Personal Essay Writing Secrets: Reach Your Success with a Perfect Essay

Every school arranges numerous classes to help students to learn how to write a proper personal essay. Still, even with many hours spent on explanation and practice, submitting a perfect personal paper is a challenge for most of the students. This type of an essay paper is exceptional since the skills of its proper performing can be used both when applying for a university and when looking for your first job providing a cover letter. Admittedly, it is more important to know how to perform a personal essay once applying at college or university. Moreover, this is the only way to get into your dreamed college or university. Therefore, keep in mind the extreme importance of this kind of academic paper.


How to Perform a Remarkable Personal Essay


Even if you think there is nothing difficult in submitting a personal essay, be sure you are wrong. Definitely, this kind of essay consists of the same introduction section, body parts, and a conclusion. At the same time, this writing piece requires concise and expert writing style. You need to reveal your thoughts with simple words, but to sound like a real professional at the same time. The primary purpose of a personal essay is to reveal certain scenes from your life in details and make the entire story interesting and attention-grabbing. In your paper, you must show the reader that you are the best candidate among a bunch of other talented students. You need to demonstrate both impressive writing talents and ability to think critically in your paper. You are the one to decide what personal story to tell about in your paper. You can write about some common things, which meant a lot to you like friendship, love, betrayal, hate, rivalry, leadership, competition, etc. There can be more and more appropriate topics. The most important is to choose the one you can write about with passion, and impress the readers with your final story. Thus, it is high time to concentrate on the main principles of writing a personal essay.


ersonal Essay Writing Secrets - Reach Your Success with a Perfect Essay


Basics of a Personal Essay Outline


When writing an essay outline, make sure to include each and every part of the paper. There is a popular writing formula when you write down five sentences for every part of the paper. Since there are five parts of an essay paper, including an introduction, three main body parts, and a conclusion, this formula is mostly called “five by five”. It is easy to write a few sentences on every part of the text, and make the outline clear and concise. There is no need to write the entire text at once, first put the main idea into a few sentences. The most attention-grabbing issues to reveal are personal fears, expectations, and your goals in life. People always appreciate stories with personal feelings revealed.


To ease the entire process of an essay writing, first, write down a list of the things that inspire you the most. These things can include influential people, memorable dates, challenges, exciting events, and any other important person or occasion. You can look through media or newspapers to find something to inspire you. It is great to use quotes in your essay paper, which can help you to present your ideas in a more literary way. Be very attentive to the citations and the reference list at the end of the paper. The rules of proper citation depend on the exact formatting style you use, such as APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, etc.


Personal Essay Tips: Proper Essay Structure


The proper structure of a personal paper must be always followed in order to submit a perfect writing piece. If you have basic knowledge of writing essays and their structure, it will be easy for you to perform a flawless paper.


Personal Essay Introduction Part


An introduction is an essential part of every essay paper, which needs to be written with a few attention-grabbing sentences. When performing an introduction, make sure to remember who your main readers are – the college admission officers. You need to be well aware of the way they see the perfect personal essay paper. You must impress and intrigue them from the very first words.


You can start your essay with the following hook sentences:


  • Famous Quotes;
  • Statistic and Facts;
  • Allegories and Idioms;
  • Funny Anecdotes;
  • Controversial Questions.


Every professional essay contains important background information to welcome the readers and explain them the following ongoing events described. Focus on the main ideas and top characters to make your introduction concise and catchy. Provide a list of arguments and evidence to work with through the entire personal essay paper.


The Body Paragraphs Creation


It is better to follow a standard essay structure with the three main body parts completed. There is no need to make this part of the text wider. Start the main part with an introductory sentence where write you define the top points of the paper, arguments, and evidence. Be aware that every new paragraph must cover a new idea. Still, make every paragraph clearly connected to the previous sentence. Up to ten lines are optimal for the body paragraph.


Remember to discuss every situation allowing the reader to feel the same emotions and understand the way you see the situation. You must provoke sympathy with the proper sharing of feelings and emotions. It is better to tell your story chronologically since it will ease the entire picture for the reader who needs to stay concentrated on the topic you dwell on and never get lost.


Tips for Personal Essay Conclusion


The last thing you are writing in your paper is conclusion. This is a kind of paper summary made of up to ten sentences, where you sum up the main points of an essay, the results of your analytical thinking, and the importance of the topic for the other people. For a personal essay, it is more preferable to share some insights and certain lessons learned once facing the described events or people. You can also include some forecasts to end your essay paper properly.



Secrets to Complete Good Personal Essay


Use the following tips and writing secrets to submit a perfect final personal essay.


  1. Be honest – tell about the events from your real life;
  2. Take time before starting to write the paper;
  3. Stick to the writing instructions and paper requirements;
  4. Be clear and concise – share your ideas in simple language;
  5. Make sure the story you describe is from real life;
  6. Always stay positive – outline the current achievements and your personal expectations;
  7. Reveal both your good and bad sides.


When preparing an essay, make sure to avoid the following things:


  1. Make a paper of a standard format. Do not try to exceed the limits.
  2. Avoid generalization and too broad concepts.
  3. Don’t mention too many details.
  4. Do not be afraid to express your personal feelings, fears, and expectations.


Where to Get an Example of a Personal Essay


It is possible to find examples of a personal essay paper online, that will help you compose your own essay. Be very attentive to the topic you are dealing with in order to provide the best explanation and share your exceptional experience in details. Always work on the issues you have enough knowledge about, and stay clear and concise. If you have no time to complete a perfect personal essay paper, you can order a ready paper online. When assigning an online writer to complete your paper, you can get both a lot of free time and an excellent personal essay completed on time.

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