points to hammer the key ideas of the essay. It will certainly make an impact resulting in A grade for your work.


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