Cultural Identity Essay: Share Your Emotions about Your Motherland

“Despite the fact I was living in the United States for over five years already, I feel I belong to Chinese culture and its traditions.”


This line is the part of a cultural identity essay that can sometimes look like a sentence from a philosophical essay. In case you’ve never dealt with this kind of essay paper, here you will find enough useful tips and guides to help you perform an excellent cultural identity essay. This article is aimed at revealing the main secrets of completing a cultural identity essay, its organization moments, and proper formatting. If you want to get extra useful tips, you can contact an expert writing service online.


Cultural Identity Essay - Share Your Emotions About Your Motherland


Cultural Identity Essay: Main Purposes and Definition


It is important to find out what the exact meaning of the cultural identity essay is before starting to perform a paper. This type of essay is an exceptional writing piece aimed at expressing personal feelings and experience of belonging to a particular nationality. It is preferable to write down how this nationality has influenced your life choices, the process of becoming an adult, and the way you take your decisions. This paper shows how the person develops with a certain nationality background and reveals its personality traits, customs, and traditions. Cultural identity essay mostly focuses on the following elements:


  • Religion;
  • Location;
  • Native Language;
  • Nationality;
  • Gender;


The structure of the essay is similar to the most popular essay types. Thus it is easy to figure out how to organize the main elements of the paper. The main difference between this type of essay and other ones is the need to use the first person when performing a paper. Since in the essay you reveal your personal experiences, feelings, and knowledge, there is no need to provide any sources. There is no need for research work either. You simply have to be good at performing the papers according to the assigned formatting style. For example, MLA style, which is mostly used in this kind of essays, can be easily followed once checking its guidelines and standards. It is great to use famous writers’ quotes in your final paper. In such a case, you need to provide a source of the quote in the reference list.


Cultural Identity Essay: Top Ideas to Reveal


Choose a concise topic for your essay, and better avoid too broad issues. Use the following five top things to discuss when selecting a topic for an essay:


  1. The issue of your own imagination;
  2. The real-life experience;
  3. Personal memories and memorable events;
  4. An authoritative person;
  5. Memorable places and traditions.


It is great when you have a lot of personal experience, for example working in voluntary groups or helping other people. This can be a great topic to reveal. In case you have no such experience, you can always write about national traditions and customs, and the way you follow them nowadays. You can write an essay about your favorite place in your Motherland or about the people who inspire you the most. You can write about both good and bad experience in your life since even the worst situations can eventually become valuable life lessons. Besides, you can help people to deal with their problems once revealing your own bad situations and their solutions. The cultural identity essay can also be written about people who have influenced your way of thinking and the way you make your life decisions. Show how greatly national traditions and customs inspired you. Reveal other exceptional things, which made you the person you are now.



Cultural Identity Essay: How to Start It Properly


The best start is the selection of the proper topic for an essay paper. With a good topic, first, write an outline to make the entire writing process more organized. You must present your ideas and personal experience in a simple and clear language. You will be telling a story to people of other nationalities, thus make your story really useful and informative. You can conduct research if you want to describe some people or events in more details.


Expert Advice:

“First you must decide on the exact topic of your essay paper. Only after dealing with the topic selection, start to organize your ideas. This is the right order for performing a great final paper. Brainstorming will be very useful in the first stages of the writing process. You need to list every interesting idea. Make sure to perform a paper for a certain target audience. Provide a powerful introduction and a strong thesis statement.”


You can use a broad thesis statement for a cultural identity essay. For example:


“The cultural identity influences the way we take the life decisions, and the way we see ourselves in the world.”


The body paragraphs need to provide a detailed meaning of the main thesis statements.


Cultural Identity Essay Body Paragraphs


It is preferable to provide a standard essay of five paragraphs. Therefore, write a powerful introduction, three detailed main body paragraphs, and a practical conclusion. Make the body paragraphs of the same length. The outline will help you to organize the entire writing process. Use the list of your interesting ideas and experiences.


The following guides will help you to deal with writing process successfully:


  1. Use unified arguments to start every new paragraph.
  2. Use real-life experience once providing evidence.
  3. Use transitions to connect the interesting ideas in one piece.


Try to organize the writing process properly and you will get a perfect essay paper eventually.


Essay Example Extract of a Cultural Identity Essay


“My mother is Indian, and she belongs to a very educated Indian family. My mother’s religion is Hinduism. My dad is Spanish who has been living in the US for the biggest part of his life. My mother and my dad met in India. Their decision to move to the United States was mostly based on the importance of my dad’s work in the US. In spite of the fact that my dad is an atheist, my parents rarely have conflicts on their religions. It is great they let me become a part of any religion, or remain an atheist as my dad is. I adore their cultural differences since they both give me exceptional experience and knowledge I can use in my own life.”


Using this essay example, you can realize better how to perform your cultural identity essay. Yes, it will not be easy to write an inspiring essay. If you want to get a brilliant cultural identity essay, you can order a paper at an expert writing service. This way you will get your essay written by the best writers who know and appreciate the exceptional academic writing.


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