Tips on Writing a Good Conclusion for an Essay

We can hardly imagine a a student who has never written a single essay. Academic assignments are the vital part of student’s life whether you study in college, high school or university. Essay papers are probably the most popular assignments.


They may be of different types from argumentative to research papers. It’s not actually matter what type of essay you were assigned. Each paper should have a specific structure while each essay should have a conclusion abstract. Most immature and amateur authors are sure that concluding a paper is a piece of cake. You should never underestimate this part. Take it seriously, as it may define the general academic success of the major paper.


essay conclusion importance


What is a conclusion paragraph?


Keep in mind that conclusion is not just a summary. Although it is always a final abstract of the paper, it may be even of greater importance than the body paragraphs. It provides your final thought about major issues of the paper supported by evidence and strong argumentations. You are to persuade your reader that your point of view is correct. The conclusion lets you handle this.


What is conclusion necessary for?


The final abstract or conclusion of your essay serves several purposes. It may appear to be the last chance to make all points of your paper clear to readers. You general paper may look daunting, but the conclusion is the last straw when it comes to making a good impression on the reader. The core conclusion purposes are as follows:


  • Stress Main Ideas – the writer highlights key topics and evidence. The first statement should refer to your thesis while the rest explain the main aspects of the paper;
  • Summarize the Points – summarizing key points is only a part of concluding the paper. The idea is to briefly remind the reader of what you were talking about;
  • Make a Final Impression – the main objective is to make a strong impression on your readers. It does not actually matter if they liked reading your general paper. If they like your conclusion, your paper is a success.



The importance of writing a strong conclusion


Underestimating the role of conclusion in your paper would be a huge mistake. The abstract is actually your last chance to hammer the key points in readers’ minds.  As for the role, it can be divided into three main issues:


  • Sum Up Writer’s Thoughts – a complicated topic may contain too many thoughts for the reader to follow at once. A conclusion is a good opportunity to sum them up in a brief description featuring the key points;
  • Skim and Scan Function – a conclusion makes it easy for the reader to browse through your paper and concentrate on key issues. It enables the skim and scam function of your essay. You can stress the most important areas of the paper and introduce them to the reader.


Final word


Although the conclusion is the last abstract of your essay, it is probably the most important one. It will let you hit bull’s eye when it comes to making a good impression on the reader letting him or her understand all major points and aspects of your essay paper.



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